Monday, November 7, 2005

Beyond MY Tales of Tease - Volume 1

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Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

I’m just sitting here actually on the side of the bed, as I don’t quite know what I am expecting. The night has been beautiful so far, and the sight of you in that gorgeous white skirt, a little on the tight side, yet slinky, just about your ankles, has been the point of my attention all night already. The pink sweater, soft, comforting, curvaceous, and rather invigorating to the eyes as well. Entering the room as you just have, the way you stop and hold onto the entryway, to remove the first shoe, then the second, all the while those gorgeous eyes, have not left my gaze. The little pouts you have made at me all night, with those lusciously full lips, have been an attention grabber as well, but again, the curves in that skirt, pure symmetry. The question that has been so far unanswered, because your skirt is just loose enough to leave my mind to wander stockings, or pantyhose? No matter, should I get to that point, I’m sure that it will be unimportant, but the fact that they are the same shade of white, makes me that much more excitable. The way the shoes came off, before you walked slinkily over to me, gave me great hope, already.

Your hands cup my face so gently as you bring your lips, so softly to mine, and they barely touch, but I can already start to feel a burn. Kneeling down in front of me, you rest your head in my lap, and I simply start stroking your beautiful hair. I actually think I heard a purring, cross your lips, and I think I may have just heard pure beauty, but it did have a touch of sensuality, that is impossible to decipher. I am up for that task, and you don’t wait for more than a few dozen strokes before your voice gently utters to me, with your head still in my lap, “Do you belong to me?” and I responded with the only word that could leave me at the moment, “Yes,” You purr a little louder, and nuzzle your head, deeper into my lap, knowing full well, that I am being totally owned by you with every breathy word you utter, “Promise?” and I would have given you the very moon above us at that point, as you raised your head to stare into my eyes from my lap, with your hands rubbing along my hips.

I never actually answered with anything more than a smile and a nod, and you looked at me with the most beautiful, wide eyes, showing me that it was the perfect answer. I was a little amazed at the way you started standing up, your hands touched nothing, and it was totally the strength of your legs that did all the work. Once standing, your hand reaches out and slides into my hair, and with a very quick yank, my head gets ripped back. I wave of excitement rushes through me, like nothing I have ever felt before, and pull your skirt up, with your other hand, so that you can slide your leg over me. The way your lips touch mine this time, was neither gentle, nor soft. The hunger, in this kiss, while you hold me back by my hair, takes me by surprise, and at first, I have a little problem breathing. Your tongue totally invades my mouth, and the second I try to press my tongue into yours, you pull your tongue out, and bite. The giggle you let out, after the first bite, sounds almost fiendish, but totally alluring. My mind starts becoming a little frightened, but very much more so excited. You start kissing me again, your way, and again, my tongue gets bitten at my attempts, and each time a lot harder than the last. Each time, a now intoxicating giggle, and wider eyes staring into mine. Devilish perhaps, almost crazed, and beautiful at the same time.

Your hand leaves my hair, and I actually miss it for a moment, but when you start clawing at my shirt, I find myself ok with it all the same. It is a single fluid motion that finds me in the position of having my shirt ripped off, and you straddling me holding my hands down on the bed. You aren’t kissing me, rather making it feel like you might, as your nose rubs back and forth along mine, adjusting your face, like the lips are coming in. Your hot breath against my lips is driving me mad, with passionate thoughts, but for some reason, I dare not pull my hands out of yours. When your lips finally meet mine, you are simply stroking my lips with yours, and that ends with another quick bite. It stings really badly, and I dare not, let out a yelp, but I feel some of my blood welling up in the spot that your bite had occurred. Your eyes absolutely light up, and I would do anything to make them light up like that, for their beauty now pales that of any of the ancient Goddesses, but the serious passion begins as you start suckling at my wounded lip. The feel of my blood being sucked out of me makes me so hard it hurts inside my jeans, and you never missed a beat, as you sat up a bit, mouth opening wide, tongue licking your lips, in an expression of semi-bliss, as you grind yourself back against it slowly. You stare down at me and gasp, with a look that almost reminds me of drooling, but much sexier.

