Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fairy Tales of Prey from the Owl & the Crow

This blog is a special edition co-authored with me by my very dear friend Night Owl ... If you have her on your list too, you might like to go see her closing moral, as well ~winks~

Once upon a time in land far far away … the magic of this land attracted people from distant and mystical places across the globe, and unto this land came a fair princess from the farthest land of them all. Her eyes were wide with wonder at the vast array of different characters living and sharing the merriment and welcoming her to come join their new found family and share in endless days of mirth and laughter. With that she joined hands with the wise witch {Glenda}, the Dragon , the Serpent and the Wolf and they danced and laughed and all was good. Everyday there were new and even more amazing people to come join the fun, for this magical place had become THE place to be seen. More fair princesses gathered here than any other place, and they were all so open and happy that no man ever wanted to leave. The princess from the farthest land of all soon made many friends and spent long hours talking and laughing with the witch , the Dragon , the Serpent and the Wolf.

The Serpent all shiny and slick would dance and make much merriment for this princess and a close bond soon formed. Another Fair princess came and joined all this fun, as she was a delicate and sweet princess who befriended all, making everyone giggle and love her, with her sweet ways her beauty and kindness soon caught the Wolf’s eye. They formed a friendship and soon kept close company where their bond deepened and secret glances would be exchanged to keep the others from knowing just how close they had grown. For many years the fun and merriment held all in this land happy and contented. They would sit for hours and be enthralled by the witch’s tales of a time long forgotten and laugh with her at her good hearted teasing, especially of the snake as he would slither and dance for every fair new maiden that came to join this land. He would change his skin and do all sorts of tricks to gain the attentions of any that caught his eye, until one day a new maiden came and played him at his own game.

Before he knew it, he was captured and held by her his dancing days no more. The others giggled at this and went on their merry way to sing and dance and laugh and play , and be carefree every day. The snake missed this so much for his keeper was strict , no more frolicking to keep the others entertained, Trouble soon came to the snake and he sought out the princess who was once his best friend and companion, for he knew she would listen to him as she always had , and that she would help him to find the happiness he once had. For months they talked and got to know each other even better than they thought they did before. The snake was drawing her in with his charming ways, as they shared the sadness' that had been so heavy on them before finding this magical place to lift their hearts and make them sing again. As the princess grew stronger she would venture further on , for she was a curious princess with a thirst for more knowledge and wisdom and new people to meet.

The snake took unkindly to this for he needed to have her all to himself to pamper and preen his fragile ego, and to make other men envy what they could not have! With her not being his sole possession their envy he would never have, as this twisted the snake and made him turn bright green, delving into the depths of the poison potion and wallowing in the sickness it gave he began to plot and plan. The princess saw what the poison was doing and would try to help her wounded friend. She would hold out her hand and tell him she would support him if to get well was his plan. On all he professed to hold so dear he would swear this to be so. She’d stay and once more be fooled into believing the good and comical snake she once knew, was back again to stay. Alas, soon as she left him to sleep he would be back at his twisted games, until one day his game became too much and the princess walked in and caught him playing the pretender in a new and shiny skin. It was more than her honesty could bare, for it was as close a friend as you could ever get this snake was trying to fool.

His antics drove her from the magical land and all that she had loved, and held dear. For the reminder of what he’d done was far more than she could bare, so alone she set out and traveled, once again, to find herself a new place to call her kingdom. She, in turn, stumbled upon an Island which held many wonders and sparked her inquisitive mind. It was a place with the most incredible of story tellers and poets ,who’s very words enthralled her, and kept her reading for hours on end. It awakened inside of her a longing to see if she too could write anything worth reading, and she beckoned her beloved friends come join her in this new and fascinating land.

For a while it was so much fun to play and joke among this new paradise, whilst running from one place to the next to leave a hug , a kiss or just a giggle, until one day the princess grew bolder and decided to take the step into the part of this island that held the brightest of poets and storytellers. Her thirst for more to share and the hope of learning something new, made her grow bold enough to join the group that held her mind captured by words of wisdom and mirth and poetry so pure and new. It gave her the courage to change her writing into something more deep, and to stretch and see if she could do all this too. She was welcomed by the group and befriended by a few, the snake took unkindly to this, as this he saw, as a direct challenge to the hold he’d worked so hard to gain over her, for he knew that his tricks and deceptions held no real power when talent and encouragement and a shared thirst for more cerebral challenges had taken her mind from just him.

