Saturday, January 28, 2006

To Kill A Crow - The Arc Of A Madman - Part 2

I really did start believing I was king shit, as I watched my friends list grow, and the comments on my blogs usually rested around one hundred and fifty most days. I finally decided to do what all of the ladies had been doing to me and write a bit of fantasy, and “Tales of Tease” came along. The majority of the women on my list went mental after they read that. About half of them were star struck, the other half were furious, but it was what came at the end of that blog that really started something. Instead of asking my readers a question I changed the rules a bit and asked my readers to ask ME a question, and I would answer it to the best of my ability. Love me or hate me, there was a frenzy, to ask Jeremy the hardest questions they could come up with, and when I finally made an event of it, people would flock to my blogs and the lunacy would begin.

It was hard not to take notice of blogs that were getting over two hundred comments and more importantly, everyone was coming to read the comments. My best online friends were the show, as their off the wall random comments created stories under the blogs, that were more fascinating then the blogs themselves. In this came the type of Invidia, jealousy, anger, and spite that one can expect from popularity, and it even on occasion made me start to write blogs about the comings and going of just the blog. My own stupidity in believing that I can make people like me, because I really meant nobody any harm was what created two horrible months in my life.

The blog was still a breathing entity, as I was writing some rather good stuff, and doing my best to entertain the crowds, but all of the haters that were surrounding me started creating a suffocation that is immeasurable in mere words. You had men that hated me because all the women appeared to adore me. You had women that hated me because all of the women looked like a gang of sycophants around me, and then you had men and women that hated me because I didn’t have time to cater to them while I had well over a hundred people I interacted with on a daily basis over the whole blog. Mix this on top of my full time job, my therapy for my bad back, and three kids that I am in sole custody of, and I was becoming frazzled rather quickly. I still loved my popularity and clung to it, as it was all I really had. This was when the stalking started. The messages from people I didn’t have enough time for, or the people who wanted to be in the center of whatever the hell I had created, and they weren’t going to accept NOT being part of it all.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t losing my actual online friends so fast as I didn’t have time for them because I was too busy kissing the asses of those that were NEVER going to like me. Yahoo’s all or nothing method of blogging made it impossible to ban certain people, so I either took rotten blog comments from the people who hated me, or I had to set my blogs to friends only. It got to the point that the people who truly hated me for whatever reason they did, knew my work schedule better than anyone, and the second I would go to work for the next ten hours {twelve if you include the drives there and back} they would post nasty messages about me in the blogs, and cat fights would ensue between everyone for the next twelve hours, until I came home to blogs that were all full of hatred back and forth.

It got worse as the men who were stalking the women that I hung out with in the blogging world started creating fake IDs to appear to be women, and then started filling the comments in hopes of luring more of the people from my blogs into their confidences. If alerted to these fake IDs Yahoo didn’t care, and wasn’t going to do anything about it, but they were busy on a new project at Yahoo at the time. Yahoo was frantically wiping out the accounts of women {and yes I said women as Yahoo is a misogynist company} that had objectionable content. Usually all it took was a woman in a bathing suit to do it, and the people who were stalking me realized that all they had to do was create a few phony IDs and report the people with pictures that showed any skin at all. The one common factor of those IDs that were getting eliminated was ME, and don’t think everyone didn’t start noticing. The worst fears of people who were pouring their hearts out in words, and finding love and support was that any day they could try to log into Yahoo 360 and it would simply be gone, along with all of their e-mail, and the tension was building like crazy.

People were getting angry at me because I never seemed to get into any trouble. I was writing blogs full of obscenity, blatant pornography, and very often calling Yahoo out on its own misogynistic values, and horribly unfair practices. Little did people know that Yahoo was using my content that I provided in its advertising of 360, and if it could was selling the things I wrote to third parties, as it is part of that TOS {Terms of Services agreement} that they also used to wipe out an entire profile without any warning or explanation. I was too valuable to them to be eliminated, yet.

When I finally couldn’t take the chaos anymore after a few more friends had their profiles eliminated, at the same time having to deal with the fury of all of the people who would simply create a fake profile of their own and wreck havoc over everyone and everything, with Yahoo’s blessings, as reporting them would do nothing {despite IT being a clear violation of TOS, and Yahoo has the technology to track an IP in seconds} I simply quit. In a blind rage, where I wrote a blog about Misogyny and claimed that Yahoo as a corporation obviously endorsed it, and by being there I supported it, I left and went to MySpace. After a couple of weeks of not writing blogs Yahoo eliminated my profile for TOS violation {which it was confirmed to me in an e-mail from a furious Yahoo employee, that I was worthless without writing content for Yahoo to make money off of} and with that I lost the services outright that I had been paying Yahoo for, and no refund, but I had my new online life at MySpace, so what did I care
… To Be Continued

Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! ..

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