Friday, February 24, 2006

Tales From Wallachian Fables & My Reality - Volume 3

My ghost at work is taking on a more active role in my day to day these days and it is rather interesting to see how she is starting to interact with me. Originally she simply manifested her self as one of the “prankers” that simply moves things, or rearranges things so that you know they are around, but she lately started to get more extraverted towards me to say least. I am so accustomed to this kind of crap that I deduced she was a girl along the last few months, but although I have been in-tune with ghosts my whole life I have never been very good at seeing them corporally. At times I have seen traces of them or even the typical vaporous emanations that are more commonly looked at like the “child wearing a sheet with eye holes”, so usually determining the sex of a ghost requires a few deductive skills that I have gotten good at through people watching, more than ghost watching. Ghosts gender habits are usually equally as stereotypical as that of the living and breathing.

The fact that she was a “pranker” and the way in which she did it, has made me assume that she is {or should I say was?} young. Usually the types of “pranks” that she pulls are more child-like in nature than what a ghost that lived more years mortally would do. Extra years in this world I have found harden their ways of behaving, and younger spirits always have a sense of innocence, but I have heard listening to others that some young ones can be fierce. She tends to be pretty innocent in the things she does. The fact that she is a girl originally was deduced by the fact {as I have said before} that it is the women at work {up in the offices where she hangs out} that are driven nuts by her “phantom coughing” and sometimes even “phantom giggling” which also lead me to believe it was an adolescent. Of course it’s hard to get this information casually in the smoking areas as telling anyone you work with that you believe that you hear and sense the ghost at work is a sure fire way to get the cheaper meds {as when they send you to the company shrink, he’s gonna make you take Lithium instead of the Celexa that YOUR doctor prescribes because it’s cheaper on Workers Comp!} so you usually have to gather your information in dribs and drabs over weeks. Along the way I just started talking to the ghost as I worked and named her Amy. Amy because it is a short and easy name to say.

Almost immediately after giving the ghost a name the pranks started getting either friendlier or more sinister depending on how you look at it, but it was hard to tell, because she was up until recently, pretty shy. Her motor skills in the things she does are amazing though, and I have always believed that a ghost either has or hasn’t got certain communication skills so they use what they have. 30 years of dealing with that ghost in the home I grew up in, and she never once talked to myself or my father, but she would do all the emotes or reactions to drive the women nuts, again the coughing, sneezing, laughing etc. were her favorites.

This ghost has quite a few times reconstructed footprints that I vacuumed up on the floor. I knew exactly what happened the first time I saw it, and was more impressed than pissed off really. I vacuumed one hallway completely, and then came out of the closet after putting the Rainbow away to see all of the salty, sandy footprints right back where they were before. The most common thing she does now is that she pulls the chairs away from the conference room table for me while I vacuum. Mind you, never while I am in the room, but still quite amazing. Well after having to deal with the most amazing ghost things ever {and I have seen hundreds} the biggest surprise {ghosts just don’t shock me at all anymore} was about 3 or 4 weeks ago when I came into work and written on the white board in the conference room using 6 different colors was “NOT AMY” so needless to say, I cleaned the white board {remember explaining insanity to boss BAD!} and started calling her Chuck. I still thought at the time it could have been a different prank from someone who overheard me talking to her one day.

Well after a couple of days calling her Chuck, I came in to see “NOT a BOY” on the board in 7 colors {and yes the “a” was lower case}, and then started calling her Missy, which she hasn’t complained about for the last several weeks. The problem here is that she apparently thought she could communicate with EVERYONE this way now, and I got a note from the HR director a week ago telling me to stop scribbling on the white board, or clean it off afterwards. Missy and I had a talk about this {Ok I talked and hoped Missy listened} and it stopped anyway, which is also fascinating because I have never been able to get anything across like that. Of course the talk was simply me walking around talking to air with a lot of irony in my voice.

For those of you wondering, I have done a little research on this, but not much. Before this place became the offices of the Pink Mafia, there wasn’t even a road. Looking up houses is impossible, because there shouldn’t have been any, but if she starts acting like she needs that stuff looked into I will, otherwise I just leave ghosts be. I just don’t think that it is for me to understand these things, just to keep ghosts company, since the Ghost from my childhood gave me this gift. I listen to Art Bell & George Nori pretty religiously in the mornings before and during work and usually just find myself nodding when they have the people that most people would consider “kooks” on the show. I simply know that a lot of what they say is fact, a lot of it is their interpretation, and in any case it makes me feel better to hear others talk about that fringe stuff. I tend not to talk about the ghost stories as much as I could, but I found the need to take my own advice on it this morning. George Nori has been on this kick lately where he has brought in the most despicable nut jobs who talk about trash like how GW planned 911 and actually orchestrated it all. I’m not talking politics now, it just made me really sad that it had infiltrated so heavily into my favorite “non politics” radio show on AM. The conversations have gone on for hours with no rebuttal to the BS, and I have been really sad, because I miss the supernatural talk, and the alien talk, and the escape that the show was, as it has been the radio extension of The Onion, these days. I decided today to practice what I preach, as I forget that I don’t exactly throw out the ghost stories anymore either, so why should they ;8o)

On the other side of the coin … I still listened to that drivel that was on the radio this morning, every last word, as sickening as it was … ignoring it outright would have made me ignorant, and in the eyes of many, looking like an idiot for not at least hearing out the other side. Better to know how they think, and who knows maybe learn something good or bad ;-)

Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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