Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Throwing Truth Disguised as Stones - Volume 1

I shall take this opportunity as I often do, to call some people on their shit, because a travesty happened yesterday in the state of California that needs to be explained through the eyes of a man that is cursed with the ability to see things differently than most of you. I have often been considered one of the most imaginative people out there, and little do most of you know that unfortunately I see things perfectly clearly, all to often, and because of THAT gift, I can be haunted by things that most people simply cast aside as no big deal. Here are a couple of grave problems with the world today, that I feel are important to be seen through my eyes, and with my ability to paint the pictures.

Michael Morales was supposed to be executed yesterday in the state of California, and thanks to the collusion of the Anesthesiologists of the state of California he is still alive today. The humane way to execute a prisoner in the state of California is through lethal injection, and this was fought for very desperately by the left wing of this country under the guise that we are not to be considered animals by the very nature of the way we execute someone. This of course opened up the wonderful gateway to block executions by simply making it so that if all of the Anesthesiologists {a HUGE liberal constituency by the way} refused to do the procedure in the name of “not going to take a life” then a judge would uphold that you can’t have the execution. That may sound too simple, and at one time was a rally cry of the right wing of this country that was demonized for even assuming that something so foolish would happen and now unfortunately that IS what happened. The penal system tried to incorporate a plan to simply load him up with barbiturates until he overdosed, in lieu of an Anesthesiologist being there, but of course a judge was able to block that as being “cruel and unusual” and now we wait, until somehow the justice system can find a way to kill this fucker!

Here’s where my imagination gets the best of me as I actually am able to see the crime that put this man into this position. Michael Morales took a 17 year old girl, tried to strangle her with a leather belt, when it broke he beat her with a hammer in the face until her face was no longer recognizable, raped her repeatedly {mind you using every orifice of her body}, and then stabbed her so many times that she had easily lost half of her blood before she finally died. This is exactly how this girl spent the last hours of her 17 years on this planet before he purposefully had murdered her after he and his cousin found out she was dating a boy who coincidentally was having a homosexual relationship with his cousin. The two of them killed her out of jealousy. This man is a waste of human flesh and at the very least, his rotting corpse could be used to make nicer tomatoes or something, and although my way of looking at it is pretty bad you really need to see the whole picture of what happened after he did this.

A jury that was hand picked by the attorney for this monster was selected from the most pathetically liberal state in this country. The chances that you could find 12 pro-rape, pro-jealousy, pro-murder people could not have possibly found a better home than the land to which this man was being tried! Those 12 people unanimously {because it cannot be upheld unless it is unanimous} found this man guilty, and then unanimously decided based on 100% certainty of the evidence that this man needed to die. If you remember the OJ Simpson trial {which took place in the same area} then you know how difficult this actually can be.

To complicate matters worse, you then have to understand that after being convicted and condemned, he was granted many appeals in which the attorney was able to grab other sets of 12 and plead out the case at the very least that his life should be spared and it was denied every time by everyone they tried to convince of this. The same set of loony lefties has made sure that over the next 25 YEARS {yes I said 25 years, which is roughly 8 years more than Terri Winchell was allowed to live because of this asshole, who had already had 19 years to become that monster} that he has been waiting to be executed, that he has had access to absolutely everything his black heart could desire. He has his own web page where he writes wonderful articles so that everyone can read his brilliant ranting about what is wrong with the system, and we have fed and clothed this waste of flesh for again 25 YEARS! My mind churns over this bullshit, because I truly believe that this man committed at the very least two of the crimes that a human being should be killed for, and the AMA supports him being alive, and by total collusion WILL keep him alive, and now we come to the other problem with being a totally imaginative and creative thinker with the ability to paint the tales, as I note that California is also home to many thousands of doctors that not only will, but encourage the practice of abortion.

