Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mental Notes - Yahell 369 Edition - Free Speech & Blogging 101

It’s a common misconception in the United States that because we have the freedom of speech that we actually are entitled to “The Right to be Heard” which actually has been so blown out of proportion over the decades that it is no wonder that it transfers over to Internet life. The actual first amendment to the Bill of Rights states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” is exactly as stated. More over people seem to think that this amendment carries over into every facet of life, and it does NOT. As it is stated CONGRESS shall pass no LAW, which in and of itself should signify that people can simply say and do, whatever wherever and CONGRESS can’t stop you from it.

This like anything else does NOT pertain to the private property of anyone, nor should it. I would no more like a representative of NAMBLA, NOW or PETA standing in my living room shouting out what they believe, at the behest of what I believe 24 -7 and being able to fall back on the “Freedom of Speech” argument then anyone, so of course I don’t defend that in the least, but that is a clearly stated privacy right of my own that any of those people who ever think of trying it will know when I am beating the shit out of them and throwing them out the front door, which leads me to the point of what I wanted to talk about today. That being that Yahell IS private property, and they CAN eliminate me, or anyone else at will. I actually support that, because anything that I post, or anyone else posts on 360, or any of Yahell’s other entities is being stored on property owned by Yahell. You can scream and cry about it being “Public Internet” all you want, but it IS private property that it is being broadcast from.

I may have a pile of qualms with the way they decide who stays and who goes, or the policies that they use to enforce their TOS, and quite frankly hate how other peoples creative content is used purely to suit Yahell and then discarded, but realistically all I am doing is bitching, I am not expecting to change anything. I am just here to give creative advice on how to use Yahell to it’s full potential like some of the less desirable element does, purely because it amuses me, and I like to exchange information so that I can feel smart. No more, no less, and I apologize if it looked like I was on some sort of mission to eliminate people, or tear Yahell down {although that would be a FUCKING HOOT wouldn’t it?} I am simply writing for the sake of writing, where people will read it.

Now with that said, I am willing to share advice that I picked up along the way, and it is only for those that need it. As much as people might think I am all about drama and what I write is to inspire chaos, well of course it is sometimes, but what I write is MINE, and I don’t want ANY company having direct license to tell me what to say, how to say it, and when I can say it, but that IS what is going to happen if I use the services of companies that have oppressive speech clauses. It’s their hard drives that I am occupying, so I was bouncing from free host to free host. The whole time all of my blogs were on BlogSpot, but there’s no red carpet or popularity contest to inspire readers, so I was using MySpace and doing ok, until the 360 bullshit started up again, as complaints were being registered against me, for being indecent and MySpace was forced to send me a letter. I was sick of it all and retreated to BlogSpot, and again a bunch of people followed as I made it known that I wasn’t wasting my time writing in places that I could be “harassed” for whatever.

I finally got the letter from a person at Blogger saying that they were getting abuse reports, but it was different this time.

The woman who sent me the e-mail said that she read through all of my blogs {poor thing} and said that like anything else it was borderline, at best. She then pointed out to me that if I didn’t want to have to deal with the a-holes that follow me from place to place because it makes them feel better about themselves to shut me up, for whatever reason then I should simply have Blogger use my site, and the little light bulb went on over my head. I had my own web page anyway, why not just make a subdirectory and store all of my blog posts. Blogger then just handles the comments from there, which they like doing because most people that host their own blogs use Adsense {the Google Advertising engine that runs the little text adds} and then Google makes it’s half of the revenue from it. Little did the people who stalk me know that when they started registering complaints now, it goes to MY e-mail box, and they don’t exactly get the automated reply that 360, MySpace, or Blogger sends, they now get 500% pissed off and F bombs … muahahahahaha! I also have a blog that has whatever I want, as long as it doesn’t commit any crimes that would then get the feds involved. Then I can have it fed here. Yahoo has killed off accounts for inappropriate feeds, but who gives a shit, all the comments and pages are safely away from the Yahole.

Yahell 369 Chaos Tip Of The Day … Setting up a web page elsewhere and sending it to 360 through Feeds, is actually pretty easy. First, you need your own Website. Who you use or what you choose to be the theme of the site doesn't matter, you can have it just to serve blogs if you want. If you need one then please feel free to use my hosting company which for the most minimal of services is 100% free but you have to register your domain through them which is either $25 a year {for} or you can do what I do and buy your domain 5 years at a time for $90! Szarahco {my other site} just renewed for another 5 years so I guess it is pretty safe.
You then need to set up the site {after the two days it takes for the domain to be ready} which will require you to set up another FTP account {pretty simple really and name it whatever you want, and give it whatever password you want} so that Blogger will be able to post your blogs, pictures, and comments. After doing that you have to make a folder for your blogs on your server {in most cases the name "blog" would be best} and then decide if you want it to be a subdomain {like mine is but if the subdomain wasn't set up it would be which is a little confusing} and take the appropriate steps.
Now either set up your Blogger account, or use one that you already have {it's a good idea to get yourself ready for your domain name anyway, and set the Blogger page up while your domain name is established ... If you set it as using a Blogger domain for example, you can still change it later} ... Once your domain is ready and you have the folder for your Blogs, then all you need to do is set Blogger to put all of your blogs there under the "Publishing Tab" ... VIOLA!
You then take the RSS feed link that is provided by Blogger inside of your directory {in my case} and set Yahell to feed it over every time you post a blog! Good luck if this is the route you decide to take ... J~

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