Monday, February 6, 2006

Mental Notes - Yahell 369 Edition - Abbreviated

Emergency Edition! {don't assume that I will be posting about this dung pile known as Yahell often, I just have chaos to commit, and I figured that I would do it! This is actually a post I put over on Ya'fucked too, and I will probably post it on Myspace too to be fair ...}

Ok kids, I have a very troubling tale to tell you about something I happened upon by accident. I started my own web domain a few weeks ago so that I would have some place to put my blogs and not worry about the chaos, and drama and other bullshit forcing me to look over my shoulder all of the time. I think we all know that, and with this new domain came the ability for me to hand out e-mail addresses to anyone I choose, and I thought it was rather fun, so I did so. After handing out about a dozen of these puppies I started getting IMs and e-mails from people complaining that the e-mails sent to friends on Yahell using these e-mail addresses would be bounced back undelivered, and at first I thought that it was something erroneous or that there were errors of some sort, that were simply on the user end, and little did I know that I happened upon a rather interesting little Yahell issue that even I hadn’t bitched about yet, but everyone should know about.

It appears that my domain of is on the Yahell ban list for domains to send e-mail in. This means that anyone with an e-mail address of can NOT get an e-mail from me if I use my chosen e-mail domain. That is a FUCK of a lot of people that I can’t send e-mail too, but it gets worse. I complained to different channels about this because I figured that it was something silly, and it isn’t actually, because Yahoo has banned my entire mail server. {} This means that there are roughly 7000 domains that Yahell will NOT let send e-mail to the people who use it. Yahell decided on the recommendation of a spam reporting agency { … that other ISPs has determined to be a hatchet agency … even MSN and Hotmail has declared their information “horribly flawed” and refuses to go off of it} to simply deny the e-mail from any domain that uses that server. We are not alone, and Yahell refuses to acknowledge that perhaps this is a bad practice and try to rectify it.

At first I thought it was just typical Yahell being Yahell, until I finally got word back on the issue, and Yahell offered me the same solution it offers everyone else. For a small fee, of about 1/3 of a cent per e-mail delivered, I can have my e-mails go to Yahell addresses. The bad news is that this is the only way {in the eyes of Yahell} that anyone who uses Yahell for their e-mail is going to see my e-mails. Again, as I said that makes up roughly 1/30 of the internet, and also unfortunately happens to be a LOT of my friends. The good news {in the eyes of Yahell, but NOT for the rest of you} is that YOU CAN NOT block the e-mails I send in this fashion. You can not set them as junk, and you can not delete them unless they are opened. So once again Yahell has come up with a fool proof way to extort money out of me, and make it so that you can be stalked. I can send you anything I want {even if I assume that sooner or later Yahell will take this “right” away from me} for a while and you have to look at it, at least the first time. Foul and abusive language, pictures I make of your children’s heads severed off, as long as it doesn’t have a macro, or executable {that Yahoo actually has a scanner for muahahahaha}, I can at the very least do something horrible to you once.

Now the good news is that despite what people think of me I am NOT a whiner. I come here to provide answers with my questions, and I have devised a way for anyone who is stricken with my affliction of being held up in a racketeering scandal to get even, and to fuck Yahell at the same time. Going off of information I got from a source at Yahell, the real reason that Yahell doesn’t deal with the scumbags like Jeff who run amuck in 360 and the Video rooms, is because they don’t actually have the ability to track IP’s as they claim they do. I have tested this out to prove it’s validity, and I am now ready to show you a wonderful trick. Fuck them for letting me do it!

Yahell 369 Chaos Tip Of The Day … If you didn’t know this, Yahell only charges people in the United States for POP access to their servers! They then assume that people from the US wouldn’t try to pretend to be from another country, or that you would assume that they could catch you. The good news is that they CAN’T! So here is exactly what to do ... Click Here To See The Step By Step Tutorial On The Crow's Nest!

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