Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Let's Talk About Film Baby - Volume 1

It's been long enough for me to digest the great adulation that I am supposed to be feeling for such a remarkable human being {George Clooney} who came out at the Oscars and admitted that he is out of touch. The amazing reception that this brought on from people because of his great honesty overshadowed the total idiocy in what he actually said. His proclaiming that he will “proudly” be associated with the group that gave a “black woman” an Oscar {for playing a servant in Gone With The Wind} when most black women weren't allowed to sit in the front of the theatre was typical shlock from the totally “out of touch”. Perhaps the genius could have then explained why it took the Academy another half century to name a black woman the first “Best Actress” and why we all had to sit and endure what a wonderful triumph THAT was to Hollywood when it was after all in the twenty first century, when most “normal” people don't think of things in terms of race anymore anyway? Oh yeah, because it hammers home the agenda of racism that supposedly I and people like me are always perpetrating, yet never bring up ourselves.

I didn't hear any fanfare when the first black man was put on the Supreme court, but quite the contrary, as I heard the George Clooney's of the world try to make up every possible “FALSE” accusation about the man and try to keep him off the Supreme court. I realize that it didn't fit the model that Hollywood has made for us of Black women being servants or emotionally abused victims of white men. The good news to Black America is that Hollywood does seperate by gender as black men have been allowed to have good roles, that actually deserve Oscars like Denzel Washington had in “Glory” but I'm sorry that they happen to be a little too “out of touch” for the black ladies. A beautiful example of that would be The Color Purple, which was probably one of the most critically acclaimed motion pictures of my lifetime, and unfortunately must have been too black and female for Hollywood as it received ABSOLUTELY NO well deserved Oscars even though it was nominated for I think 7. Where were ya then George?

They apparently hate black women in stronger political positions as well unfortunately, as they still continue to tear open the first black female to be Secretary Of State. I on the other side of the isle want Condoleezza Rice to be president, but that is unacceptable to Hollywood as I am doing it for the person and not the color of her skin. If it were for the color of her skin like they want me to then she would be saying oppressive things about her own ethnicity like telling anyone who looks up to her that they will never be anything, never have been anything and might as well give up because white people are going to keep them down. The wonderful black political leaders that Hollywood hangs out with do just that. I must be a racist then since I hate to hear that sort of talk, and love how most people simply don't pay attention to skin color at all. Yeah you and the rest of Hollywood appear to be out of touch there too George.

Here's where Hollywood is REALLY out of touch, and nobody can deny this and be honest. I just saw that they are making the TV show Dallas into a movie. It's going to have John Travolta and J-Lo in it. Am I really supposed to be taking this seriously? In the last decade most movies have been remakes of TV shows that weren't good to begin with. If you want proof of this why don't you go watch re-runs of these shows as they are playing on Nick at Night, and take a load of the advertisements that are running? Most of them are for products that only a total moron would buy, like pills that will make your dick bigger and 900 numbers. I mean seriously, “The Dukes of Hazard” might have actually been a somewhat OK show by mid 80's television standards but by coming out with that as one of your major summer blockbusters, is NOT giving me quality entertainment for the ridiculous amount of money that a ticket to a movie costs.

Then we are having a show where you award a movie that about 14 people saw {because in the end you WERE bigger cowards than to vote for the gay cowboy one, that actually might have deserved it} as the best picture of the year {while plaguing us with that about 33% of that farce dedicated to bitching about DVDs and promoting “going to the movies” more} is what actually makes you a-holes out of touch. Your political statements are what make you idiots. Now of course the movie that you all “supposedly” were going to give it to has the director of it out saying it is because Hollywood hates middle America. Are you kidding me? That's George Clooney style out of touch right there.

Here's a better example of them being out of touch. I happen to be the very type of person that most Hollywood stars despise and dedicate a lot of thier free time to smear. I happen to LOVE good movies, and run right out and buy DVDs of what I think are epics, or seriously wonderful productions. They trash the concept of buying DVDs while at the same time buying Harry Potter for 16$ is the ONLY way my kids are going to see it. “Why is this?” you ask. Well it is quite simple if you look at it from my perspective. It would cost me 4 hours salary to take just myself and my 3 kids to see Harry Potter. This doesn't include the extra 2 hours of salary to get all of the food products that they sell there to keep my kids quiet long enough to keep me from wasting the other 4. It costs me less than an hour and a half’s salary to OWN the DVD and we can eat whatever the hell we want as we watch it. Better yet, if the kids get out of control I can send them to thier rooms, and not waste any money at ALL! The Hollywood people were furious lately that movies are being rushed to DVD the minute they leave the theatres because of Bootleggers {course it was bootleggers of booze on the 20’s that put Hollywood on the map, but we won’t go there today} who steal the movies and sell them on the streets. I would never buy a bootleg video, but I am actually happy that they forced Hollywood’s hand on that one. Let's face it; I know who really makes too much money in all of this. Stay out of touch George ... better yet ... become secluded.

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