Saturday, February 4, 2006

Mental Notes - Yahell 369 Edition - Volume 1

Well after the slayings at the Massachusetts gay bar that some total freak did the other day started hitting the news, some interesting evidence came to light that most of you, I am sure are dying to be made aware of. It appears that the weirdo loved the free trade of information that the internet has to offer and took advantage of some of the wonderful medium available to him. The police reported that one of the wonderful medium happened to be his Yahell 369 page where, basically he spewed his hatred and kept pictures of obscenities towards blacks, gays, and people of the Jewish faith.

The wonderful folks at the Yahell took time away from their fear mongering of women and looking for offensive pictures of scantily clad women to pull the psychopaths page before the media could use it as a tool to explain what everyone other than Yahell until that point had been noticing. This guy was actually a menace to society, go figure! Now if the Yahell TOS had actually been anything more than a tool to intimidate people, and simply delete people that seemed bothersome, because of all of the false complaints, then this menace might have been noticed for the DOZENS of TOS violations he actually committed.

I’m sure if Yahell acknowledged the event it would have been in the form of a statement that looked like this, “We here at Yahell, regret the unfortunate events that occurred in what some of you might consider a hate crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but have taken the time to go through the page of Mr. Crazy Ass Nazi and have found none of the things that we actually consider TOS violations. Although many complaints had been brought to our attention over the last several months leading up to the tragedy, we did carefully inspect his site and noted that he didn’t violate the big two as we here at Yahell see it. There were no pictures of women and he was not a woman himself. There were the standard pictures of his dick in a hot dog bun, a few pictures of 14 year olds naked with the usual explanations of his belief that children need nudism education, and of course pictures of him in a pod suit, but as you all know, none of this is an offense here at Yahell, so we had to continue to allow him to spew hatred, and talk about killing gay people. How were we to know without the true warning signs of evil in the form of women in miniskirts and of course the worst thing of all, being a woman. Thank you all for your support, and we will be sending out the TOS letters to those that reported him shortly … The Yahell 369 team

Now I imagine, that like many of us, he should be out on bail right now wondering why he had his page pulled, and getting rather angry about it, as his TOS letter hasn’t made it to his inbox yet, or worse yet, they sent it to the e-mail box that they eliminated when getting rid of his account, but if he kisses their asses a bit {like some have done … how are those stretch marks around the cheeks} he can probably have his page back up in a few days, as long as he promises to not post pictures of women, or worse yet be one.

Yahell 369 Chaos Tip Of The Day … If you are terribly bored and want to make someone miserable, the easiest way to do it is to create clones of yourself. Yahell adores this practice, as it practically encourages it. It’s easy really, since unlike MySpace or TagWorld, you don’t even have to create multiple e-mail accounts or change IP addresses for each one. This is a favorite of the stalkers here …

Create about 30 screen names. They don’t even have to make sense, so you can do it rather quickly, if you just let Yahell pick them for you. Feel free to use the same e-mail address for all of them {That’s what the master of it, Jeff {aka Trish, aka Shawna, now posing as Angel} does. Now you need to bookmark a 360 login page with “Save my ID and Password” unchecked. Bookmark the page of the person you are stalking after making sure that you are signed out. There you have created a way to simply report someone for an erroneous abuse repeatedly using different ID’s. Since Yahell is the only home page portal that doesn’t reference ID’s and IP addresses {I had this confirmed by a few Yahell employees} you can volley 20, 30, even 40 complaints against someone and have Yahell pull their page after looking for the smallest of violations.

Why you may ask? Well it’s simply a case of “nuisance factor” that you have become. It’s a pain in the ass to field all of those reports, so why not just eliminate them through deletion of the account getting reported? Yahell doesn’t care that the person’s account had their heart and soul in it, or that perhaps their important e-mails were going through there. The person who is stalking is happy because they caused pain to the person that they stalk … it’s a win win situation … ;8o)

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