Friday, November 18, 2005

Superdaddyman Takes on the Evil Yahell - Volume 3

Disclaimer - The blog you are about to read is a RANT. It will disturb many of you, and the language is quite foul. I DO NOT apologize for any of the things said in it as it is up to you the reader to determine what you do or do not see. If you decide to read past this disclaimer, then crying to Me, Yahell, the person you took to your prom, or even your mommy, can not save YOU from the reality, that YOU asked for it …

I left for work last night totally furious. I had been inundated with some horribly unnecessary bullshit from a few people in the 360verse, that was not only irrational, it was extremely unfair to me. I could have put my fists through bricks, and as the people who truly know me off of this computer … I COULD HAVE put my fists through bricks. The fact that one of my blogs stirred some of the worst feelings towards me, and was totally blown out of proportion is not a new thing, you see it was the total callous disregard for an actual human being who is trying. {I will also add that this blog was going to be a lot worse than it is now, had I not come home to see a ton of comments that made me happier on that same blog too} Some of you all really need to read back a bit, because this often happy sounding writer has you pretty fooled obviously, and I am rather ashamed of that fact at the moment. Underneath the shell of a hopeless extrovert with very good intentions most of the time is a stark raving lunatic, that I have never hidden form anyone, and I know that it was a lot of what got me popular in the first place. The honest reflections of self, and the belief that I am to help others if I am ever to get any better at anything has often translated into the belief that I am simply a myriad of things that I don’t actually want to be. Sometimes a scratching post, often a trophy, sometimes an accused liar, and very often a friend, but very rarely remembered for what I am running away from. {Well so far so good with the language … Yeah Jeremy}

I was furious, that a few women took offense to my blog, and felt the need to lash out … moral of the story … don’t fucking read it. This has happened often lately, as I was the subject of a hidden blog that a friend e-mailed to me {oh yeah we do that shitheads … I CAN read any of your fucking blogs I want, don‘t forget that … I usually just don‘t care} which labeled me a callous child abuser. The person who wrote it is famous for being nuts, but I didn’t realize as she had admitted, that she was so foolhardy in the way she treats her own psyche as well. Rather than discontinuing her pursuit of mental nirvana, she kept reading and reading and reading, all the time getting angrier with every new blog I posted. {Didn’t stop her from sucking the life out of me with her problems in IM’s all the time, which added up to many hours of my life I will never get back} If you find that you fall into this sort of category, then I suggest you just leave me alone, because it does qualify you as an idiot, with nothing better to do with your time. Once again, these types of things are done out of malice, either for yourself or for someone else, in either case, one of us is gonna get hurt. Yesterday it was a slew of women who were angry that I get horny, some of them very angry that I didn’t get horny for them. {Mental Note … the first fucking asshole that brings up my ego problem on this one gets removed from my 360 list … again … don’t fucking read it} My ego can get pretty big at times, and I hate to break it to any of you reading this, but … duh … I would be a big fucking liar, if I didn’t acknowledge that. You would be a big fucking shithead for using the obvious as a weapon. Having it thrown in my face, while having about 15 IM’s from pissed off people, at the very moment my son cut his foot open and needed daddy time, then deciding to get really angry in the boxes because I wasn’t there to coddle their little feelings, really fucking changed me yesterday.

I have said this very often, and I truly mean it. I am an entertainer here in the 360verse, and if you enjoy reading my stuff and being a part of this circus, then please … I love you, and I love having you, if you are NOT here for sincere reasons, like the fucking asshole that reads my shit and uses it to throw in peoples faces now a days, or the masked fucking jackyl, that used to play here, so that he could keep an eye on his little insecurities, then bug the fuck off. I don’t need you, and neither does anyone else here. If you can not understand that I am NOT a paid entertainer, and thus not indebted to you, then there is another issue. I will deal with those later.

Now for the really important stuff, as apparently Yahell decided to assassinate Elonna {Moonshadow} last night, while I was on my way to work. For those of you that do not know her, let me just say, this was not the normal assassination, that Yahell has been doing to my other friends. I am not placing less of a value on the friends of mine that Yahell up and dumped {Night Owl, Flirty, Jess, etc etc etc} but I do need to point out in 360 terms Elonna was truly a member of the “Elite” in the 360 world, and it is important for us to understand what that means. Elonna like me, {but possibly 10 times more popular} was one of those Gateway 360 pages that everyone would find everyone else on. We all start off in our own little subsets, and then branch out from there … Mine was the FOBW gang … I was one of the first using 360, and a lot of people followed me into blog world, my popularity grew, and then the next thing you knew I was being incorporated into the Astrology gang … then the BDSM’s {oh like you all didn’t actually know … sheesh} where Elonna was my gateway from the very first time her and I started IMing each other … That was when I started getting a very large audience … later on I started accumulating the Alladin gang, and as of late another one is coming along, but I haven’t figured out who they are yet … lol …

Needless to say we all start swapping our friends around and a much larger community forms. As one of the “Elite” Elonna would get the types of hits and comments that I do {often more} or many others in this little pod of humanity in the 360verse, and the way Yahell hit her was quite alarming, as she didn’t get a single TOS. Unlike the ladies {always ladies you notice that misogynistic pattern by the way?} who got TOS notices and were prepared for the worst Elonna was cut off at the knees, before anyone could prepare for what inevitably happens, and organize around a new nick, or a new site like Myspace, or Blogspot. Initially I was so pissed the fuck off about this I was thinking about taking my shit to Blogger and casting it in exclusively but said “Fuck Them” in the end. They can fucking kill any of us, and if we want to be heard we will. I am planning revenge by the way, as I have figured out every single method of destroying this system. Blog smashing seems to work the best, but it gets boring to some of you I know, so other plans will be in the works, along the way. If you are living scared of that crap … don’t … just have all of the stuff backed up to a different blog server, and be prepared to say fuck Yahell, when they show you what they think of you. ;8o)

p.s. Be prepared for me to say fuck you to any of you as well, when some of you show me what you really think of me, don’t think I forgot about that, getting weepy eyed over Elonna. I will also be posting a blog with a “different” sort of disclaimer later this evening …

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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