Saturday, March 18, 2006

Let's Talk About History Baby - Volume 3

Well, you’ll have to forgive my feigned amusement for a moment as I have been reading up on the newest brain child of Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. For those of you that think the name sounds familiar, he was the democrat that co-signed the campaign finance reform bill with John McCain. Well aside from actually getting the “Incumbent Politician Protection Act” passed {another way of looking at campaign finance reform} he really hasn’t had a very esteemed career in Washington, and arguably it was John McCain’s name that got that one through to begin with, but his newest creation is a rather pathetic attempt to appease his base and it has totally ostracized the rest of the Democratic party, and for people like myself who find that to be amusing I must thank him for a few things right now.

First of all, let’s just get it out in the open what he actually did, and that was to walk into the senate, and propose a bill that none of his colleagues on the left even knew about. The basis of this bill was to Censure the president for invading Iraq, and for the so called “illegal wire tapping of American citizens” and then he excused himself from the Senate floor and left before anyone could question him on it. The members of his own party were totally shocked, and more over helpless to defend his actions. When the Senate was excused for the day, every Democrat in Washington made a run for it and I am not exaggerating. If you saw footage of it on C-Span it looked like the last of the old Vietnam Democracy fleeing Hanoi City, and it was probably less pretty, as major newspapers were even taking shots at the senators that refused comment. The Washington Post {a very left leaning newspaper} even made jokes as they said “And for the first time ever Chuck Schumer had absolutely nothing to say,” which if you follow politics at all, the most dangerous place on Earth is between Chucky and a television camera. Hillary Clinton desperately tried to make up excuses for not being able to comment as she tried to make it to an elevator but then ended up hiding behind people as she got tied up waiting for it.

Red meat Bush haters are probably wondering why this is such a terrifying thing to these Senators, because most of them thing “Well Good he needs to be punished,” but unfortunately that IS the difference between people like you and I and Senators of the United States. We can hate, and lob bullshit at everyone without impunity. We can read newspapers that are desperately trying to change our opinions about everything by bending the truth slightly, and we can wholeheartedly believe it if we want to, but Senators can not. What they do in that chamber seems foolish to us, and might pretty much lead to nothing more than spending our money, but it also gets documented as law, with every name that signs it, or is sitting there to discuss it. It becomes a historical event, and the truth behind what he did was that he tried to pass a bill to Censure a man for doing things that were and as of now are perfectly legal. Regardless of what these Senators say in front of television cameras they are being recorded for history in there, and not one of them would dare be on record supporting a bill to Censure a president for doing his job, and that totally proved it.

Funnier still, is to look back historically to the 1830s which was the last time this happened. The President was Andrew Jackson {A popular general from the war of 1812, who presided over the slaughter known as the Battle of New Orleans which was the last time the British ever tried to invade American soil, the casualty count was about 5000 British to less than 2 dozen Americans} and the heinous thing that he had done was pull all of the Governments money out of private banks, and create the Federal Treasury. He wasn’t a very good politician and when he got into the White House it was after ALL the men were given the right to vote and not just the property owners, so everyone from the forests and the mountains came out to vote for him. He then ended up changing the name of the party from Democratic Republicans to just Democratic. His own party treated him like an idiot and the other major party at the time spent all of their time talking about how he couldn’t be the brains of anything and was simply the figurehead of a shadow government {sound familiar} and basically blundered his way through 1 bad policy decision after another while he was in office. He was the president that finally ordered the slaughter of the Native Americans for example, based on the belief that it was “them” or “us”.

I can honestly say that it was one bad decision after another, and we are still paying the price for a lot of his idiocy today, but at the same time it was actually breaking the rules of his job and created the first good sized depression in this country that only the Civil War could drag us out of. Unlike the President today who makes a lot of Dumbass moves but like Andrew Jackson means well, and is despised purely for his birth name. The difference between then and now is that GW, whether you like it or not has been perfectly within the law to do the things that were listed in that Censure bill, and that is why the party acts even more terrified than most people think they should, because it should still be noted that it was the Whig party that had pushed for and finally received the Censure of Andrew Jackson. It was the only time in history that it happened, and the valuable lessons that were learned from that carried on for nearly two centuries for one reason alone, and I happen to be very grateful that Russ Feingold doesn’t study his history as well as most of his colleagues. That reason is simply that there was no Whig party after it was brought out into the sunlight what kind of back biting Red Meat voters they really were. Now as I am watching the very core of the Democratic party desperately attacking Russ Feingold so that they can hold onto what they have, it is all starting to look like “Well we said that, but we didn’t actually mean it” and if I get my wish it will force a lot of them to have to stay in hiding for a while. I don’t actually hope they wither on the vine like the Whig party though, because as totally devious and corrupt as the Democratic party actually is, they amuse me more than anyone could ever know. ;8o)

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