Friday, December 9, 2005

Exodus - A Goodbye to Yahoo

Misogyny is an exaggerated antipathy toward women. Compared with anti-woman sexism or misandry (antipathy toward men), misogyny is usually regarded as directed against women by some men, though women can also harbor misogynistic views. In feminist theory, misogyny is recognized as a political ideology similar to racism or anti-Semitism, existing to justify and reproduce the subordination of women by men. The etymology of misogyny comes from the Greek and means to hate (misei) woman (gyne)

This is going to be long and have foul language, and I used a HUGE sized font so you all can read it easily … I am officially calling Yahoo out on this one, as I have been inundated with all of Yahoo’s bullshit. The fact that I have let it go on this long is amazing, and here’s why … If you think about it for a few minutes there is only one entity in all of the drama, that has had control over it, and that would be Yahoo. It has been at their hands, that any of you have had your ID’s pulled after all. We can sit around and debate who reported who, until the cows come home, and realistically this isn’t getting us anywhere. We know who the psychopaths in 360 are, and Yahoo could too. They don’t care, because you all haven’t figured out that we are all pawns in an elaborate scheme that would make Microsoft proud. This of course, DOES NOT assists to the sanity or security of any of you, and although I am truly sorry for all of the hardships that any of you go through, I am finally focusing on ME. Here’s why …

Back in the days of the World Wide Web’s beginnings some Turkish students created Mosaic to look at web pages, and the rest was played out in the courts kinda. People always forget that Netscape got EXACTLY what it deserved, since they originally set out to conquer the market on web browsers, and then in turn made Mosaic obsolete, and then started dictating the rules of the Web to everyone else. Microsoft saw this as an opportunity to destroy the ONLY competition it had, and that was Netscape, who had already wiped everyone else out. They didn’t do this because they wanted to own the internet; they did it to make sure that “Their Version” of the internet pointed to Microsoft. In turn they put every loser with a new computer onto the internet, and the next thing you knew, we had an internet full of criminals trying to steal from you, or rape you. I realize this is a harsh way of looking at it, but I don’t have the time to explain it to all of you, nor the patience to re-explain it to those that hate me, and are merely picking out of this why the rest of you should too, so tough shit. I have learned to personally not give a shit about who has my attention with the wonderfully scathing comments I often get from those that are pissed off after I started ignoring them.

This is the same with the world of search engines, since Google has been beating the crap out of Yahoo in a lot of ways, and Yahoo doesn’t want to lose what it has. The most notable thing that Google did was creating Blogger, which became a craze, and then along came the other places like Myspace & Hi5 which took it one step further. Yahoo was NOT going to allow the services that they provide {search, e-mail, chat, etc} to be lost to Google on these things, and it is quite understandable, but what is NOT understandable is the way they are going about it, unless you have studied the past. For those of you who have wondered why there are no ads in 360, perhaps it fits the “business model” that Yahoo actually has for 360, which is to simply destroy their competition. It’s one of the reasons, I believe, that whenever they create a “cool new feature” it slows down the system incredibly as well. You then are forced to sit at a Yahoo page longer, and don’t have time to do anything else, they have played well on your own friendship to the person you are trying to get a comment to, and they were right. You sit there and wait. Because of this “business model” they are forced to cut a lot of corners also, due to the overall cost of such an endeavor, and NO revenue from it. Revenue is not an issue, it is the ability to create the ability to dominate everyone’s online time, and make it impossible for you to use the services of the companies that they hope to destroy.

As part of this plan Yahoo has downright begged every single user of it’s IM to become members of 360. In turn there are a lot of great people that use it, but also an awful lot of “chat room” types as well. Lurkers, miscreants, psychopaths, and various other internet trash is intermixed with the decent people that Yahoo has begged to come aboard and become OUR problem. Yahoo also expects us to be able to police ourselves through all of this while they unleash torrents of stalkers, thieves, liars, make believe people, and others upon us that would never have had the wherewithal to find a blog in the first place on many of the other sites. I personally fit into this scheme of things because I unfortunately care about people. When I saw many of my friends lose their pages, their e-mails, and the names that they had made for themselves in the cyberworld, I was infuriated, and wanted to blame a person or two right along with anyone else {and don’t get me wrong there are still some people who are guilty of being rotten}, but in reality it was YAHOO that created ways for bad people to harm others in this scenario. Anyone who offhandedly says that it shouldn’t affect any of them that were seriously upset, are simply fucking assholes, because feelings occur anywhere, regardless of whether YOU think they are real or not.

This leads me to the point that Yahoo has to deal with here, and that is that the company itself has been actually endorsing misogyny. I don’t say this lightly, because I hate misogynists and would hate to falsely accuse anyone of that, but here are the facts at hand. Not one of us knows a single MAN that has lost their account in all of Yahoo’s assassinations of 360 ID’s. It is excepted by a lot of people {women ESPECIALLY} that when a woman acts like a whore {in the general sense, that is how it is Yahoo, and the assholes that do the reporting, want you to think}, then they deserve to be thrown away like trash. This is what Yahoo does, and a couple of miscreants realized this along the way. When they couldn’t control the feelings and emotions of women that they thought less of they simply reported them to Yahoo for being “whores” and Yahoo simply banished them, without even actually paying attention. They are WHORES after all, so why should they, seems to be the attitude that Yahoo brings into this whole scenario. Yet a man who defiantly shows naked pictures of kids, and calls it “expressing a viewpoint of teaching sexuality to children” is given a slap on the wrist, and sent back into the 360 fold to do whatever it is he is doing. Men, who show pictures of their dicks in hotdog buns, are simply being men after all, and will NEVER be considered obscene by Yahoo. I know, because I have looked into it all. I’m sure all of the wonderful cyber-feminists, have openly accepted the behavior as well, again, we are only talking about “whores” here.

Here’s where I actually stand on all of this. I never knew what a blog was until 360 myself, and I was excited for a while about the concept. I enjoyed a lot of the accolades that I have received over my time here. I made friends, and with each friend came throngs of “their” friends. Some were good, some were bad, and a lot of other peoples problems became mine. I was so disillusioned that I am furious that two of my closest friends were assassinated by Yahoo, and today I was actually going to write another tribute blog to Rachel & Elonna … there is a part of me that believes that a couple of people knew I was going to do it, because of my question in yesterdays blog. I believe that somehow they managed to create enough shit, to get Rachel booted last night, and I had to sit here at my computer all night running a fucking war room to try to save Rachel’s online life, like I did in the case of Elonna, and just like that last time “surprise surprise” I got two 360 messages, one from each of those two explaining how they “weren’t here, and just wanted me to know that” and make it look coincidental. I know who they know at Yahoo, and I know this because there are others at Yahoo who tell me. This drama keeps a LOT of people glued to Yahoo, and I ain’t fucking playing anymore. Fuck YAHOO!

As I have finally gotten it through my head that the good times of 360 are completely over, and Yahoo doesn’t care, I am simply saying why bother? I can never go back to writing the funny stuff I used to with all of the fucking asshole internet trash, intermixed in with all of the good people. For every funny blog I do that used to make me happy, my own feelings and insecurities, complete paranoia {that several douchebags have FORCED ON ME}, and fears of assassination every damn day, then forces me to write a blog like this one. For those of you I give a shit about, you all know where I will be hanging out, and I’ll see you there, or I won’t, I don’t care … for those of you who hate me, or judge me, or think that I deserve YOUR shit … fuck off, and hang out with what’s left when it’s over … the fucking trash, like you … The End

Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! ..

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