He tried all his tricks and changed his skin again, but she had learned her lesson well and was not about to be fooled again, for she knew the poison potion was ruling this snakes mind. He was losing all sense of reason, was becoming more puzzling and worrying than the comical comedian who danced for her so long ago in that magical land of old. She was so puzzled by his new ways and caught up in all that was new, so she didn’t see the other evil that had in his mind grew. Into her writing she lost herself, and so did a lot of her fair maiden friends, reveling in all that was new! Great talent born and shown from amongst so many long time friends was a source of wonder and joy amongst most she knew …..but for the snake and the wolf who saw it as a challenge to their once held monopoly, of all that was fair and sweet, and then, in one day danced the story king spreading his comical madness and honest banter praising all the maidens fair. He praised both princesses and promised he’d try to help as they struggled to trust their heart with the words they wrote. A good and steadfast friend this king of the literary to them soon became, as they would talk for hours sharing stories of far off places and how to write about these things, the words of encouragement for all he would spout, for to him the more the merrier and all the more to read.

The snake began twisting and turning himself inside out for the poison had eaten away all that was once able to reason, and only evil did he see , to him this must be stopped, "The king should be crushed and banished from my princess and all the fair maidens so I may feed my lust, I shall try to manipulate him as well, my love of the potion, he will entrust!" Our heroic King had already dealt with the best of the snakes, and he looked upon him with mock disdain, the maiden saw through his plots too and it was the snake, she banished instead no more a part of her world for him to be. Far too many evil plots from him, had she seen and now she knew, once and for all, the poison had run too deep. No more could she stand and try to help the snake his chances were all done.

She now spent her time writing, and reading, and sharing with her friends, looking on in wonder and smiling at the wondrous talents of her friends beginning to bloom. Her friend the fair and sweet princess began writing of her home life, and bringing all in to share, for through her stories, she brought us all right there inside her home, into her family and warmed our hearts so joyfully. The king of the story would jump up and down for glee to see all his new disciples flourishing and writing so free, but the Snake, he tried to ruin that by playing his games on her as well. The king looked down upon this snake, and banished him from his land, and away he went to plot his revenge, like snakes always do. He couldn't banish the princess with his wit, and whim, and charm, his twisted plot brought him to the Wolf, who knew only hatred towards all of these princesses as well, for they had left him behind too.

The Wolf, had convinced the fair and sweet princess, that he knew love, and was a trusted soul, her sweet ways led her to him for what she would never actually get, and as you all know from a Wolf there is never honesty. The wolf did growl, as he bared his bloody teeth, and made an awful sound. The Wolf always knew the words that would twist many of the princesses, and in that he was most happy. Until the King showed that what his untreated Potion taking, might not be so wise at all. The words to these poor princesses, started to fade away, so the Snake and the Wolf formed thier evil alliance, to banish all of the princesses from the land. The wolf lurking in the shadows was smart and devious enough to see his chance to take back what he saw as his, and get rid of this king that had captured the attention of all the fairest of maidens he once had to himself, and especially that princess from the farthest of lands, with him.

So the wolf and his consort went to the snake and joined forces to make sure that once they’d unleashed their chaos all the maidens fair would be too frightened to ever trust anyone or anything that was new and different to the way it had always been. The snake was skilled at changing skin and hiding so this was the way it should be, as he took on a new, and shining skin. One so devious and bright that these fair maidens would never suspect , what once was MALE SNAKE now shone as a MAIDEN FAIR and with the speed of lightening joined all the other maidens fair, through the King himself, who only barely saw it coming. The farthest away princess, was the first to take the fall, the Flirtatious Princess would be the next, and then the Second Sweetest Princess at the ball. All embodied with fear, they were rendered back, as the Sweetest Princess Stood, the Wolf he made his final slash, and that princess fell in the only way they knew they could.

By costume, and by disbelief the trio of evil managed to convince the people of the land, that the farthest away princess was behind it all, as they twisted the story round. The other princesses feared the worst, and although the farthest away princess, knew that she would stand until slain, the King appeared with the answer, before the dying day came. He had discovered that the newest wanna be princess was just a snake in disguise, and it was because of him, unfortunately that this snake was let in behind all of the princesses walls once again. The King brought this to the attention of the princesses, with all the speed he could, upon thier confirmation, it was time to use his audience for good. Had the snake understood the ways of reality, he might have known that it is quite impossible for a maiden to become so popular, so fast, when it is supposedly part of the act, to be new. He might also want to remember not to partake of the potion, when spinning his tales of being such a fair maiden, for it will always make the words, and the writings, impossible to mask. Goodnight Oh Serpent Princess ... The End

The moral of this story you see, is that it never gets you anywhere to pretend that you are something you are not. Lying because of your jealousy {Invidia} is the deadliest of sins, but I am a forgiving King, should you three little twits, cut the crap immediately, this tale need go no further ... but it can ;8o)

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