Wednesday, December 7, 2005

The Chronicals of Superdaddyman and Polly Pureheart - Volume 1

Superdaddyman goes flailing into the door of Pink Mafia Headquarters {PMHQ} with a few minutes to spare. He had been on the phone with his faithful sidekick, Polly Pureheart, like he is almost every morning, when she is securing the “southern perimeter” at the Happy Hotel. An interesting topic had been brought up to Superdaddyman lately which he is going to try to bring out to the light, with his usual seriousness, and keen sense of goodness, that you have all come to expect. It appears that one of Superdaddyman’s Arch Nemesis’s {The Amazonian Goddess} had coined the term for us {Meaning the fair Polly Pureheart, and the Superdaddyman for those of you accidentally reading this blog, and now realizing that you should have read others as well}, of “The Super Couple of 360”, which surprisingly enough was right about at the end of our relationship {meaning Polly Pureheart & Superdaddyman … Superdaddyman & The Amazonian Goddess, on the other hand are still having hot monkey sex in the back of a Volkswagen Minibus on the side of route 89 every other Tuesday}, and now there are some hillarious new twists to what has become of “The Super Couple of 360”

In laymen’s terms for those of you who have followed this story closely as it has developed {meaning both of you … and Kathy of course}, we were basically the Luke & Laura of the internets greatest gang of misfits. We have now transformed like very very sick caterpillars, into not beautiful butterflies, but “The Seinfeld Gag of 360” or better known respectably as Jerry & Elaine. Like any other good NBC comedy on a Thursday night, we have to also start labeling the other characters in this 360 drama for all of you to relate to, as well, so here is my best stab at it. We have Don & Cathy playing the parts of Mr. & Mrs. Seinfeld, and Pegahoot & Sean playing the parts of Mr. & Mrs. Costanza, right off the bat, just to make it easy, and we shall start getting to the tricky ones from here.

From here we have to get the main characters out in the open, too, and despite the Superdaddyman’s superior intellect he was dumb enough to use his two best choices for Kramer in the families, but hey their marriages made them too perfect as those roles. Let’s start with George, whom I will have to give to Twinks, as she has been my faithful sidekick throughout most of the last month. She also tends to be a little complex like George, but fortunately doesn’t have the whole tearing through relationships 3 a week like George, but who knows, as I am after all such a wonderful influence … muahahahahaha … Had I not been labeled with the JERRY tag, I might have been anyone’s George myself {oh God … kill me}

We need a Kramer damnit, but instead we will get on to easier ones like Newman … Oh yeah that’s Rachel … that is sooooooo very Rachel … again … muahahahahaha, and while at the restaurant, Lynn will play the part of that waitress that is always there {I’ll give Janet the night off} … teeheehee … OMG Punkin gets to play Steinbrenner … roflmao … Ok Kramer … Kramer … who gets to be Kramer … Oh yeah George needs a Susan doesn’t she hmmmmm … Ok I think I shall give that honor to Bratgirl, since I think those two will be connected forever ~winks~ … Kramer? … Oh yeah Kenny Bania, is definitely going to be Shannon … LOL … even if she doesn’t downright copy me, like he does, there have been times that that has been scary, and we’ll have to just give the Uncle Leo title to Captain {because it’s my blog and I will do what I want … oh yeah and … muahahahahaha} … Kramer hmmmmmm?

Ok so I am now looking through my entire 360 list desperately trying to find the person who is always behind the scenes, and doing the funny ass things that makes everyone die laughing, while clumsily working their way around evil acts, that blow up to the humor of everyone around them … stumped …

Question … Who do YOU think on my 360 list should play the part of Kramer? Let’s keep in mind that you CAN’T use yourself, or anyone that I have already named as someone else … let’s have some fun with this … feel free to write some episode scenes if you want too, or create a character for yourself {not KRAMER damnit!!} :D

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