Sunday, November 13, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex Baby - Volume 5

So as I sit here in the pursuit of totally shattering any of your dreams of me I actually have a rather funny tale of the real Jeremy to share with all of you, but I think it is important to dedicate this to the “Angel’s Voice” and the “Twinkly Princess”, who both have asked me, why I write the fantasy stuff in my blogs, and to “Grrooooooowwwwwwwlllll” just for being the one I was laughing it up with when I realized this was going to be what I talked about today. All are totally unrelated to each other mind you, but you all will understand soon enough.

I was taking many “Creativity Breaks” last night, I will admit, as writing my book on the side is kinda driving me nuts. The fact that I decided to either make it a HUGE success, or a miserable failure {hey I am a man of extremes after all}, by flat out deciding I was going to use it as a personal challenge. It’s hard enough to write a book in the first person, but I wanted the first person to be a woman. I am doing quite well actually in that arena, and I hope to have the book finished by late January …. Of 2011, at the very latest. Well I am trying anyway.

So on to the creativity breaks, as I spent a nice chunk of my evening playing pool with a really sweet friend, and laughed my brains out, as we kinda fumbled our way along. I actually am rather awkward to hang out with, but I try. Well I bring this wonderful time up as a testament to something I needed as I also bring up the wonderful games of cards I played later with another friend, whom I also adore, for being my friend. Her and I are famous now for yucking it up in the card rooms, as we pretend to be an old married couple fighting, amongst other things. We actually really made some others very happy to have gone out for a game of cards in the Yahell games. Again, not so strange, both of these women are very pleasing to look at, but I really just enjoy their company laughing. The strange part is what was going on in between these two moments of merriment, and should “Out Me” as to what my mind really is like, as I was writing my “Tales of Tease” for last night. Ok, as I put on my “Rigorous Honesty” hat in an attempt to prove a point I continue, despite the embarrassment that will ensue. Let’s face it, my embarrassment brings a lot of you here anyway, admit it!!

I start writing the tale, which was an actual dream I had, {and as usual I looked at it after I wrote it and laughed at myself as it was as bad, in my mind, as anything else I write} and then I continued to get to my {now annual} game of cards that I play after I post a “dirty” blog. What happened in between became very hillarious today. You see the truth of the matter was that writing about sex was boring the ever loving crap out of me .. {actually laughing as I type} .. Add to that the fact that it was during my down cycle of the evening, I was dozing so bad that I actually hit my face on the keyboard, and startled myself awake quite often. I tried everything, shaking my head vigorously, drinking coffee {even some scalding hot coffee, so that maybe some blister therapy might work}, smoking while I typed {oh and trust me, when your face keeps falling down to your hands, having a cigarette in them is really stupid, thank you very much}, and in all reality the only thing that got me through it was looking forward to the platonic {although like every other woman I have every met my mind wanders … lol} friendly game of cards that I was going to get at the end of it. I even tried to teach myself how to type with more than 4 fingers, and that not only made the process that much worse. The hypnotic concentration of using all of my fingers was almost putting me down for the count.

As I am sitting here right now, writing out today’s blog I find that I am on fire and it is flying out of me like so many others I have written. Picking on myself and my lusts in other arena’s of my life or the fantasy of being “just a real human” with a little too much honesty, is the passion that fuels me {and that doesn’t mean that when I close my eyes at night, I am not a panther in the dream sense, I still dream naughtier than the average school full of catholic kids}, and I am so lucky to have the type of passion for writing that most people have for … well … passion. Don’t worry ladies, I promise I will fight my way through the bedtime stories for a while, as my guilt over being a betrayer of thought has left me now. I am not actually a bad or a good person, but I have my crosses, trust me on that one. While I am being honest with you all that think I am quite the ladies man … yeah right … I am being stood up on a date at this very moment as I am writing this … lol … so you can all put away the whole ladies man facade, because I never earned that one.

What I am today is a man who goes through the brooding process, like I always do when I am being healthy, it has NOTHING to do with anything that happened, just more along the lines of the reflection that I am supposed to have. As a matter of fact I am very cheerful, as I sit here reliving how amusing I really am, just in the Norman Rockwell sense of a “Normal” life, the last part of me that comes out and makes me perfect will be handed to me on the day that I either meet St. Peter, or the fallen angel once known as St. Lucifer. Either way I have finally done something perfectly in my life, and I am not looking forward to that either, so I guess that my sanity is in check after all. God Loves You All And So Do I. ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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