Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tales of Tease - Volume 10

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Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

*for the record I was feeling lazy today after posting 3 blogs yesterday and simply stole this from my dream journal

Oh my Goddess, this dream was just a very special one to me, as I often love the touch, and the smells of a beautiful woman. I can remember it so clearly even days afterwards as I had seen you across the dinner table, I know not where, and the surroundings are unfamiliar. As often in my dreams you are caressing my calf with your foot, which you so strategically took out of your shoe. I can feel your toes as they slide up the leg of my pants, and I am dreamy looking at you. The way you chew your food, and those amazing lips, I always dream of kissing these days. My mind is totally in your face, your eyes, and of course those sensual lips. My pants are very tight, as your foot massages me, and comes up the leg toward my knee. I am finding it hard to pay attention to anything but you, and you are definitely trying to keep it that way. You are actually very adorable as you have to scootch forward in your seat a little to reach inside of my knees, and slide your foot toward my crotch, but you smile as you know I appreciate it, and my smile is part adoration, and part giggle. It doesn’t really take more than a few gentle strokes with your toes to make me have to stand up. Your look is puzzled, but I have plans for us, and I make them known as I walk over to your side of the table, and take your hand, with a kiss.

You follow me to the bedroom, again unfamiliar, and I stand you in front of the bed, your beautiful above the knee red cocktail dress is right where my hands go, as I slowly unbutton it from the back, kissing your skin with every button opened, and breathing heavily against your skin. Once unbuttoned completely, your dress falls to the floor like a sexy movie, in a pile. From behind you are even more delicious looking than the nights previous as I have stared so longingly at the front of you. I kneel down to pull off your black stockings, and you look back at me surprised almost. I see you have learned about me, but it is important that you be totally naked, for tonight I am going to give you the greatest gift I can, total pampering. “I am going to treat you like a woman who is desired, so just trust me ok?” and you respond with, “I trust you”, and you wrap your arms around me, as I stand up, and give me very long kisses on my neck, and bring them over to my cheek, until reaching my lips. As my lips and yours are together, I feel my pants falling from me. I didn’t even realize that they were being unbuckled, so I give you a smile, and in turn you give me another kiss. You then help me pull my shirt over my head, and we are both totally naked. I then very gently, and with a smile sit you down on the bed, where you sit with your legs together.

I think by now, I just instinctively start kissing you around your ankles. I lift each one of your legs to kiss your ankles, and several places around each foot. Your moaning is the greatest gift I get in any of these times I have caressed you. My lips of course start working their way up your beautiful legs, until I slowly part them. No resistance, you simply fall back onto the bed, and allow me to see your beautiful mount, that I dream of all the time. I continue to kiss your thighs, desperately trying to hold on to the foreplay before I devour you, like I need to at all times, but I give in as my tongue parts your beautiful lips. I lick long and firm at first, always up and down in the beginning. I love the moaning, and it is very important to me that I build it up gradually before; I start working on the top part of your clit, with the circular motion. When I finally start caressing your clit with my tongue your moaning becomes MY ecstasy. I gently slide one of my fingers into you, and you moan just a little less, as if you are holding back reactions. My second finger finds it’s way inside you, and I am circling your beautiful moist pussy, and the fragrance as always is driving me wild. I can actually feel you tensing up on me. You taste so wonderful, I am drunk with your juices, and I can almost never stop, I have so many more plans for this evening, and even in my dream, it is like I know what is coming next. The realistic nature of it, made me feel like I had never been with a woman before. My tongue continues to do little circles on your clit, and your moaning is the most beautiful music.

I gently encourage you up further on the bed, and roll you onto your belly. I start to caress your legs, starting with your feet, and gently moving upward. I kneed into your muscles with my strong hands, until I feel each muscle loosening, and I softly rub the skin afterwards. My mouth finds it’s way back to the beautiful place where the taste and the aroma make me whole, and I use my lips to caress you, while my tongue is down at your clit. The reaction of a rather soft orgasm, surprises me at first, as you make a very soft squeal, and a small spray of your cum falls into my mouth, and bastes my tongue. I actually FEEL like the luckiest man alive, as I continue to massage your beautiful buttocks with my hands, and stand up, while you are lying motionless from the release. I start to massage you again, starting with your calves. Each place I have been I give a sweet kiss, a long lick, and I pull myself back and blow, to make sure that you sense the chill. Your moaning is like I am inside of you, and once again, I am intoxicated by the sounds of your pleasure, as my hands slowly come up to your beautiful bottom, where I let my hands really kneed into your muscles there. I kiss, I lick, I also find the need to take little bites, and I listen to the moans. I put lotion in my hands, nothing fancy, just hand lotion, but you moan yet again, as I start massaging it back into your legs, and your buttocks. I am starting to smell your sweat, as well as the most wonderful smell in the world, your pussy, and it mixes well with the lotion, that I have now laid beside you, as I straddle you.

The moan that you give this time is short and almost shocking as you feel my erection against the small of your back. I am putting more lotion in my hands, and rubbing it in my hands every time to warm it up, before I massage it deeply into your back and shoulders. Dragging my fingers all over your back, no nails, just fingertips, makes your body jitter slightly every time, and it makes me more excited then ever. Your body by now is softer than any silk or nylon that I have ever felt against your skin. I massage the lotion into your arms while I am leaning forward licking your neck, and nibbling on your ear. I take time to whisper things like “I appreciate you, and I want you to know that”, and I am sure that these things make you moan much more invitingly as I slide my whole body against your back, on my way back down to taste you again. You could never understand how desperately I need to taste you, and how I think of that even while I do other things to make you moan.

Just as I am about to start tasting you again, you very alluringly spread you legs a little more, and lift your bottom up in the air, arching your back, and it is the most inviting thing I have ever seen in my life. You turn your head back to me as if to see my reaction, and I distinctly remember your eye sparkling at me, as I once again stare into your beautiful face. I know what you want, and I desperately want it too, as I slide myself up behind you, and enter you slowly, very slowly. ;8o)

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