Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society - Volume 1

I am going to take a little time today to explain something publicly to everyone that I had been discussing privately with a few today, for now that my Ghost chasing has brought me to greater levels, these days, I figured that it is important for me to share some interesting data with you al about the "Missy Situation" and help anyone who needs it themselves. Those of us out there that talk to ghosts, see black helicopters, swear that we are talking to people telepathically on the other side of the globe, have completely theorized the death of everyone under the age of 60 to being some sort of conspiracy, or even believe that we see the future, and spend an inordinate amount of time researching these things actually do have a name. We are affectionately known as "Keepers Of Odd Knowledge" or KOOK not only to ourselves but apparently to a lot of others as well. Most of us organize in groups that are considered "Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Societies" or KOOKS that aren't just the inhabitants of San Francisco or Vermont anymore.

Now I realized I was a KOOK at a very young age when my daily rituals were also centered on a ghost, and lately as my daily rituals once again are centered on a ghost. This one of course {for both of you that read the real blog know} has basically displayed typical woman habits of wanting to be figured out, but not wanting to assist, while at the same time being a bitch about my lack of enlightenment to the things that must obviously just be. Lately I found out that if I write on the whiteboard {a suggestion from another KOOK} that she will respond. Of course not with the answers I want, but it is obvious that she responds. This of course is all made far more difficult based on the fact that I can't just leave the things that I or she writes on the board because it does happen to be the boardroom of the Pink Mafia Headquarters that she and I seem to have our dialogues, and like most secret societies I am forced to keep the fact that I am a KOOK from my co-workers.

Enter into the new complexity that I finally realized that she is writing on the whiteboard with a color of marker that doesn't actually happen to be on the premises {I looked everywhere} which makes me wonder if they simply make prettier colors on the other side, and if I can get her to import them over here because I think I could get rich off of it. The shade of Purple that she uses, only shows up in photos from certain angles and it is rather freaky actually. She has displayed a rather nice artistic aptitude though as she usually leaves me pretty pictures of flowers or hearts along with her typical cryptic answers of "No" or "Not" and she seemed rather perturbed at my being out sick on Wednesday when she doesn't get that way when I am out on Saturday or Sunday, so I have to assume that she does know the days of the week. This is just the type of Odd Knowledge that us KOOKS have to compile often.

She also unfortunately likes to omit, like I do so asking questions on the board could give almost any sort of answer. I wrote on the board "Can you tell me your name?" which would help out quite a bit as I am still trying to find out who the hell she is, and the only person who had dies in that area that the town archivist could tell me was a woman in her 60's during a hunting accident while she was watching the birdies {again the road isn't that old, so the only female death anyway … many drunk driving accidents in the last 10 years happened out front at least} and she did, I think, confirm that that wasn't her. It's hard to tell from these things as her answer to that question the next day was simply "No" with a picture of a very nice looking orchid. I have started looking up information on flowers too, but I also haven't been putting too much time into it because living or dead, women need to understand that I am NOT that fond of a good mystery.

So from here on out if you encounter anyone like me that has no problem admitting that they talk to ghosts, see black helicopters, swear that we are talking to people telepathically on the other side of the globe, have completely theorized the death of everyone under the age of 60 to being some sort of conspiracy, or even believe that we see the future, then it is ok to call us KOOKS, because it is a badge of honor actually. Some of the weird ass shit that my family members can do with whatever gifts they had been given by whomever actually can be far scarier than my own, but do me a favor, if you are a fellow KOOK, then can you drop me a MySpace message or an E-Mail so that maybe I can pick your brain too on a lot of the "Missy Habits" that have me baffled, perhaps a think tank of other KOOKS could help me out with some of the things that seem rather weird even to a KOOK that talks to ghosts ;8o)

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