Thursday, March 23, 2006

Things You Learn From Your Co-Workers - Volume 4

Well no good deed ever goes unpunished as I have had proven to me all throughout my little blogging career, but let me tell you how priceless life is when you work with the losers I do. I wake up today, still pretty damn sick, but I struggle my way to work so that I can clean the bathrooms. There is no way on Earth that the bathrooms where I work can last 2 days unattended but I had already drawn out the stipulation in my head that I was leaving work early whether any of those knuckleheads liked it or not. Just going to get in, get it done, and get out. Those of you that are eating, you may want to either come back later or not come back at all because this rant is going to get disgusting.

I wasn’t mistaken on this one, because I actually could have written down what I was going to walk into, and submitted it to the plant manager before I had even gone into the plant. Here’s the rub for a lot of you out there as I have been struggling with this dilemma now for a good long time, but the people that I work with actually ARE filthy animals. I realize that in the Politically Correct world I am supposed to give some sort of rider attached about how “It’s not everyone” or “There are always a few that spoil it for everyone” but here’s where I want to know when we cross that line of bad apples and bad bunches of apples. I mean I knew that all of the toilets in the plant were going to be clogged, I knew that more than one person would be using each toilet AFTER it had been clogged, and I knew that not one person was going to plunge any of them. This is part of life at this place, but what wasn’t part of life was my reaction to it today, as I was too sick to cope.

I walked in to a lot of whining from people “Oh the toilets were clogged all day yesterday” and without a doubt they had been clogged all day, and it was obvious because every single one had the defecation of several men in it. That is really sick, and the first person to come in and tell me that it was a rough day without toilets was the first victim of a thing I call “truth” and another thing called “logic”, and I was just the sick as a dog motherfucker to teach school today. Of the 4 toilets and two urinals, only the two urinals were operational, and when I finally heard “We’ve been waiting for you to fix those,” my reaction was simply to look at the person and say “Most human beings don’t put up with having 4 toilets full of at least 12 peoples shit, and I would hate to see what your house looks like,” which was met with stunned gasps from the audience. “You see I was at home yesterday, and my toilets were working, while you idiots were at a location all day with 4 toilets that were plugged up, several of you were willing to actually take a dump in someone else’s shitty water, and every single one of you were willing to simply live with this instead of taking a plunger to it, and this is what happens every day when I leave work. You all can’t even be trusted alone for one day,” which was met with all kinds of guffaw’s about how it isn’t their job, and they didn’t do it. In any case, they live with it, and have for a lot longer than I have been janitor.

This leads me to believe something that actually leans in to a Capitalist slant actually, and that being that you get what you pay for in this world. The Pink Mafia doesn’t pay very good and most people who don’t get crippled like me first, usually quit really quickly. The company then holds employee meetings to inquire amongst us all, why they can’t hold on to anyone {or at least they did before I became Captain Disgruntled and started telling them in the middle of these meetings … um … actually they just stopped inviting me} and why 25 men will simply walk outside behind the dumpster to take a shit after they have clogged the toilet and filled it up like an old outhouse. The two fold problem is that they get people who aren’t worthy of the shit.25 that they pay to begin with, and expect people who easily can go out and get better jobs for more money elsewhere. Throw in the fact that the more intelligent people come into this place and find themselves totally surrounded by uncouth idiots, and run away screaming.

Then we have the other problem, and that is the lack of respect that they all {top down thank you} show for someone who comes in to clean up after all of these pathetic losers despite the fact that he should have been at home in bed. I finally told everyone that I was leaving and did, after all of the major repairs and cleaning was finished. Questioning MY work ethic was not the way to remind me why I shouldn’t give a shit in the first place, it was when I grabbed my paycheck and went to cash it. The amusing part of all this is that despite all of the chest pounding, that we do all day at one another, the fact that I am so more intelligent than the people I clean up after reminds me of something I had brought up before … There is absolutely no shock at all that all of these people are divorced at the very least once, and most of them twice, because I know exactly what thier wives must have gone through ;8o)

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