Thursday, January 5, 2006

Beyond MY Tales of Tease - Volume 2

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Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

Again it is a cold rainy night, but warm inside the cabin, with the fire burning steadily. You enter the room with your beautiful hair glowing, wearing a silk robe. As you walk to me, one leg keeps peeking out as you move, and you are smiling almost innocently, as you see my grin of delight. Your eyes are just sparkling in the firelight, and while adding to your beauty, they also make you look as a young girl, innocent and sweet. I wrap my arms around you, and pull you ever closer. Gently I kiss your lips deeply, and slowly drag you down to the bear-skin rug.

As I lay you prone upon the soft fur of the bearskin, I undo the knot, which is closing the robe, and hiding your treasures just barely out of my sight. I leave long lingering kisses upon your lips, and slowly I start kissing my way down. Your beautiful chin and neck, I am kissing with reckless abandon. Each part of you is slowly tasted, and then I move onward to yet another spot. I slowly open your robe, kissing each inch of newly revealed skin, while listening to your sweet sighs, as they escape your beautiful lips. Upon opening your robe, I notice the beautiful black lace merry widow you are wearing, along with black stockings and garter. “Goodie! Gift Wrapping!” I am thinking to myself as my own eyes light up in pre-ecstasy, as you know this is a personal favorite, and something to make the imagination soar. I continue kissing my way downward, noting the rapidly growing hardness of the tips of your breasts. My kisses reach the top of the lace, and you relax and sigh, as I chuckle.

With an evil leer, I clasp both of your hands, and the belt of your robe. As I am holding your wrists together, I slowly twine the cloth belt around them, and then knot it. Oh my precious God, a sweet little girl, with her hands tied, and now unable to stop my wicked desires. I push your bound hands above your head, and begin to kiss you hard. My tongue begins searching your mouth, and playing with your tongue, as your sighs escape around our dancing tongues. My breathing is growing faster, and my need climbing far faster than that.

I sit up, resting on your thighs, and slowly pull my belt off. I wrap it around the knotted robe belt, and tie it off to the leg of the coffee table. My beautiful little sex slave is now tied, with her hands above her head, and unable to fend off my advances, as I slowly trace my hands down you. Feeling your face and neck, until I find your chest, I then slowly massage you breasts and feel the nipples harden through the lace. A slight moan escapes your lips, as I tweak and pinch your nipples harder, and bring them to full extension. My hands then start roaming farther down your sexy little body, caressing your stomach and sides. I scoot back and move off your legs, only to run my hands down the right leg, till I find your ankle. Your hips move, and your legs spread open, inviting my every touch. My hands then move up your left leg, slowly seeking your lace covered mount, which I gently brush with the back of my hand. You jump at my touch, and loudly moan, while your eyes roll back into your head, as if you are painfully excited. You are so obviously inviting me to explore you further, as your legs spread wide, and your hips arch. I smile and laugh, as you act like a she-dog in heat, despite how incredibly excited it is actually getting me, I try to hold fast to my resolve.

I reach up and kiss you again, and as your tongue meets with mine, they dance together in passion and lust. I again start kissing my way down your body, this time with small biting nips on your skin, till I reach your breasts. I gently take the right one in my mouth, and tease it with my tongue through the lace, then suck it deep into my mouth. Your breath catches, and quickens. I leave it with a small gentle bite, then kiss my way to the left nipple, giving it the same loving treatment. You moan, with your eyes closed now, and with a rather large but sweet smile upon your face. I give this one the same nip, then start kissing my way down-ward, till I find your navel. I then pull the lace up, and stick my tongue into your navel. I press the tip in, and leave my wetness. I feel the jolt of electricity that runs through your body, directly to your tight needy pussy.

I continue teasing you with my mouth, kissing lower and lower, until I find the top of your garter, and panties, which I also bite at and then I start kissing my way down your leg. You let out a frustrated sigh, as I by-pass your heated mount, continuing to tease. I rub your leg with both hands, as I kiss my way to your ankle, then move to the other leg, and start kissing my way up it. I leave a wet trail upon your stockings, then I find the bare skin, below your panties. This I spend some much needed extra time kissing, slowly moving toward my goal; your sweet wet pussy, that I can feel the heat coming from on my cheek.

