Friday, February 17, 2006

Mental Notes - Yahell 369 Edition - TOS Therapy 101

Ok so how do we classify a total freak anyway? I mean I realize that the biggest no no on the list of 360 things is to actually be a woman, but you have to go beyond that a bit because I can’t simply dumb it down that much. I know that if you show a picture of the top of a woman’s thigh high stockings that is a super secret TOS infraction. It got me assassinated! Well along with the 24 ID’s all from the same IP address reporting me for being indecent every day, but the picture in question was of a fully clothed woman, no nudity, with the top of her thigh high stockings showing and about 2 inches of skin. I showed what a total idiot I was to think that having a penis would make me immortal on 360 {come to think of it I did have a Halloween picture of me in drag!}, but apparently myself and the other 3 losers that have one and got banned from Yahell are the exception to the norm.

I still have such a hard time with this as what I see as indecent is really far stricken from what Yahell does. Attractive women dressed slightly scantily are a no no, but apparently being dressed in a rubber suit and having photo galleries of women with strap on’s on is ok right? I would have thought that this guy was a freak, but thanks to the Yahell 369 School of decency, I am getting educated. I mean these total weirdoes are all over 360. If you go to either of those freaks pages you will find hundreds more … all public access for anyone to see!

Now of course Yahell has done such a wonderful job of eliminating all of the BDSM since that is the total no no number one that eliminated poor Lonna from the whole landscape. You'd never see crap like THIS! Of course I never cared much for looking at it or really cared if anyone was into it, seeing a woman in her 60’s graphically displaying her enjoyment of the dark art’s of being tied up and beaten into a total state of love is a little hard to take on a full stomach really. I’m sure that Yahell is all over this evil bitch! Of course the answer to that is NO, because these people haven’t ended up in contact with the wrong people yet.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOBODY that get’s banned by Yahell without being reported by other people. For this to happen you have to simply click the little abuse link. Such a wonderful set up really, except for one problem, and that is that it is all a crock of shit too. On the other end of that abuse system is a simple e-mail bin that will be checked out by Yahell employees. The first rule to be placed in the list of sites that actually do get checked is that there have to be enough complaints. Once you reach that number you are then slated for revue, which means that your page is then shut off from the system before anyone even see’s it. When you throw in the fact that Yahell has absolutely no system for checking e-mail originations, it is entirely possible to get someone’s page pulled without even using a different e-mail address! Just keep doing it until that magic number is reached and boom … status “under review”

A Yahell employee will then go and revue your site, but it will be based on different factors then what you think. The first and most important factor to them is “Frequency of Complaint” so that will tell you how easily it has been for someone to get banned, a good asshole with a lot of time on their hands {like say Jeff who can’t hold a job} can simply post well over 30 an hour if they try hard enough. As a lot of you know he simply stalks the girls in the Video Poker rooms so you never know who he is going to target, but it’s actually far too easy.

The next one which is a real funny one to me is “User Frequency” which basically means, how many people open your page. If you have a lot of comments or a lot of people look at your page, you actually go to the TOP of the list. I couldn’t get a strait answer on this one which led me to believe that it has more to do with the system resources than anything else. Since Yahell is crashing, buggy, and slow as hell, it is NOT out of the realm of possibility that they want the people who take up to many resources gone first. The noble people might say it has to do with the amount of people that the specific “evil doer” is corrupting, but I am not too certain on that one, but won’t argue it either, even if it doesn’t fit the model of how Yahell operates.

Now what I don’t understand still is how people who actually commit crimes get let free to do whatever they want still. There was that pervert looking guy {whom must have gone bye bye finally, cuz I couldn’t find him} who had pictures of under age children naked on his 360 page, and all he got was a slap on the wrists. I have heard the argument that he is all about “Teaching kids about their bodies” and how it is “Perfectly natural” ad-naseum but the fact remains that it is still a crime to post pictures like that in all 50 states of the country he lives in. That is somehow between him and Yahell, but I still think it relates to him having a penis, and no visitors to his page, but how do you explain Mr. Penisfurter? {be warned this guy is nasty, even if he has taken his dick out of the hotdog bun … lol} Don’t get me started on all the cross dressers! What pisses me off about them really is that some of those guys in a thumbnail look a lot hotter than the ladies … ack!

Well now I have taken my crash course in Yahell 369 decency and I hope that you learned something from it, I have to go get my rubber suit and pantyhose together so that I can take my next round of Yahell photo’s … I’m learning how to stop that fear of losing my page … oh wait … not giving a shit cured that! Whew … anyone want to buy a rubber skirt and some slightly used pantyhose?

Yahell 369 Chaos Tip Of The Day … You can actually search through private blogs using the search feature! I found this out because one of my "pals" from the good old days was able to see stuff in my secret blogs by simply typing in keywords and then searching through the list. Yahell is too busy looking for pictures of women or heaven forbid women themselves, to actually fix this bug in the 360 system. Once you have found that "such and such" or "so and so" is actually talking about you {inputting your name works wonders!} then you simply get one of your deviant friends who is on thier friends page to copy and paste the text to you in an e-mail! It's how I knew about the wonderful daggers that chased me out of here the last time! You can also piss in someone's Cheerios pretty good by telling them "I know what you were saying about me on such and such a date" in a 360 message! Muahahahahahahaha!

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