Friday, March 10, 2006

Superdaddyman Takes on the Pink Mafia - Volume 9

Well if this is how they want it, this is how they are going to get it you see, because Superdaddyman is not one to back down from a challenge! The diabolical Pink Mafia has made it known that they think they are in the same league as everyone's favorite Super Hero, and they could not be further from the truth. Aside from the horrible {for them} fact that Superdaddyman is always using his keen and finely tuned intellect to assess every possible situation, and also that history dictates that every move the sinister Pink mafia makes is not in anyone's best interest except the Pink Mafia of course, the integration of "Spies" into the lair of the Superdaddyman will NOT be left unanswered. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, get Static-X in here and cue up my evil music … "corrosive .. tainted by my sin .. I'm spilling blood .. and I can hardly contain it .. corrosive .. hallowing the hand .. stiffened I eat away .. eat .. eat into the surface .. yeah you push it .. explosive .. more violent more violent .. all consuming throbbing .. strait to the circle .. explosive .. move on reaction .. I slow it down I slow it .. down, down, down, down .. yeah, you push it .. I see it. I need it .. I see it. I need it " and now we may continue …

It was just yesterday that that moron Jeremy Crow {the alter ego of the Superdaddyman} was forced to sit down and endure "the talk" from that hideously evil freak known as "The Human Resources Director" {aka HR} which meant that the Pink Mafia with the aid of their diabolical Organized Crime co-conspirators {the Insurance Company} are ready for another cold war of sorts. The fact that Superdaddyman has been finally freed from the clutches of evil Physical Therapists {Chinese Torture Installers in disguise} and the doctor finally laid down the law with both the Pink Mafia, and that horrifically stupid {or was that an act?} Nurse Case Manager {aka The Bitch}, and said beyond a shadow of a doubt I am "dis-abled" by the standards of my former job requirements, they have decided to start with the "If we feel like it" tactics again. To be able to simply disengage responsibility for an injury that is now considered permanent they will need to somehow set up the Superdaddyman, but again, we all know that he is far too smart for these people!

Initially the word was handed down that Superdaddyman's hours will change at work, yet again {a common practice employed by the Pink Mafia, to break any free will that a would be prisoner would possibly have remaining since interrogation begins} which would only be the eleventh {not an exaggeration, ask the people who know me} shift change in the almost 10 months since Superdaddyman was injured! The new shift is to keep Superdaddyman consistent with his co-workers, from the way it was explained, but "Since you aren't doing therapy anymore," was added onto the end of everything that was said. I could give a crap, because Superdaddyman has been dealing with this torture so long that it is simply considered "a vacation from the shitheads I was dealing with last month" and also "a new gang of shitheads to torment myself" but they did make it so incredibly obvious that their new plan is beginning immediately!

Operation "Bag the Cripple" {OBC} began today as all of the really important people showed up for work a whole two hours early today and strategically placed themselves in the most prominent locations that Superdaddyman works in throughout the day. They managed to spend a good hour staring at the ailing Superhero, until Superdaddyman could take it no longer, and mentally "threw down the gauntlet!" Do these people really believe that the greatest Evil Genius turned Defender of the Evils's will be "watched" like a common criminal? Oh no he will not, and it's about time that these people learned the hard way what King Paco Taco, and the many other Godfathers to walk through the doors of the Pink Mafia have tried to tell them all … "Don't Fuck with Superdaddyman, He Fucks BACK!"

It was one of the easier plots to create chaos that Superdaddyman has done actually, but it was quite effective. The "white shirt and black tie" crowd who for some ungodly reason thought that it would be easy to treat the man who deals with shit all day, like the shit he thinks they are! Now of course when hanging out by bathrooms, you really need to have a high tolerance for shit that most people really do not over a long period of time. This is "old hat" to Superdaddyman for he comes in to a stopped up toilet or two at least 2 or 3 times a week and his tolerance level is quite high. When you get to the point that Superdaddyman is at, you can actually eat a sandwich while scrubbing a toilet that had been stewing in clogged turd all night, but the Superdaddyman figured that it might be hard for them to handle an hour of "his world" when he turned off the valve to the septic system.

Of course this did require the assistance of his co-workers here in the Pink mafia, but fortunately the advantage of working with the sickest bunch of losers on the east side of the Mississippi, is that they WILL all crowd into the bathrooms and use all the toilets and simply let them all overflow without a care in the world. Took about 40 minutes perhaps for the smell to get so incredibly unbearable, and the crappy toilet water to literally start seeping out from under the doors to ALL of the bathrooms, but it didn't take long for it to totally drive all of the "Spies" back to their nice safe offices, and the chances are pretty damn good that they didn't eat lunch today either. Once the coast was cleared Superdaddyman simply opened up the valve, and went to the head plumber {who was also so damn stupid, that HE couldn't figure it out} and played what Superdaddyman does best … The Role of HERO!

The moral to this story boys and girls, is don't ever assume that you are so damn smart, that you can overcome the instinctual {oh and don't assume that a blog titled "MySpace Party With My Chemical Romance and Coldplay!" isn't simply to prove that it's easy to get hits!}. Superdaddyman had those bathrooms cleaned in about 30 minutes, and the only place that the odor lingers now is up above them {in the offices of the brilliant "white shirt, black tie" gang. It's too bad that Superdaddyman didn't have time to go up and eliminate the smell from up there, but he'll get to it on Monday, after it sits there for the weekend. ;8o)

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