Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some More Reasons I am Jeremy Crow Afterall - Volume 4

Well I set out today to simply create the ripples of what I hope will be some reinvigorated good cheer amongst the masses of the 360 world, by having a fan appreciation day. I don’t actually mean anyone who is MY fan, I am talking about characters from my ever expanding comments sections that I and everyone else are HUGE fans of. I kinda stole the idea from the “Hottie of Kentucky” {yeah that one is going to be confusing I know, as there are like a dozen of ya, so you will have to look through their blogs to know who it is}, who did the greatest friends tribute chain that I have seen in 360 thus far. I am not saying this as I was in it, but because I think that it was a wonderfully sweet idea, which was so like her, and why I am a loyal reader of hers. Oops this isn’t actually her tribute though, so I better get to the people I am going to introduce you to through MY eyes today.

This one is a three-fer actually, and it is fitting that they are going to be my first, as they are the people who truly made me, here in 360land. All in different ways, and in the most endearing qualities of the human soul. Anytime I get frustrated and want to simply quit the blogging world {mostly because I am a big stupid head, but for many other reasons usually linked to my own self destructive issues}, remembering that I know Cathy, Don, and Daniel through all of this word truly is the driving factor that always brings me back. For those of you who haven’t been with us all that long, we do have a history, and it goes sort of like this …

Cathy’s cousin, who goes by the nickname Sol Journer {who has since dis-owned both of us btw … lol}, added me to her 360 list out of the blue. I was mired in this Merry-Go-Round of worthlessness, that was about to bring my writing to an end at that point. I was mired in the world of being a rather long boring writer in a field of short and cute bloggers from my original gang {the FOBW’s}, and it was just losing the fun of it all. I never could bring myself to the point of actually writing anything different then what I did, and I was rather bored with it. With Sol came a FLOOD of the Astrology gang, but most importantly Cathy, her cousin, who had everything needed by me at the time. She was sweet as Cotton Candy, a little afraid to share of herself too much, and just needed a little encouragement to get writing more. Yeah my usual Modus Operandi I know, but as she started writing more, and encouraging me to write more, along came Don, and the real fun began. You see I was Don’s first 360 friend after Cathy, and we hit it off like gangbusters.

Cathy was Don and my cheerleader a lot of the time, as the two of us would have totally senseless humor attacks {hit and runs} on other peoples sites, as well as each others, and the next thing you knew, my words were starting to be read by many more people. I was usually just trying to draw the best comments possible out of Don, for his greatest gift to society, is the ability to make other people smile. He married the perfect woman too, as she totally feeds off of smiling people. Even now a days I have no delusions over why I get comments at all, and that is mostly due in part to Don really throwing some of the best laughter bombs under my blogs, because we truly are like Abbot & Costello, when we get going. I still consider the two of them to be the “Thunder and Lightning” of 360, and if I really like you, then you will know it, because I put the birdy in your ear that you need these two as friends. Nobody has EVER regretted adding them, as they will liven any room.

The greatest gift that they have given me seriously though, is the constant hope for society, and I say that in the best possible manner I can. Two people, who love each other dearly, no matter what, who share themselves with everyone, and of course brought their son Daniel into my 360verse as well. For those of you who don’t know him, we are talking about another shining example of the wonderful things these two people do. He might not be perfect, and even might scare you to look at him sometimes, but trust me, this kid is AMAZING, and if you take the time to know him, you’ll look like an ass if you say things like “teenagers are hopeless“. He gets his props here for being the person who posted the picture that is now known as “The Superdaddyman”, which probably will give him fame and fortune someday {ok, I know … ego ego ego}

Here are my favorite Cathy, Don and Daniel comments from my blog …

Cathy from {Entry for November 13, 2005 - Let's Talk About Sex Baby - Volume 4} …. the Dallas police don't take to well the whole peeing outside thing *grabs Don and guides him to the men’s room*, sorry officer, he's just a harmless country boy ... Oh yeah...chocolate ice cream and potato chips!!! Yummm

Don from {Entry for October 29, 2005 - Oh The Wonderful Past Wreckage - Volume 2} *and I note he totally turned this blog entry into a zoo! It wasn’t half as funny as he turned it into* … DUDE! Grill the CAT! They will never come back for a drunkfest funeral for pets at your house, or anything else for that matter! *also noted all of his recipes and cooking advice afterwards were classic Don moments - you have to go see the whole thing to believe it*

Daniel {Entry for October 29, 2005 - The Crow's Spooktacular Halloween Countdown - Number 2} … I saw it a couple of months ago for the first time. Friday night I was at a football game, South Garland vs North Garland, and I got yelled at for dancing to North Garlands bands music. Of course it just had to be the Time Warp. … It's just a jump, to the left.

Well I guess in all reality this might have been a great big birdy, planted into all of your ears, but I really wanted to make sure that everyone out there understood, one of the greatest components to why I am what I am today, or at least what you might perceive me to be. The only really wonderful thing that the 360verse really is, to me anyway, is another way to acquire such wonderful weavings for the great basket known as Jeremy, and these first three are so important to me. The other wonderful thing about this blog entry is that I love these three so much that I was able to blurt this entire blog out in 20 minutes, now that should tell you something. I know it told me the next time I am pressed for time or have writers block, I am simply going to sit down and do my “Some More reasons I am Jeremy Crow Afterall” on Elonna, Shannon & Lynn. ;8o)

Ok this isn’t exactly a question, but I want you all to tell me what YOU GUYS think of my favoritest 360 family, and if you want to, why not ask a question of them and see if they would be willing to come out and answer it {PG Rated PLEASE! Daniel is underage after all!} … Love You Guys :D

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