Saturday, March 25, 2006

Superdaddyman Takes on Jeremy Crow - Volume 2

Here we are again as everyone’s favorite superhero Superdaddyman again is forced to battle yet another round of Bio-Toxins that TOKE {the Terrorist Organization Known at the Evils’s} had unleashed upon Megalopolis, but the attack was far more reaching than ever this time. Weakened and suffering as our friendly local super hero may be he is still able to keep the evils’s under control thus far. This was no ordinary Friday though, by any stretch of the imagination, as the Evils’s with a little help from another Terrorist Organization that had flown totally under the radar “FORD” {Fuck Off Royally Daddyman!} created the type of 3 prong attack that the German’s during World war 2 would have considered above and beyond the expectable measures of combat!

Upon finally making it through the first full day of Pink Mafia surveillance since Monday, Superdaddyman was timidly making his way back to the Superdaddycave in the Superdaddymobile when he realized that the back end of the Superdaddymobile was swerving rather funny and making rather awkward noises. Upon further inspection of the problem Superdaddyman was able to recognize the major problem right off, and that would be the emblem on the back of the Superdaddymobile that said FORD. Problem number two being that Greektradgedius Intraining had actually stolen the Jack out of the Superdaddymobile, so a trip to the local VIP {Very Inadequate Parts} to buy a floor jack was a necessity. With that done it was a wobbly and rather intimidating drive back to the Superdaddycave so that the car could be jacked up and the back wheel could be taken off.

The wheel was completely off the car when the phone rang alerting Superdaddyman that once again {the fourth time in under 2 months} enemy combatants were found scurrying around the head of the fiendish Imtoocutus, and Superdaddyman was to pick her up from the Evils’s Southern Command Headquarters and Overtly Occupied Lair {SCHOOL} immediately. Since it has been brought to Superdaddyman’s attention all of these times that Imtoocutus is the only person in this entire school with Lice, Superdaddyman refused to go since all of the other children are immune and Imtoocutus is able to spontaneously create these things in a fourteenth century sort of way, it wouldn’t kill them to put her on the bus. Superdaddyman also pointed out to them that this is the LAST time that he is going to spend an entire evening scrubbing all of the heads in the house, and spraying down all of the bedding after washing all of it at the cost of about 40$, without a call to the Health Inspector. He of course very politely with his super ability to sound super evil pointed out that “It’s because they may be able to at least protect all of the other children from the vicious Imtoocutus and her incompetent father who for some reason can’t get the lice out of his daughters hair … but while they are there I am sure that they might as well inspect every student and teachers head, just in case the nurse might have missed someone … I’m sure it happens!”

Back to the Superdaddymobile which appears to be sicker than thought! The wheel drum will not come off despite all of Superdaddyman’s super strength, and finally after banging on it with every form of hammer that my Supermind could get, I finally said screw it and put the axle bolt back on and tightened THAT up real good. Ah yes the wheel is on nice and tight now, and your favorite super hero is back in business! The only thing left to do is take the Superdaddymobile down to the local Dunkin Donuts for some Ice cold Superdaddyman Recharge Tonic! Driving down the road the Superdaddyman realized a few things as the back tire passed him on the road. First and foremost the Superdaddyman laundry was going to need to be done as the very underwear protecting the Superdaddypickle has now gotten awfully warm all of a sudden, and secondly Captain Eaton {the drivers education teacher of the Superdaddyman *mumbles 20 years ago mumbles*} if you are reading this I am terribly sorry that I gave you a hard time when you told the class that an automobile could actually drive on 3 wheels and don’t freak out. Fortunately I remembered the “don’t freak out” part {aside from the soiled drawers} and was thanking God for that as I was walking down the road to get the tire, after safely coasting the 3 wheeled tin cup to the curb! Of course that only works for vehicles that are moving because when I stopped …. THUNK! The good news is that I had just managed to get the bigger version of the Superdaddymobile road worthy again {and no I didn’t do it myself smart asses}, because I am going to need it obviously. Have a good weekend everyone from your friendly local neighborhood super Hero! ;8o)

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