Thursday, November 10, 2005

Musical Methadone & Mental Masturbation - Volume 4

Oh boy, I slept through my alarm clock, and have now lost 3 hours out of my day today. Oh well, last night of work and then 3 days off. Now back to the story … thanks to one of my newer friends whom I haven’t thought up a codename for yet, but I am working on it! I found this cool video site that I can add music videos to my blast. This was really cool because, while going through all of the KoRn stuff for yesterdays blast message, I was totally entranced in KoRn, as I walked into Pink Mafia HQ, last night. As you all know that it is really very rare, when “cool songs” are stuck in my head, but it was after all an interesting night. So here I was … “This time taking it away I've got a problem .. With me getting in the way, my violent side .. So I take my face and bash it into a mirror .. I won't have to see the pain, pain, pain” which of course is a song about cutting, and … well … I told you all I have many abusive tendencies. The paradox that had risen out of my fantasy blog, had me thinking about the ol’ box cutter again, so in my own way I tattled on myself, and away I was into the singing of KoRn.

I had a purpose tonight, which was to totally barrage a friend of mine who was having bad times, with funny text messages on my cell, and I pulled out all of the stops when my first one brought forth a message that just broke my heart. I started in on the whole “Sending an Angel” ….then I named the angel Ernie … then Ernie got lost … then Ernie got Mapquest … then Bert called looking for Ernie … etc etc etc … you see where this is going … yep … “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” holy mozes!, I never thought that I would have “C is for Cookie” stuck in my head after all these years, but it happened, so I started playing manic roulette, and just opened up my Yahell for Phone Morons like ME, and started sending out texts that way. While I was on my third rendition of “I Love Trash”, I remembered to send out a message to someone who’s blog reminded me of my really good news of the evening … I WON 65 BUCKS!! … In the football pool! This is strange for me as I have never won in the football pool before. I actually went from “Dead Last” to 4th from “Dead Last”, and that is a monumental step in my psyche {anyone wanting this weeks picks, I’m setting up a 900 number real soon}, which of course was ruined as I remembered that the only game I lost that week was the Patriots game [I am greedy after all, but I would still trade them all for THAT game … lol} … whew …

So as life goes, I think I now had, my paycheck, an extra 65 bucks, some phone text messages from said friend that sounded almost cheerful, and a boss that is absolutely paranoid that I am going to get him at any moment. What could be better than that? … well ok, but I can’t have scantily clad cheerleaders from beer commercials dancing around the plant guys {steel toe shoes and all}, so I will have to assume that this is as good as it gets and I have to ask the really stupid question we always do before it falls apart … What could go wrong? … Ok stupid, you asked for it. As I was having rather nice banter in “Yahell for Phone Dorks” with a friend over my Sesame Street fetish, I started getting rather unnerving IM’s from someone whom I had already cheered up damnit! Seems that someone else ruined it, and I was FURIOUS, as most of us seriously over-protective daddy types get. Dealt with that, hoped that it helped, moved on, and I sincerely hope that the individual I am furious at just realizes that there will be NO more funny acceptance of him peeing on my trees anymore. The rather manipulative blog about me, kinda sealed it. See I can be cryptic too asshole!

The last wonderful task at hand is MY being Mr Miagi, tonight and training the person, who is to take my job in a few weeks. The afore mentioned in blogs, “Corky Pig”, “Captain Hockey Helmet” or many other wonderful ways to say … stupid, that I have given him. Now keep in mind, dumb can be really cute, if the person accepts it willingly, but this character, is the absolute opposite of endearing idiot. He THINKS he’s smarter than everyone else, always proves otherwise, and actually in this type of work environment he is downright dangerous. I mean he sucks a mean dick, and all, and that is why he is employed much less, getting promoted every few months. He is like the Anti-Jeremy, in every way {well I mean we are both know it alls, but at least I am not a know nothing to boot}, and the thought of this moron doing my job, almost made me feel the need to not pull the mother of all pranks, as he is going to be sweet revenge anyway. Don’t get me wrong MAP is still going as planned, even if Jose is too scared to fall asleep on the job. We even have the lacy under things we needed now … muahahahahahahahaha …

Well working alongside the dip-shit, did end the Sesame street fetish, and I probably would have been bummed if it wasn’t for the new song that happened to be on the radio. I really love this one … “Springstein, Madonna .. Way before Nirvana .. There was U2, and Blondie .. And music still on MTV .. Her two kids, in high school .. They tell her that she's uncool .. But she's still preoccupied .. With 19, 19, 1985”, which carried me through until the end of the shift. I was pretty much mentally exhausted, but quite content in a night well spent with friends, for better or for worse through my trusty I-275 ;8o)

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