Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tales of Tease - Volume 7

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Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

So I am sitting on my front porch waiting for you to come to visit me, as you had promised. The newspaper is in my hands and I am sipping at my morning coffee, from the porch swing when I hear the footsteps of the most beautiful woman I can imagine. Click, click, click, come the footsteps up my stairs, and I look over my newspaper with little hearts floating out of the very top of my head. I knew you were coming, as you had promised, but even the sight of you in that long flowing dress makes you look like the very Goddess, that I have envisioned in all of these dreams. Your beautiful hair flowing in the wind, your big beautiful eyes, the expression of pure delight to be looking at me, and I swear I can see the faintest of hints, that the hearts are floating out of you as well. Your smile that courses your gorgeous pink lips, makes me yearn from just mere feet away.

As I pull the newspaper aside allowing you the space you need to sit down beside me and get cuddled in for our usual Saturday morning entertainment, you almost blush in front of me. You do in turn glide your amazingly sexy body against me and nuzzle yourself in. I am in love, and you are my most precious gift. I try to continue reading the paper but your playful nature is starting to scream, "PAY ATTENTION TO ME" and your hands are doing everything they can to hammer that home. I am not actually trying to ignore you, but I am starting to find the game to be most exciting if I play along. You allow your hands to slide all around my body in the most incredibly sensual way, until I note that your lips have now directed themselves to the very bottom of my neck. The suckling at my throat is getting me rather tingly, and I cannot even think about reading, but I continue on, so that I can merely enjoy what you are so very eagerly trying to do to me. Your hand rolls down to the front of my pants, and with a simple zip downward you can tell almost instantly, that my body is not ignoring you despite what my brain is fighting to pretend.

Your softer than velvet lips have moved around to the side of my neck and have been playfully crawling around to my ear, and the sensitive spot behind it, as your hand finally grasps my erection, and starts to glide along it. The teasing nature that your hand uses, to throw your skirt over it for a little privacy gets me even hotter, and more dirty feeling. My earlobe is gently sucked into your mouth, and I hear you coo softly, as your hand has started stroking my a little more vigorously. I have, of course dropped the newspaper by now, and as I am turning my head to kiss you as deeply as a man this excited, and this in love could ever possibly, you pull your head away to let me stare into those eyes. Those beautiful eyes that I see every night when I am trying to sleep, and merely roll around yearning for your touch. Those lips smiling like you know what is happening next, and loving the fact that I don't have a clue. Whatever could your mind be looking at I don't have a clue. but that sexy mind is sending me the signals that I am in for something very special.

As you slowly bring your head down to where your hand is, I start gasping with anticipation. When your lips finally touch me, it is gentle, and feels almost loving in the way you start kissing the very tip of me, before you start to draw me into your mouth. Hardly any of it is actually inside of your mouth, but it feels like every inch of my entire body has leapt inside of you, and is beating right along with your heart beat. As you let your wondrous lips slide all the way down me, I can feel the pressure of your mouth as you so preciously let your tongue create a vacuum of pressure against my whole shaft. I am so ragingly hard that it hurts despite your beckoning for me to have the full joy of release with the wordless passion of your mouth. The very same mouth that is gliding up and down me with the same fervent starvation that I feel every minute of the day for you as well. My moaning is such a dead give away to anyone within miles of our location, but I don't care, and I can tell that it is the music that your ears are longing to enjoy. Should I be so lucky to ever feel this good again then I shall know that I am blessed. Should I never feel this happy again, I will be forever grateful to have this moment to begin with.

When your hands finally stop stroking me long enough to pull my pants downwards I am so paralyzed with joy, that I fear I am no help at all, but you don't seem to mind. You almost seem driven to make me swell more in your mouth, and what kind of idiot would I have to be to prevent you from what you so desire. My heart sinks in a little as you pull your beautiful lips from me and bring them up to kiss me passionately. I am in so deep, that I can barely kiss you without felling a little foolish as I am out of sorts to kiss you really well. I can not see through all of your golden hair, but I feel your leg slide over mine, and your warmest spot pressed up against my hardest now. You slide yourself forward making my stiff cock wet with your soft juices, and I can feel myself pressing upwards with anticipation. When you bring your body up with your knees that are on each side of me, I still have yet to see anything as our lips are still locked and my eyes still closed. I can, of course feel your hand guiding the very head of me to the place where your lips part, and the place I desperately long for is just behind them, and you have guided me so perfectly. I can feel you just getting my shaft wet with your own anticipation, until you finally bring yourself down slowly, impaling your beautiful body around me.

Oh my, the feelings that are filling my entire body, as the swing starts to rock back and forth with every single movement of your sexy hips, that are causing me to well up harder. Your head is flipping itself back with every thrust up into you, and the sighs have turned into the most incredible moans. I feel like the luckiest man alive again, and your wonderful warmth enveloping me with every slide up, and falling down is causing me to get dreamier about the beautiful moment you are burning into my mind. How can I possibly hold off the greatest climax of my life. I am holding though, as the importance of your ecstasy, takes a higher priority. It isn't just my thank you to you it is my higher purpose, and you are so warm and loving, and I am yours, forever. Your moaning is ever louder, and I can feel your body starting to rattle in the way mine always does. The orgasm I have been begging to give you is so close, and the way you are gliding along me is getting so tight that i can barely hold it in any longer. You finally end up letting out the most violent scream, as your body falls hard down on top of me. Your pressing yourself down on me so hard that I cannot move, except for the shaking of my body. Your hair gently falls about me as the rest of you falls down hard on me, and everything I have ever carried, every ounce of passion, lust, desire, longing, hope, reality, sanity, starts spraying inside of you as I let out my own wailing moan. We are clutching at each other so tight. that I can barely breath, but breathing was lost in all of this anyway, I could care less, as I am simply being at one with you.

As you continue your perch on top of me, with me still quite hard inside of you, you start breathing a little less, your breathless whispers come into my ears like the songs of spring birds, as I hear "I love you sweety, thank you" and my heart starts swelling, knowing that I could never duplicate this moment, but that I can very easily have better, every day for the rest of our lives, and especially the part that involves nuzzling up, because I feel safe too. ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, fuck ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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