Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Musical Methadone & Mental Masturbation - Volume 12

The Superdaddymobile last night was spotted outside of the Compound Di Evils's {Junior High school} parking lot during one of it's usual Prisoner Transportation Maneuvers {PTM} as the horrifically evil Lazius Boycrazius, has been freed from her usual overtime prison stay, and as always Superdaddyman is not amused at being summoned, last minute for the hostage swap. It almost made sense this time as Big Evil had decided to stay after to finish a project that was due on Friday {it probably will blow up when the appropriate timer is applied} and she had come to the conclusion that this couldn't be done at home with the other two Evils's running around wild. Superdaddyman did apply the correct amount of brownie points for this decision, but the decision to be picked up at this time has negated most of them. It has after all meant a public appearance by everyone’s favorite super hero, and at the location of some of his greatest fans. The single mommies, and the not so single {but would love to get even with that a-hole husband that doesn't kiss thier ass enough} mommies were out in force as a basketball practice was letting out at the same time.

The CD player in the Superdaddymobile was cranking out My Chemical romance “I never said I'd lie and wait forever .. If I died, we'd be together .. I can't always just forget her .. But she could try .. .. At the end of the world .. Or the last thing I see .. You are .. Never coming home .. Never coming home .. Could I? Should I? .. And all the things that you never ever told me .. And all the smiles that are ever ever... .. Ever... .. .. Get the feeling that you're never .. All alone and I remember now .. At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies .. She dies .. .. At the end of the world .. Or the last thing I see .. You are .. Never coming home .. Never coming home .. Could I? should I? .. And all the things that you never ever told me .. And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me .. Never coming home .. Never coming home .. Could I? Should I? .. And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me .. For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me“ and it didn't work as a deterrent to the many lonely women of the great city of Megalopolis, for they all had to come over and try to talk to the Superdaddyman over it. It's nice to be a glorified super villain turned super hero some days, as it does get Superdaddyman superior service at the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru and all, but other days like this one in question the Superdaddyman would kind of like to be left alone.

The first of course was the mother of Lazius Boycrazius's chief partner in crime Lazius Lesscrazius who tends to think that the only thing that Superdaddyman needs, and in turn the Evils's as well is a good woman to straiten him out. She is after all one of the few here that doesn't think that it is HER so Superdaddyman humors her a bit more than the other willing participants in “vile pickle experiments” that Superdaddyman could come up with at will. The only problem is that the mother of Lesscrazius unfortunately has taste in women that almost makes the taste that Superdaddyman has displayed over the last decade look damn good. A year or so ago a blind date that had been set up by this woman led the Superdaddyman to consider becoming gay, as he was forced to sit through an entire dinner as this woman that was “perfect for him” explained {with absolutely no room for anything Superdaddyman had to say} how much she hated children, and would never date a single father for they are just to needy. Needless to say, Superdaddyman decided to simply decline her invitation inside to “really get to know each other” or on another date for that matter. Although she had no idea that Superdaddyman {of course disguised as that idiot Jeremy Crow} had children so he let her just believe that it was based on her being a fucking bitch. It was pretty easy to assume that she was used to that anyway.

The time before that was even worse as she fixed him up with that woman that she didn't even realize herself was married. When her husband found out he wasn't exactly in awe of the overwhelming greatness of the Superdaddyman, and actually thought that he could very easily defeat him using powers known as the “tearing limb from limb” technique. Superdaddyman of course diffused that situation using his amazing reasoning abilities {holding the guys face on a table and explaining to him that he didn't realize that she was married to him, and that Superdaddyman was very sorry that the man had married a totally unfaithful whore ... side note, as we both had so much in common we have since become very good friends} until that tragedy was narrowly averted.

This session was going along the same lines as she was trying to pick out the ladies that would be perfect for the Superdaddyman out of the crowd, while Superdaddyman reminded her of the very reasons that they were not. “Married ... Hates me ... Dated her when we were younger ... Lesbian ... ?? ... No seriously she is ... You mean to tell me that you really believed that that was Lazius Gossipcrazius's aunt? ... Geeze, you think you know the woman that I need, I already had a couple of those women that bat for the other team thank you, and it is quite the deterrent trust me!” With her being completely out of victims for the Superdaddyman, he was forced to endure the conversations of a few other ladies until the prisoners had been remanded into our custody.

Lazius Boycrazius walks over to the car, and asks if Hunkius Girlcrazius can have a ride home, which was fine with the Superdaddyman as he has yet to threaten ... oops I mean ... get to know this young lad whom Lazius Boycrazius talks about a little too much. This of course changes the CD in the CD player to something more appropriate for the situation {interrogation music} and the second Rammstein starts screaming into the back of the car and into Hunkius Girlcrazius's ears, he gives the Superdaddyman that look of respect {abstract fear and terror} that he demands from those that hang around the oldest of the Evils'. Ya gotta stay vigilant boys and girls ... It's less than two years from the age that 7 generations of women before this one were pregnant. Hunkius Girlcrazius watches in fear as Superdaddyman rants along to such classics as “Du Host” which even totally in German still screams “I HATE YOU” {which is what Du Host means} and really all Superdaddyman is thinking as they make thier way toward Hunkius Girlcrazius's house {which I get the feeling he is none to happy about Superdaddyman knowing the location of now} is “Imagine if I had gone strait for the Pantera, which we will keep in the Superdaddymobile for the next time he needs a ride” ... It ain't easy being “Guardian of The Virginity” hers or MINE ;8o)

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