Friday, November 4, 2005

Things You Learn When You Write A Blog - Volume 5

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Well I am posting this tonight, so I don’t have to post it in the morning {I hope to be busy … heh heh heh} This is a bit of an “Online World” gratitude list, that I am sharing with you. For anyone who might have a bit of jealousy of me, or find me to be a little overly exhaustive, I would like to implore you to actually read this one. I have never actually belittled my self in the false delusions that everyone reads everything I write, as it would drive me nuts too. I know I am rather long winded as I don’t actually write for ANY of you, I write completely for ME, and my audience grows usually out of the ability to grasp what I am saying through the use of “long winded” descriptions. The fact that I swore to MYSELF that I would be 100% honest in my writings, even if they have an ugly face, helps people. I grasp that concept, as I wouldn’t know half of YOU if I didn’t see something that I desperately needed. Usually it is that feeling of “Hell I am not alone”, but I also have the need to enjoy life with a lot of you. I grasp that that concept happens here as well. So here I am going to steal a bit of My Amazonian Goddess’s thunder and do a short {yeah right, that even made me laugh} piece on, why I love you guys. That’s the way I look at the mega-blog that I still get weepy realizing that “Yes I got over 100 comments”, and I can’t believe it still.

Here’s what I do, if anyone out there is jealous of me, GOOD! You will see that I earned all of my online friends in this next chunk of writing, and if you are still jealous, you may need to look at you. I give you this small list of an average day in MY life online.

I open up my 360 page, and I immediately look through my list of must reads {the people who earned the right to be first and foremost, either by making me think, making me smile, or being adorable constantly}, and I go and read their blogs, and comment appropriately. Yes I realize that I am a “butt smootcher“, but if I am being a “butt smootcher”, it is because somehow in my little world you earned it!

I then go through my 360 “Home Page” to read all the messages, and to check out the “latest stuff”, and this is where it gets confusing, but I muddle through that with a smile, and once again, I comment appropriately, because I appreciate the sharing. I do whatever I can to either A. Be thoughtful … B. Make a smile {I love smiles … live with it}. This is why certain people get more comments in a quicker fashion you see, as people like The Angels Voice {new code name ~wink~} always ends up getting a comment as she just happens to post at the exact same time I do most of the time {even though she is in the “Must Read” folder too}, so when the “Home Page” is opened … there she is smiling. Right along with the Amazonian Goddess, and My Artistic Bruthah, and thank God for that, they make my day end beautifully, and I go to bed happy.

I am pretty sure that everyone knows that I am going to be around to make a comment, and I seriously hope a smile, when I have more time. I clean out my 360 list constantly, because you all earned ME, and the thought of having a lamer, or someone who doesn’t contribute to the 360verse is an insult to all of you. I do have quite a few that message me off to the side and either have insecurities, or whatnot that make them comment less than the average person would desire, but as a friend, I always find it MY job to help them through that, and I WILL try to pull people out of their shells as it is a gift to ME. They simply remain on the list because they are still contributing to MY 360verse. Do you see a pattern forming here?

My time for the most part is spent exactly how I want, believe it or not, and it is shown, in many people who have become dear friends online. This is NOT limited to 360. I also have my Blogaholics Anonymous group which was started as a joke, and became a gift from GOD. I can’t even mention all of the wonderful people who have come in from that. I will try of course, as I mention The Okie Hottie, The Invisible Peeper, The Aussie Madman, The High School Genius, My Favorite Kitty, Polly Pureheart, The Frutty One, The Sweet One {yeah that’s Sancira ~wink~} and everyone else I can’t even get to the list going WOW … as I said before … I earned this with every single e-card I have sent to the members, and I thank you ALL. Just displaying the Blogaholics Logo, at the bottom of your pages {which is what happens when you join} is a gift to me, and it is very appreciated. I never thought I was creating the greatest “coffee shop” on the internet when I started and YOU ALL did that. Gratitude, brings these tears to my eyes.

Now the last bastion of my online sanity is where it all started … My IM list. Let me tell you this, if you have been in an IM box with me, you should know that I adore you. The sins of omission can really be displayed on that level, as I don’t have to pretend I know you at all. Most of you know that I have, and very few of you have come to discover that I have a “secret account” for the really special ones, and I might not always be around, but I do appreciate anyone who tries to know me, despite my lack of time. It all comes down to the fact that I appreciate you all, and if anything, I want it to be known that I don’t go away very easily. The ones who have tried to push me away, either have succeeded, and probably earned that themselves, or know what a pimple I can be on your ass. It all depends on whether I wanted to earn you to begin with. ;8o)

Question … What type of blog comments do YOU like best, on your pages and why? {example … funny … serious … sappy … all … surprises … etc.} … Keep in mind … I’ll take notes on what you say :D

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