Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mental Notes - Yahell 369 Edition - Volume 3

I don’t suppose that most of you remember the whole blow up that happened when the artist formerly known as Aubree Geary {name isn’t real so no person is actually going to be persecuted} was found out and all of her “other identities” along with her? I haven’t thought much about it until Jeff Paul {name is quite real, and his address and phone number can be supplied upon request} became a much more twisted and evil version of her. She unceremoniously made an exit, and came back as someone else btw, for those of you that think she was so dangerous, to completely blend into 360 society with her imaginary boyfriend and other friends, to sit on all of your lists now. It shows two things actually in the fact that nobody knows, and if you aren’t dangerous hardly anybody cares.

It’s ok to be lost in a fantasy world after all; we have all done it on here, and why wouldn’t we? Most of us haven’t been accustomed to actually getting attention, and when we find a medium to actually have it heaped upon us it is not only natural to adore it, but kinda weird not to. The sad part of it though is the people who can’t tolerate other people’s success or praise or anything that takes away from their own. Some of these dangerous chameleons are so obsessed with their own popularity that it takes on a kind of ownership quality to it.

In the case of Bree you can see that her alter ego’s still remain on Yahell 369 {thanks to Andrew I still had a list to go grab several of them from … dude clean your house man!} … Breanna, Brook, Chloe and Jade were what I found remaining after I scoured 360 looking for Bree remnants' and thier pages all simply end around Halloween, but the reminder of them should befall all of you as they still pop up to the top every time there is a news cycle. In the real world, as I said at the time it didn't really matter a hill of beans to me and I still mean that, but what did matter was how others could use this to thier advantage.

Take Jeff Paul for instance. When he invaded my life, it was under the guise of needing help with alcoholism, but what he was really doing was trying to find out why the women that he considered his property were paying attention to the things I wrote. Heaven forbid that it be because the things I wrote were decent, but it got far worse. He started bashing me in his blogs {on the sly} and using the comments of my blog to take swipes [ as apposed to Bree who simply used them as a form of advertising for her own like most people do on 360} I found it to be juvenile and simply ignored it for the most part assuming that I was the almighty "been there done that alkie" who could deal with someone like that, and I was fucking crazy. It was like a window washer at a doctor's office thinking that he could cure cancer!

Along came his wounded friend who he was manipulating that I in turn thought needed his help. I lost my temper with the guy and finally told him to get away from me, and the ripples went throughout everything. The women he stalked mercilessly gained a certain level of ability to do the same, and he made up a long story about going into rehab. Within days he was pretending to be a person named Trish {since eliminated when everyone started finding out}, and then went on to become Shawna {also eliminated after everyone found out thanks to Jimmy since I figured fuck all of you idiots and let him reign chaos that time} and now is pretending to be Angel which like the last two is a total slap in the face of one of the women he stalks ruthlessly, as he actually stole Angel_Blueyes from her which is pretty sad that nobody notices or cares.

So now the big question on everyone's mind is why do I care about this? Well this lunatic now is taking all of the nicks that he and other lunatics like The Game Zone {pretending to be a guardian of the people ... roflmao ... you sheep kill me!} Donna {who has conveniently disappeared, but always e-mails minutes after a Jeff attack}, and God knows who else get taken away by Yahell, and using them as his own! Those stupid video poker rooms are now plagued by a very sick man who has the ID's that Yahell had taken away from people, which I will explain in the Yahell 369 Chaos Tip Of The Day. So please when you see Boofy, Night Owls, Flirty, Twinks, or even JeremyCrow4Life hanging out in one of those game rooms, don't just assume that it is one of us, you may want to double check!

If you happen to be thinking to yourself "What does this matter to me?" then think about it this way. How would you feel if you are spending the better part of a month explaining to people why you are no longer you, in one of those stupid chat rooms, just to see the actual ID that you once owned walk in, and then watch everyone talking to them like they are you? How about if you sat there realizing that it is someone who used to call you 500 times a day, and constantly tries to send viruses to your computer because you won't talk to them anymore? It doesn't actually bother me all that much anymore, because as I have said plenty of times, I just think it's kinda funny now.

Yahell 369 Chaos Tip Of The Day … It's actually one that takes some time to do, but is quite worth it, if torment is what you are into. For those of you who can't stand that that woman you have been calling 500 times a day, and spreading rumors about to all of her friends online seems to have found to many ways to block you from her life, simply do this. After you get thier ID taken away {See Volume 1} all you need to do is wait for the 90 days it takes Yahell to un-lock the ID that you had assisted in getting rid of, and then as quickly as you possibly can {I assume trying every morning when you get up until it is released like Jeff did} go and claim thier ID for yourself! This is a wonderfully chaotic trick, because until you are found out, a lot of lemmings will simply assume that you ARE the person you stole the ID from, and you can simply get all kinds of great dish to use against them at a later time, and then when you get found out, you can simply "hang out" in the places that they want to hang out online and harass them mercilessly using thier own ID!!! ... Try it, it must be fun or Jeff would have gotten a life by now!

Have a question you want answered? Feel free to ask this sicko! Post any question you want Jeremy Crow to answer in the comments section of this blog and he will answer it totally honestly and to the best of his ability A.S.A.P. {One Question & One Answer per Blog, and no answers will be given to things that will harm others!}

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