Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Update On The 17th Year - Volume 7

Once the insanity takes over, it's free sailing from there. I know that I have been a little overly political lately but I blame the fact that the Superdaddymobile has been dangerous at best, with the inside of the wheels all threads of steel and the brakes incapable of stopping it. Yes the life of a single father who just got his 7th child support check in the last 3 years {60$} and works for a whopping 11.25 an hour since he hurt his back at work {which incidentally did start my writing career so let's just call it lemonade anyway} while at the same time supporting himself, his 3 children and his grandmother. Life can really interfere with my plans at world domination at times, but the fact that I have to drive the little Focus which has no Satellite radio, and as I told you before the FM stations around here sucks, so I am at my old playgrounds every day ... AM Radio. I noted that today, that everything in the news pisses me off and gets me depressed.

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to take Captain ADHD to his Psychiatrist to discuss his paperwork for the SPED program that he will be entering into. His doctor can be an egghead, but I have always liked him because he is such a strait shooter with me. After looking over the paperwork he asked me if I agreed with the final decision, to which I replied "Mostly" because in reality I think that Captain ADHDs teacher is a flake, and apparently his doctor had deduced that by reading the paperwork. My father was a teacher, my aunt still is {SPED as a matter of fact} and I have never seen a teacher who gets more on edge than this one and listens as little as she does. Don't get me wrong, I can dominate a conversation and all, but this woman only takes little pauses to let me say something, then she picks right back up where she left off. It's the type of thing you expect from a politician, not a second grade teacher.

"Well I see 4 teachers that all list his good points and then point out the room for improvement, all specializing in thier given field, and then I see it followed up by the teacher, who obviously heard none of what they said and has cast it all aside to explain it all differently" which immediately brought a sigh of gratitude out of ME. I had been trying to point this out for a while now, but the easy going side of me was simply trying to accept what was going on. "In this country we have a tendency to make the students with special needs conform to the standards of everyone else, and not placing them in places to explore what they can do and learn what they can't," he finished.

Now the whole time that we were talking, him and Captain ADHD were trying to fix a toy truck that another kid had stuffed a rubber lion into, and I sat there watching them as they failed the whole time. They had deduced that they were going to need a screwdriver to remove the lion from the truck, and were going to do that later because apparently every child that had come in there had been trying to fix this thing. The session had ended and as I got up to leave Captain ADHD handed the truck to me, and I simply pushed the lion out with my finger in about 3 seconds. They both looked at me shocked and I said "You both were trying to push it out the big opening, when it had been jammed in from the little one, the shortest path out is always backwards, where you know the route," and I walked out with Captain ADHD in tow.

I have said it a million times before, and I still have to reiterate it because most people don't listen. I was the exact same as Captain ADHD when I was his age and it gets more obvious everyday, aside from not having two sisters to make everything worse, we share all of the same attributes. This comes from having a very hard time keeping the focus on that which you don't want to, and not being totally focused on the things you do. I'd like to say that I grew out of this by now, but I actually haven't. He's even the best little writer in his class to boot, with an incredibly creative imagination. The biggest difference, from my day, is that the world wasn't so incredibly ready to label children, so I was given the opportunity to fail, and or succeed, or both, and sometimes neither. I was able to grow the certain attributes that made me charismatic, and often times humble, at times I have learned to use it to my advantage. I have been able to draw a crowd and chase them away with equal verve. I have been able to complete something as easily as I have been able to NOT complete others, but my experiences have taught me when exactly, a hill is worth dying on. The good news is that I haven't always taken the path of least resistance, and I am starting to think that I may have been put on this Earth to actually be the person to spot a problem quickly and just fix it, whether anyone likes it or even cares about it. Time will tell on that one, but I am at this time preparing to die on a hill, and if I don't, then heaven help some people. This isn't a case of "without risk there is no reward" this is more of a case of "don't fuck with me I fuck back" and I am sick of some things. It is also something that the incredibly self righteous side of me that I still see in that little boy, and constantly feel energized listening about morons in the news, has reminded me of lately, there is such a thing as "Gods Wrath" and thank God that I am just infantile enough to believe that some people deserve to be miserable, but not me! Love Ya ... J~ ;8o)

Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! ..

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