Sunday, November 6, 2005

Some More Reasons I am Jeremy Crow Afterall - Volume 4

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Ok … here’s a little blog to tide you all over, while I catch up on blogs, and make it to “Beyond the Tales of Tease - Volume 1” in about 9 hours {Midnight Eastern ... Maybe earlier ... you never know ... lol} … Love You Guys ...

So I got to thinking, as I was in a chat box with a friend {oh you all didn’t realize that is how I get most of my blog topics ~wink~}, that I haven’t talked about one of the most important inspirations in my life. His name was Renfeild {named after the insane asylum inmate from Bram Stokers “Dracula” … the book damnit}, and I met him in a dark alley, out back of my apartment on West 80th Street, in Manhattan. I was all of 7 years old, and I was visiting New York, for the first of many summers, that I would spend there. Being a boy from Nooooo Hampshah, I was not really accustomed to NOT making friends in dark alleys, but I couldn’t help it really, this was after all the stupidest cat that God ever created. He called to me, from the top of a fire escape, and my mother and her boyfriend {why do you think she admitted my existence after all those years … “boyfriend who wanted child“} went out and rescued this cat from the fire escape. Well Renfeild, wasn’t exactly the sharpest thing in the alley, so after a few more times of my, soon to be step father, going outside to rescue this howling cat, he decided that it was too stupid to live out there, and he was brought inside.

Renfeild became my cat, and after a lot of shots and a neutering, he got the name Renfeild {by a 9 year old boy, who read too much}, based on the fact that he chased flies all day long. Ok when he wasn’t chasing his tail he chased flies anyway, and it became obvious within a few months that this cat really did think that he was a dog. I used to throw little spongy balls across the room, and he would go get them, and bring them back, drop them at my feet and wait to do it again. He of course NEVER got sick of this game, and it was very strange for a cat, but of course I would have a special cat wouldn’t I. More importantly than all of that, was the fact that Renfeild was a constant source of entertainment for everyone. People would come over, whether out there back here, or wherever to just sit and watch Renfeild entertain. The first time he caught a mouse in the apartment, he played with it for about 40 minutes, until something diverted his attention and the mouse got away. He then sat by the hole in the wall crying for almost a month. Stupid cat! We had to bring his food over to him, as he wouldn’t leave his post looking for his long lost friend.

Months turned into years, and years turned into many years. Renfeild spent the next 5 years {after the first couple} sitting at home, wondering where I was, as my drinking started getting so bad I was never home. How I actually remembered to feed him was beyond me, but he did get fed, and he didn’t seem to traumatized by my flightiness, but then again he was pretty dumb. He then spent some of the most trying years of his boys life, with him, as Jeremy {that’s me in case I lost you} bounced in and out of A.A. {for those of you who haven’t ready any of the My Name is Jeremy blogs … I found myself trying to recover from alcoholism by age 16 … yeah I was that bad}, and Renfeild of course tried to entertain me while I stormed around like a dry drunk, then a wet drunk, then an angry dry drunk, then a really bad wet drunk, then somehow a recovering alcoholic.

The cat did, somehow manage to stick around to see me get sober after all. As a matter of fact he managed to stick around to see me, get sober, attempt suicide, come home from the mental hospital, get married, get divorced, get married again, have a child, have another child, and just about everything up until he died. 5 years ago, when he got to kiss my youngest daughter good-bye. It was rather interesting that Renfeild managed to stick around on this Earth 27 years, which you all know is rather long for a cat, especially a stupid cat. The fact that the last memory I have of that stupid was that he went over and sniffed my last {oh God please let it be my last} child on the nose when she got home from the hospital, and died that very night. I have joked with many people over the years that “His Job Here Was Done” when they bring him up in casual conversation. I have always liked strays after all, and I guess that I owe that to Renfeild, but I also owe Renfeild for just keeping me company for as long as he could. ;8o)

Question … Wanna give a testimonial to the greatest pet you ever had? I’d love to hear anything you’d like to say on that matter :D

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