Monday, March 20, 2006

Musical Methadone & Mental Masturbation - Volume 14

I walked into Pink Mafia headquarters today with absolutely no expectations, because even a brave crime fighter knows when to just lay low and wait out the storm. Yes boys & girls it is I, Superdaddyman, the defender of the evils’s, Pervader of the fair maidens of Megalopolis, and the last line of defense that the world has against the dreaded Pink Mafia! The bumper music that the nice young liberal on the talk radio circuit used this morning was beyond the usual cunning and insidious, it was downright intoxicating, as he wisely used the very music that Superdaddyman uses to torture the evils’s on long rides in the Superdaddymobile, but as you know boys & girls, when walking into work it becomes a hypnotic game of cat & mouse that only a keen mind like that of the Superdaddyman can overcome! “I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them fall away .. mildewed and smoldering, fundamental differing, .. pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion .. disintegrating as it goes testing our communication .. the light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so .. we cannot see to reach an end crippling our communicatioooon.” And now, like the music from Tool, I was totally caught in a schism.

Throughout this mêlée of at least decent music going through my head I was forced to go into hiding of sorts as the injury police have been hot on my heels for weeks now trying to catch your favorite super hero doing a time honored workplace tradition known as “fucking off” so that they can start the long and enduring write-up process to be done with their most vehement enemy, Superdaddyman, and get back to committing evil atrocities on everyone without, the watchful eyes of the caped Pervader! This plan was going along swimmingly for quite some time until Superdaddyman let his guard down and was caught in a most awkward position {buying food at the lunch truck} and thus summoned up to King George’s office to await further instruction. Two things could come of this, and neither is very good. Superdaddyman could be forced to be a very unwilling marriage councilor, and have to listen to King George explain for the 9 MILLIONTH time about how his wife’s menopause is too much for him to handle, and how and why he has to lay down the law, or it could be further jobs added to the Superdaddyman work load. Oh crap it was both.

After the usual 45 minutes of listening to how he moved his wife in with her mother, but is allowing her to come over and cook dinner for him {what a guy!} he then brought forth his demands and then held out his ring for the Superdaddyman to kiss it. Didn’t seem like much really, as he wanted your favorite superhero to go out and clean the back lot, which either he or that pathetic Jeremy Crow has done on numerous occasions. Of course even the keen mind of Superdaddyman forgot to factor in that it has been several months since he has done it, and apparently he was THE LAST person to do it.

To give all of you out there in blog land a good idea of what he is talking about there are these dumpsters out back, where scrap plastic and boxes, and any other sort of materials are placed until the Waste Management people come to pick it all up. Some of it from time to time blows out and into this field behind it. Never was a big deal when Ii was cleaning it up once a week. After 3 months of it not being cleaned {because this company is full of the laziest fuckers on Earth} there was a quarter mile of trash all strewn out in this entire field. To paint the picture even better, the reason that it was critical for Superdaddyman to go out there and deal with this, was because an airplane that had flown over this dump, reported it to the State and the EPA came in and ordered it cleaned. Does that give you an idea of how bad it is?

The task at hand is going to take over two months, so I guess that is at least job security and this being the first day of spring it might help to get a little color on the Superdaddyman as well, so I went back inside and got up some old scrap iron rod and the welding torch {muahahahahahaha} and created one of those old fashioned paper pokers that the custodians in the Tom & Jerry cartoons use. Superdaddyman found it a wonderful opportunity of course to weld a few “other” things together as they had left him alone with the Arc, but we won’t get into that today. We’ll need to save that for another volume, as I have to get back to working the field of absolutely no dreams ;8o)

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