Friday, November 25, 2005

Superdaddyman Takes on the Evil Greektradgedius - Volume 2

So another Thanksgiving has passed and with this Thanksgiving, I give you a brief rundown of my day, the good the bad, and the ugly. It started off rather decently enough. I had the most invigorating wet dream I have had since I had first gotten sober, and it woke me bolt upright. I shall start my gratitude list right there, and say Score 1 for the good guys. I packed all of the evils’s up and marched them out to the prisoner transportation device {made by Buick} and kissed them all on the foreheads, knowing that 4 days of freedom had just begun. My former in-laws have the kids every Thanksgiving, and I have them on Christmas, and it has been a wonderful deal thus far. Score 2 for the good guys, and we now tabulate ourselves at a modest {Good 2 … Evil 0}. Off to the wonderful world of Online, where it was pointed out to me that the evil Jeff, had closed up shop, as his alter ego Trish {G-3..E-0}. Wow you would think it was actually a day to be thankful for something.

Online now I was able to catch up on some blog smashing for the holidays, and at the same time brag about said wet dream {G-5 .. E-0), and then wait until Greektradgedius Inyiddish, was ready to go to Warren’s for our Thanksgiving day buffet.After a 20 minute car ride with my Grandmother {G5.. E-2}, because yes, she does A. Nag like a second generation Jewish mother, and B. Bitches to high holy heaven about mine and everyone else’s driving. Let us not forget that this is a woman who doesn’t fell comfortable past 25mph or driving without her left turn signal on at all times. The restaurant was crowded, but as the former manager of the place, my Grandmother had a reservation, so we were seated immediately {G-6 .. E-2}. We had the only waiter in the joint, and all of the cute waitresses were no where near me to bother me while I am enjoying family time {G-6 .. E-3}, and my Aunt was only ten minutes late {G-7 .. E-3} … yes that was a good because you usually have to add 20 minutes for each of them, this was a major improvement.

Well now we are in the portion of the day that will score big for the evil side of the game. Right off the bat, we have to mention that the very first thing that these three did, when the food came out was start jamming it into their mouths, and bitching like 99 year old ladies who thought they were being cheated at dominoes. Food spraying all over me and it really is times like this that I remember the horrific inbreeding that took place during the days of the Tudor Monarchy. {G7 .. E-6} The fun didn’t stop here either, as now I was about to get parenting courses from a woman who thought walking into my house carrying a dead cat was a brilliant idea, with all of the kids sitting in the living room {G-7 .. E-8} Yes I did score 2 for, once for being a liberal weenie, and the second one for being even stupider than they usually are. Understanding a 13 year old girls, angst my ASS, I say we just stop feeding her, worked for that stupid cat Morris for God’s sake .. ahem … um … oops … TMI …

Now that my parenting skills have been totally chastised in the name of understanding the brain of a 13 year old girl {and let’s get real here, the ladies reading this are looking back and trying to figure out what they were thinking, and are drawing a blank too}, and have been transferred back to transporting the Really Big Evil back to the Casa Di’ Evils’s {G-7 .. E-10} I am free to log on, and brag about my wet dream some more, catch up on even more unfulfilled blogging {G-9 .. E-10} throw on the Superdaddyman costume {tights ladies of course} and fly off to the Salvation Army, where I usually like to spend my Thanksgivings, washing dishes and serving food. {G-10 .. E-10} The greatest news I think I have to come out of this is that there were more elderly people with no place better to go this year than actual homeless people. {G-11 .. E-11} I hate to actually see elderly with no place to go, it beats seeing homeless amounts get bigger too. {scratch that, if we could combine one elderly person I know with a little homelessness … HEY! … that’s what you get for reading my mind in the first place people!} The best news of all was that Jimmy was listening to the happy voices today, and actually helped out in the kitchen, unlike a couple of years ago when the only people invited to the party in his head were a lot angrier than I like in a helper. {G-12 .. E-11}

Back at the Superdaddyman cave, I spent many many hours on a diabolical scheme of my own with a new evil helper in the town of Megalopolis, who shall be kept anonymous now to protect the not so innocent. Through the evil dealings that one of Superdaddyman’s alter ego’s known as “The Crow”, in the planning of the last diabolical Yahell scheme known as “Mophaka De A-hole”, in which he teamed up with the criminal mastermind turned to the plight of GOOD known as “The Owl”, Superdaddyman saw a wonderful opportunity to do such work again. This time it shall be “Operation Getcha Horny” which will be unveiled tonight. Final tally is set at {G-81 .. E-11} … Sounds like a lot to be thankful for to me. See you all tonight ;8o)

Question … What is the one thing you find yourself most grateful for, the day AFTER Thanksgiving? Yes .. I will be expecting details .. Please :D

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