Monday, March 13, 2006

Musical Methadone & Mental Masturbation - Volume 13

So the company staring contest continues, as I was forced to work the same hours now as the majority of the daytime crew, but it wasn’t without a few side benefits today. It appears that KGTB {King George The Blind} has the week off and that meant that KPT {King Paco Taco} is to replace him for the week. This assists me greatly in a long standing family tradition that began back in the days when my ancient ancestors were riding dinosaurs and clubbing each other in a quest to find flame. “Taking family aggression out on others” as a Psychiatrist might call it, is a great way to relieve tensions you see. The song that is stuck in my head first thing this morning, fits the theme quite well actually, “Here comes the circus now to steal your life away .. Catch unwary children at their play .. Disturb what was a peaceful island of calm .. A storm is coming on the horizon .. The traveller begs for you for his words to heed .. To fear the evil thing that he proceeds .. Recurring evil in the autumn times of sin .. A mad collection of broken men .. Thunder ripping out across the sky .. Draw the lightning out of my mind .. By the prickling of my thumbs .. Something wicked this way comes .. The house of mirrors is your place of play .. Ten thousand faces driving you insane .. A carnival of hate now crawling through your mind .. A gripping fear that leaves you paralyzed .. Thunder ripping out across the sky .. Draw the lightning out of my mind .. By the prickling of my thumbs .. Something wicked this way comes” and it gets better from there.

This jackass of course didn’t get the memo about me being disgruntled, because he came to me with demands almost immediately, about the things HE wanted cleaned, which also seemed to roll off of my feigned ignorance as he kept demanding over and over again. He didn’t realize that nagging was reminding me of someone else that is a hell of a lot older than him, and incapable of handling the evil shit that I want to do to HER, so in my mind I was simply doing God’s work by not giving her a heart attack and teaching KPT a valuable lesson about … um … well … learning lessons damnit! In other words we’re throwing down, and he’ll miss the good old days when I simply dumped Talc all over him after soaking him with a … um … defective roof. If he thought I was bad when I had a small modicum of company loyalty, then he ought to love me when the HR director has flat out told me that I have no future with the company.

I did go about my day in the usuals, but I had quite a bit of cleaning to do up in the offices, because some total asshole, I heard stopped up the septic system and the offices smelled like a sewer. Throw in the fact that the … um … “lack of lubrication” from the septic pipes running dry caused another huge back up after I had left on Friday apparently and all the bathrooms were swamps when I finally got around to them. I must make a mental not at this point though, and say that it is hideously sick and unhealthy to leave backed up toilet sludge all over the floors for three days, and more over it is TOTALLY FUCKING DEPRAVED to actually use toilets that can’t flush and have already been used, so that should tell you all the type of people that I have been forced to work with and clean up after for some time now. The whole ordeal took about 3 hours and of course took up the time that I usually would have written today’s blog, so needless to say as I am sitting here right now, pounding this out, the memories of it {Thank God} are fading.

The plot against KPT was not one of my most brilliant as it unfortunately was fuel more by blind anger than anything else, and like most people I lose a bit of my craftiness when I get like that, but it will be long remembered anyway. The worst part about it, is that it realistically was part of my job, so he really didn’t have any recourse, or maybe I should say that he doesn’t yet anyway, since I am not sure if he has found out what happened yet. You see after cleaning out all of the swamp and walking through day old shit that had been collecting on the floor, I had to dispose of all of the rags and other materials that I cleaned up everything with. It’s a biohazard you see and you can’t simply, throw them in the washer, so they have to be disposed of and replaced. The trash can under his desk was the most convenient place I could think of for all of it really. Well aside from the fact that it was 500 or so yards away from the nearest bathroom, but while I was sitting on his chair changing out of my steel toes and into my other shoes {my steel toes, like most of me were covered in sewage after all} so that I could place them behind the heater in his office … um … to “dry” them of course, I figured why not just dump the bag full of shit covered rags in his trash can. I had to get out of there pretty quick though because the odor was unbearable, and I don’t know how in the name of God anyone could work in an office that smelled that bad. The good news, is that when he finally takes the trash out of there he’ll blame that for the smell as my steel toes bake … oops, I mean … “dry” behind his heater ;8o)

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