So we now go back to the premise that a doctor will not take a life, when it pertains to executing a criminal, but it is upholding the law to end a life in the womb of a mother because we conveniently call it a choice in that instance. The very same court that just upheld the "Cruel and Unusual Verdict" is also in the news because they struck DOWN the law banning "Partial Birth Abortion" which more Americans find cruel and unusual than anything you can do to this convicted murderer. There are three ways of pronouncing it actually to be fair. Medically it is called “Forced Dilation and Extraction” which is NOT very pretty, so the leftists came up with the term “Late Term Abortions” to quell the actual outrage of MOST of the people in the country. The people in this or any other country who support the need for partial birth abortions are very lucky when it comes to this issue because the AMA spends millions of taxpayer dollars, donations from left wing organizations, and of course tax payer funded political ads to keep this practice alive regardless of congressional or referendum votes making it illegal. People like me unfortunately have seen the illegal {because of a woman’s right to privacy .. wink wink .. nudge nudge} tapes of these things, and the lies haunt ME. After seeing what actually happens during a partial birth abortion I was one of the people that of course was simply haunted by the pure evil that goes into it.

Knowing that there ARE doctors in California, that WILL, turn a baby around in the womb, cut it from the protective surroundings that it is in while it is struggling against it {ultrasounds that were hidden away by the abortion doctors, as it didn’t prove the point that the pro-abortion zealots wanted to get out there, aka … look the baby doesn’t even notice, proved that as the babies hands fought against the scalpel} then catch it’s struggling body before it’s head comes out, while holding the head inside the mother then cuts the baby behind the base of the skull, while the pain of this causes the babies arms to jut out strait, then cut the brain stem from the spinal cord making the whole body go limp in the doctors hands, before a vacuum is applied to totally suck out the brain. The body is then thrown into a red trash bag, where nurses who quit the medical field all together after this horror have stated “The face of an angelic looking little baby would be staring at them dead” and this totally fucking haunts me every time my mind is forced to go there. So there are doctors who WILL do this and say that it is the law of the minority, but there are no doctors that will end the life of a man even though it TOO is the LAW, just of the majority, instead. It’s the conspiracy of the more equals at work.

To even bring any of this up simply can be rebutted by the two most ignorant shields to real debate . By saying to me “Don’t impose your morals on me” and of course “The right for a woman to do with her body as she chooses” and then labeling me a “God Loving Hate Monger” it’s then easier to walk away saying to yourself whatever is necessary to get the imagery out of your head, if you don't want to know the truth. Since I have already crossed that line, I might as well throw out there that I was pro-choice for many years, as I could justify {as foolishly as I was when I was younger} that aborting an Embryo, or a first trimester Fetus wasn’t that bad … etc etc etc. It was the all or nothing attitude of the lefties that made me have to get educated on the issues, as I couldn’t accept third trimester, and realistically am not particularly fond of the second either, but have defended it when life of the mother is concerned, or rape. I have always believed that a woman should not risk her life for her baby that is not in the third Trimester, but they can convince me otherwise easier if they are in the second. The problem with third as the people who swear that life of the mother is an issue is, by that time the baby can survive outside of the womb with today’s technology. What you just had explained to you was a murder, because there is no difference in the stress factors on the mother taking the baby out alive or dead at that point. It is totally identical, and denying that makes you a flat out LIAR.

Talking about this is covered by my free speech, but not so passionately defended like the ability of Michael Morales to commit murder and live off of all of us forever. An awful lot of money goes into defending his right to NOT be executed, and a lot of news agencies give plenty of free air time to those on that side of the debate. The prison system in the wonderful Commonwealth of Massachusetts has so many senseless murders it’s totally scary. The lack of death penalty has made it so that the life sentence people just snag the lesser offenders and kill them for thrills inside of the prisons. Why not? You can’t get anything worse than sitting in prison, lifting weights, watching HBO, and keeping your Blog up to date. There are no big dollar contributors to getting that fixed, and the news services sweep it under the rug. California is slowly being forced in that direction by a pile of people who question my morals and only use thier own when it suits them to do so. My credibility is easily dismissed as I am willing to talk about it but haven't taken the secret oath of secrecy required to be a certified expert on it, but what about Terri Winchell, the 17 year old girl Michael Morales raped and murdered? Did she not have the right to choose life, or was his right to abort her greater? Give a monkey a brain and he will rule the world, I guess ;8o)

Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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