Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Poetic Mind of a Madman - Volume 5

Blissfully lost to nevermore, because vengeance is a nasty, cold word
Cutting, angry, blinded rage, pen can be that to cause me pain absurd
Domination of my heart, my soul, my memory, my vacant eyes stare
My lethal passed tethers of winding, lusty, faithfully, regrettable glare
I am the man after all, that has to live past the misery of your cold act
I am the man who will know what I know, and keep what I don’t react
May I never be taken away, astray again, jealousy of a crying stranger
The lasting cut that has blinded my thoughts shall now be, to me danger
I am not a blinded, scarred, and dagger riddled combatant to you today
I am not the be riddled dagger of the shallow and gravely scorned prey
May I never like you, lust after those that have left, as I pushed them
The lasting hatred that feeds from the jealousy that is a fate of mayhem
Goodbye to you, and all of your planned out misery, lost child of games
Hello to me, who has always been better than you, so your mind enflames
With this, I no longer fulfill my vows of vengeance, I let you simply play
I am not your worst nightmare, that is your job again, not mine, so defray
I have nothing to gain from your loss, so I offer you the noose, as a toy
I don’t need to hang you, as you die inside of yourself you sad, lonely boy
May God have mercy on you some day and know that today I do as well
Public Service Announcement from the Crow … now please go to Hell

Today’s question in the form of a request … I am in a funk as of late because of that crap above this blurb, which will no longer occupy my space, but because of that I want a little pick me up of sorts … I want every one of you to think up a subject that you would like to see me talk about in one of my blogs, and give me the opportunity to see if I really can write about anything … thank you ;8o)

Scattered Mental NotesI had to completely shut down the jeremycrow4life IM, and am simply using my other one for now, the amazing amount of IM’s that I was receiving every minute of every day was daunting, and I am such a people pleaser I couldn’t say no …. sorry for the inconvenience, but I look at my 360 messages constantly if you want to get a hold of me that way, I always reply. {but guys … please cut it out with the “hug wars” and “read my blog” notices ok?} I really need to get my writing done … God Loves You And So Do I :D

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