Being unable to wait any longer, I then plant a long open mouth kiss on your panties, which are now soaking wet with your need for me. You moan "Oh yes" softly, and then relax, now that I have finally gotten to the spot that we both desired to be kissed. I bring forth my tongue, and gently trace it up and down the lace, tickling your beautifully moist treasure, and savoring the heat and the sweet scent. Finally, I feel your hardened clit through the lace, which I lave with my tongue, just before I suckle it into my mouth. You gasp and moan as if you are suffocating for a moment, and then it rages louder, as I continue to ignite the passion inside of you. I pull back, and look at the delicious wet spot, as you say something rather dirty at me for stopping. Fiendishly I laugh, as I pull the lace aside, and see your beautiful rose, wet and open. I run my finger up the sides, and your hips wiggle with the contact. I then lower my head, and blow hot breaths upon your heated mount, which has already begun to pearl up with the sweet nectar that I crave.

You start begging for my kiss, and I relent, for if only you knew how desperately this is driving me crazy, it might take all of the bliss out of it for you. I taste your succulent juices, as I plant a slow lingering kiss upon your sweet pussy, my tongue, peeking out, to taste and stroke gently at your lips. The most wonderful taste I have ever had upon my tongue forces me to continue stroking your hot and wet pussy, over and over again. Then slowly I move up, until my tongue finds your hardened even more than before little nub, and gently flicks at your clit up and down furiously. The teasing had brought you so close, and your sweet pussy seeping cum shocks me a bit. You are so incredibly hot, and I am so incredibly enraged, but I am not ready to fore-go my tasting, as I continue to lick your hard red clit, intent upon bringing you to as many orgasms as I can handle before I desperately need to feel you as well.

I slowly continue licking you, as the finger on my hand traces the outline of your gorgeous box, until it slides gently inside of your moistened cavity. Your muscles grab the invading finger, dragging it in further as you moan, starts making my head spin. My tongue continues flicking, tasting, loving your clit, as I tickle the top of your pussy; hunting down your sweet spot. The quivering jerk of your entire body, tells me instantly that I have found it, and I begin massaging it gently. A second finger joins the first, as I stare into your beautiful eyes. I pull the fingers out and stick them into my mouth, as the very taste of you is the sweetest thing I have ever known. With an evil grin, I push them back in and start to slowly slide my fingers in and out of you while continuing to lick your clit faster, and with growing pressure. I feel your body tense, as you are on the edge of another glorious orgasm again, so I start moving my hand faster. At this point, I open my mouth wide, and draw your clit into my lips fully. I then drag my teeth at the base and poke it with my tongue. Your muscles clamp onto my fingers, your hips jerk violently as you scream out in painful pleasure. I taste your hot juices, as I begin ramming my fingers into you violently and continue gently gnawing at your clit.

As you finally begin to calm down, you whisper "fuck me". I smile at you greater then I have ever and pull my pants down and then off again. I rub my throbbing erection up and down your soaking wet pussy, teasing you, as your body quivers. As I then look upon your beautiful smile I start climbing your sexy little body. Stopping at your breasts, I gently circle each nipple with my pulsating erection, and then continue to drag it up your body. I reach your beautifully soft face and first glide myself along your chin and cheeks. You’re smiling up at me, wanting to taste me as bad as I wanted to taste you, as I know that look. I bring my cock to your lips and you open your mouth, gently drag it inside of your mouth. Unable to use your hands, your head bobs, as you look into my eyes and you nurse my need. My hips start to slowly move, as I wonder how much you can take, but my needs right now are different then your quivering lips can fulfill, so I pull myself out of your beautiful mouth and move back between your legs. The pout on your lips as I pull myself away from your face comes very close to breaking me, but as I pull your panties aside and look into your eyes you smile again, and you whisper "Fuck Me … please".

