Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tales From Wallachian Fables & My Reality - Volume 4

In all of my dealings with ghosts over the years I had formulated a pretty opinionated set of core beliefs as to how they behave or what basic mannerisms, and abilities ghosts have. I thought I was pretty dead on from any encounters that I have had, but it appears now that what I thought I knew is a little skewed based on not having a large enough sample in which to go on perhaps. The bulk of my encounters with ghosts of course come from the old lady that lived in the house before I did growing up. I spent over 20 years of knowing her and her certain set of mannerisms daily and another spotty 8 on top of that. In those 28 plus years she had pretty much the same manner set, and skill levels, and very few quirks. Of those few quirks it was absolutely nothing earth shattering, just a pension to be a little too prankish towards women, but that has been one of the mannerisms that you come to expect from all female ghosts. Aside from that, her skill sets never changed, and she was never able to get corporeal except for a certain disfigurement in your basic sight patterns {like a mist that isn't even that dense} and could basically make the same noises throughout my knowing her. Typical coughing and rustling sounds, but the younger you were the more you could swear that she talked to you, even though I personally can’t remember it, but was assured of it from those that saw mw doing it, and had caught my son doing it before I had finally sold that house.

I had it pointed out to me by a confidant that I have been discussing the “Missy” incidents with, that I have basically only known one ghost for a long period of time, that was more centered around my house and several dozens that I had encountered once or twice in various other locations throughout my life, so I am going off of my own closed minded data of one ghost I knew well and many I barely met. Well now that has changed as Missy has come along and has been a new daily part of my life for many months and for quite a while was exactly the same in the respects that she had the same habits and mannerisms. As I had told you all before she was either developing more skills or revealing more skills whichever the case may be to me every day, and after avoiding me for a whole week has either come back today with a vengeance or brought a friend. In any case I don't feel more than one ghost, so I am assuming that it is just Missy, and she is playing different tricks on me, but also revealing more about herself whether by accident or on purpose. To be quite honest with you I think that it is only me that is noticing the details that give away her age and things like that and she probably pays no mind to it, but it was also brought up that she could be trying to find a way to communicate. I never really fell into the category of those that believe that the dead are trying to communicate, because I hate to break it to everyone, but most dead people have a lot more time to develop their communications skills that I actually have to learn to understand them, so I use logic to deduce that they most likely are just lonely, or bored, or both when they actually do communicate.

Well last week she had discovered that pushing doors a bit while I was about to walk through them would cause me to walk into them and get annoyed {mental note ... you may find it hard to believe but sometimes when someone walks into a door and you think it is because they are a klutz, it may have been nudged ... human instincts are much better than that} and when she finally nudged the broom closet door up at the offices enough that I smacking my face on the end of it, I point blank called out “Will you cut the shit, you are going to get me hurt!” and the next thing you know I didn't feel her, didn't see any trace of her for exactly {almost to the minute} one week, and that ended today. I actually let her pout, go away, or whatever because it is a stereotype that I have noticed and everyone I know who could call the dead confirmed and that is that ...well … Ghosts Pout ... very often as a matter of fact. They usually come back differently from what everyone I have talked with confirmed. Some come back as if they had never been gone, and others come back, kinda at the shy point that you first met them {especially if they are young like Missy has pretty much always displayed} and in a way that is how she came back, but very different at the same time. This is what brought on the “other” ghost theory that my confidants have eluded too, but you know arrogant me, I still don't think so.

Now originally Missy kinda watched me from out of sight, and she was also a non corporeal entity, so I assumed that at best she would evolve into the “mist like” ghost I had grown up with until I had the be Jesus scared out of myself this morning as I was vacuuming. I stare at the spots that I am leading the vacuum cleaner towards and as I got to the doorway to the conference room I saw the dirty, off-white, Chuck Taylor brand Converse All Star sneaker down in that doorway where I was about to push the vacuum cleaner too. During the entire panic attack that just about formed I saw the curled up cuff of a pair of blue jeans and white socks before it just totally disappeared, as my eyes were trailing upward. It was kinda like she had been peeking around the doorway at me, but it was NOT translucent in any way, it looked very much like a human leg wearing an old sneaker and clean white socks, and it took me several minutes to collect my thoughts. The longer I did, the more I could feel her there again, and it sort of just filled me like that feeling you get when you down a first shot of whiskey. The fact that I didn’t “feel” her there and then saw her, then didn’t see her then felt her, was extremely daunting.

I chose to simply go back about my work, because I know that if she wants to play she will and don’t need my encouragement. When I finally made it to the end of the hall to where I normally am finished I turned around to see if she had re-assembled my footprints like she used to do, and the floor was still very clean, and I was actually a bit disappointed. I could still feel that eerie chilly wind feeling that I get when a ghost is around, so that was a plus, but for the first time I started talking to her again, with of course no response.

I walked the vacuum cleaner to the closet, and made my way to the conference room to pull out the chairs and clean that nasty white board that I had already looked at in disgust when I got there. I was more pleasantly surprised than anything to see that Missy had already pulled out all the chairs like she used to. She had already cleaned the whiteboard as well though and that was another thing that was a very radical jump in her skill sets. It looked brand new to be honest with you, but the kicker to it all was that she had left the cabinet doors opened where she obviously had grabbed the white board cleaning solution, and the rag, which had both been used, and the rag was still a bit damp. I am starting to think I better go through the town archives and find out who this girl might be now, because it is starting to get a little too fascinating ;8o)

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