Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bitch Bitch Bitch - Volume 1

I’ve decided that I am going to have a bitchfest, and I apologize that they all seem to be bitchfests lately, but when you throw in the level of sick that I have been with all of the extraneous bullshit that keeps floating around me, I just don’t care. Yahoo came and got my other ID today, although it’s not dead they put the ol’ TOS on it, and it will be gone soon, and it’s just sad. Despite the fact that I begged for it in the past, I really didn’t do anything to cause anyone legitimate harm, but the facts remain that Yahoo is like a little ego dealer, and they infuriate me. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss the days when I would get a hundred comments a day, and what I said, for some odd reason had meaning, but everything else was definitely not worth it.

I was starting to get pissy at MySpace too after I landed myself on super secret probation and was taken out of the running for top anything, but apparently I was told that I am back in the top 10 again, so I will leave that gripe for another day. I took a stroll through the old playpen, and noticed a lot of interesting things. The people who I left my feeds on 360 for really couldn’t give a shit anyway, and the people who do all came here anyway, so I had no problem saying, “Kill me again you bastards” and getting on with my issues elsewhere.

Another amusing thing is how the stalkers who plagued me are back up and running again, and already have the list growing. I still laugh aloud as Shawna {a very very sick man that Yahoo full well knows is pretending to be a woman} plays the little internet whore, and everyone just accepts it. Again I need to remember that I am not the internets babysitter, and that I have to take care of my own back yard, so I conveniently removed 360 from my bookmarks all together.

The fact that my entire network was wiped out the night before last by a DNS attack that went through the Yahoo Messenger network though was another issue. My router got so hot that I was very lucky I have no heat receptors and could turn it off. I can still see the burn mark on my wrist though from reaching the flaming hot cable modem. I thank God that the firewall in my router was able to handle it, but I have totally given up on that crap. Anyone who tries to reach me on Yahoo IM has been told that it gets turned off when it slows my computer down to much to write, and I use the other three with those that use those too. Fact is I have just totally thrown my hands up in the air of the whole Yahoo experience.

Anyone who wants to try something fun, you should take a look at ICQ again. After downloading ICQ 5 to make a new ID for something I realized that it is way cool again, ever since they teamed up with AIM. It isn’t clunky and slow like AIM but it has all of the really cool tools that it does, and still has the best looking smileys {grinning} and I just signed up for the free ICQ mail that they have in league with AOL as well. Hey, what the hell huh? I won’t be caught flat footed again like I did when Yahoo decided to take away my paid e-mail with no explanation, other than “You signed an agreement saying we could do this for whatever reason we wanted”

Most people know that I use MSN Messenger the most but it is starting to piss me off, because all of you either don’t log in or set your status as away, so I can’t IM you all anyway. I finally said fuck ya’ll why should I be available at your whims and just set it as invisible. This of course really interferes with the concept of Instant Messaging, but what can ya do. I’ll just make everyone e-mail me now. Damn I am having my period here, but I emote a lot anyway. I think this also files into the concept of being a people pleaser really, as I spent the whole morning making a page on how to use pictures on MySpace, just to have the MySpace blog system not display it right no matter what I do. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Alrighty I have bitched enough, and I will leave you with another interesting tid-bit for this wonderful Saturday … If I don’t comment on your blogs, or even have time to read them, I at least open them … every hit adds to your MySpace ranking … teeheehee … It’s the least I can do … My sick ass is gonna watch some football … GO PATRIOTS ;8o)

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