I run my tip up and down your soft and still incredibly moist, glistening pussy, before I sink it deep inside of you. You gasp loudly, as there is very little gentleness in our joining; both of our needs are too far too great at this point. You feel absolutely fantastic! Warm, wet, and unbelievably tight around me, you start bringing your hips back and forth with me. Your smile is absolutely angelic, as I grab your legs and push your knees into your sweet soft breasts. My hands press down hard on the back of your legs, I start gliding myself in and out, so deep and so fast. This isn’t the usual, gentle love making that we have enjoyed so many times before, this is hard, wild, animalistic sex, and it is obviously something we have needed for a while now. We both moan forcefully, as I move between your legs, trapping them in place with my arms, and lay upon you. I hungrily kiss you, my greedy tongue moving in the same rhythm as my throbbing cock. You look so beautiful hands bound and bent almost double over. My power completed, as I take what you have given to me so selflessly, yet so selfishly at the same time. I feel your inner muscles tighten and my evil mind decides that I am not done toying with you, no matter how wonderful you feel, so I withdraw quickly. You call me every rotten name that you can think of in your unfilled ecstasy, as I again drag my spoiled rotten cock along your body until it is resting just under your chin. I rub my wet cock upon your face and then force it into your mouth. As I grab two handfuls of hair, hold tight and start moving my hips. It is so erotic seeing you suck the juices from me and can barely contain the moans, as I fully take advantage of your mouth. I have to withdraw from your mouth now, so that I can keep from exploding, but I have to bend over to taste your mouth, now that it tastes like your delicious pussy too.

I then rise from you and turn you over by your hip, as I pull your sweet ass into the air. “So beautiful!!” I finally say out loud, as I pull your panties half way down your thighs, to trap them closed, and trace my fingers along your glistening mount wetting them again. I slowly re-enter your sweet pussy, your back arching to meet my harder than I ever knew possible cock and trace my wet fingers around your anus. I tease and tickle your sweet ass, as I move in and out of your pussy, and begin to slightly add pressure with my finger. You sigh, knowing what I am doing and let the finger enter you. I gently press it in, slowly putting the moisture to use and feel the muscles relax. A smile creeps across your face and you relax totally, letting the finger enter you all of the way. We both moan, knowing what is coming, the most intimate of things, and that would be me taking your sweet ass! I move the finger in and out to the rhythm of my throbbing cock, loosening you and wetting you with your own juices. I then add another finger, stretching your muscles, and preparing you for my arrival. The scene is so beautiful, that I have to pull out and kiss your anus before I even think of invading it. I lovingly run my tongue around the edge and dip it inside of you tasting your juices.

I can wait no longer! I place the tip of my cock against your ass and wait for it to open. With slight pressure, you dilate and accept the head of my rod, your breath catches and you whisper "slow baby … please" with a look of pleasure and pain on your face. I reach under you and stroke your clit, as I slowly push deeper inside of you. It feels fantastic!! The muscle ring finally stretching to accept me, it is all that I can do to keep from pushing in roughly and fucking you with all my might. You start to move with me, my cock hitting the tender areas and the brushing of your clit, bringing you close to the brink of that next orgasm I have been teasing you with. I stop when I am fully inside of you and enjoy the tight feeling around my cock. I then feel you totally relax and respond to the stretching sensation.

I slowly start moving back and forth, your moans exciting me. I continue rubbing your clit and feel your muscles start contracting. I rub and thrust into you so much harder, as I am desperately trying to bring us to this last orgasm together. Trying to find the moment when times ceases, and all is sensations, you start mouthing dirty "fuck me's" and "fuck my ass", as your senses overload and your muscles start involuntary spasms. Your hungry ass clamps around my cock and cum starts spurting out of your pussy, as you simply start wailing. This totally clamps down on my balls so hard as my own orgasm is about to blow out of me. I grab a handful of you hair and roughly pull you back to me, my cock going in as deep as I can possibly get it. I start my involuntary screaming and start spraying my own bursts of hot cum inside of you. The hot jets of my cum shower your insides and begin over-flowing almost immediately out of your ass, and starts drooling onto the bear skin rug, as it runs down my tender and almost painful balls. Still holding you by your hair, I turn your head and deliver a kiss that completely burns the few places left in us that aren’t burning already. I then collapse on your back, sated and serene. I moan "that was fantastic sweeetie", as you whimper, moan and sigh, beneath me. Without removing myself from you, I reach up and untie your hands, so that we both can wrap our arms around each other, and think sweet thoughts about the next time that our bodies are joined. ;8o)

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