When you actually let go of my hands, it is only to drag your nails really hard down my arms, and onto my chest. I am pretty sure at this time, that you have done something to sharpen them, as the long scratch is far more painful, than any fingers that have ever touched me, but at the same time thrilling. Again you are kneeling in front of me, with your hands fumbling about the clasp on my jeans. Part of you, is so hungry for me that I can sense the disturbed frustrations as you fight what you are so intent on doing. Once unbuckled, you simply start pulling hard on my jeans to get them off of me, and I am desperately excitable. Your giggling, and playful nature is making my erection dance, and it has not gone unnoticed by you either. Your tongue is dancing about my left calf, and playfully flittering up my leg, your hands frantically feeling everything they can reach. I am in heaven, but I didn’t know yet the full extent of the route through heaven yet do I?

The PAIN of the bite that you place inside my thigh is absolutely blinding, and I let out a good sized gasp, over it, when you raise your head, and ask me, “Are you still mine, pet?” and without more than a second elapsing, I beg right out, “Oh God yes, please …” but I trail off as some tears start to fill my eyes. You do know exactly want I wanted at that moment, as your slide your body up mine to lick the tears off of my face, again to place the bridges of our noses together, staring deeply into my eyes. Again pain worse than the bite occurred when I felt your nails pierce right into the skin on my chest, and your eyes never leave mine, and it takes every ounce of strength I have to keep my eyes open, and staring at yours, despite all of the tears. Your nails are slowly pushing into me deeper, and when you finally release them and bring your fingers to my face to kiss me deeper than ever, I do feel my own blood against my skin, and again I am enraged with lust. The fear, fantasy, passion, combination, as you once again pull yourself from my lips, and slide your sexy frame down me to have a taste.

It is the very tip of your tongue, as it is gliding, partly in, and partly out of my cuts, the blood you start suckling in from my chest, has me once again erect, hard, painfully. Your hand grasps my cock, and you are very gently stroking it, your other hand caressing my neck, and my ear, your gorgeous lips drinking in the blood from my chest, and the passionate yearning for more is making me dizzy. I can feel my eyes going into the back of my head with every suck from your lips, and now with every stroke of my erection as well, which are starting to accumulate perfect unison. When your lips finally leave my wounds, my sighs of despair cause you to purr once again, as you know that you own me now. Big, full, open mouth kisses trail down my belly, all the way to that really sensitive spot above my groin, where you start sucking on me really hard. I can actually feel the blood being sucked through my skin, as you very calmly scotched the rest of your body around to get your legs around my face, your skirt is totally hiked up now to reveal that the answer to the earlier question is, stockings, no panties, and the wettest, yet most beautifully glorious pussy, I have ever been honored to see.

I start licking around your thighs at first, as you are still sucking rather hard at my soft spots around my pelvic areas. You have adjusted from time to time, but the mode has been the same, hard suckling, lots of tongue pressure, and I find my tongue sliding up to your beautiful lips. Within a few seconds of my tongue stroking you, I feel your gorgeous pouty mouth, start kissing at the side of my cock. The fact that I haven’t cum so far, is a miracle enough, without the absolute tremors that my body feels the second you wrap your mouth around me. Tight lips, slide down my throbbing cock, and take me all the way down, while my lips are flittering about your clit. You taste so incredibly sweet, and you are getting juices all over my chin. With the next deep raking of nails down my thigh, I retaliate, with a very hard smack on your ass. The sound echoes through the room, and you make a shocked choking sound, as your body jumps.

Your approval of it is obvious though, as you immediately swallow every inch of me and rake both sets of nails down my thighs. I can feel the flesh tearing a bit, and you are totally defenseless, as I continue to taste you while I whack your bottom again, but even harder. My tongue fights you back, when the seriously loud moan, comes out of you, and you press your rear hard against my face, but the moans you are letting out tell me that it is about to become an explosion. I give you one last hard smack, and you lurch forward, screaming in ecstasy, but my hands grab hold of you, and clutch you hard to my face. Your violent attempts to get away, while your raging orgasm starts, are fruitless, as I am holding you in. I am riding you through this orgasm, and well into the next few, whether you like it or not. Your nails clutching hard into my leg, are only making my drive that much more intense, and your first 3 orgasms are almost simultaneous. Your cries start sounding painful, and I am too, enjoying that.

It was almost a stroke of brilliance that led you to drop flat against me, and bite down on my cock, towards the tail end of your 4th or 5th orgasm. I had lost count at this point, and I was equally as quick at my retaliation of another hard smack, on your other buttock. You let out the sexiest scream, and blurted out, “Please, let me cum with you in me”, and then started devouring my cock so hard that I was paralyzed to do anything, except let go of you. With that opening you hopped your legs away from me, with the stealth of a cat, swallowed me whole again, and then dragged your teeth against me so hard, that I had never felt that much pain, or pleasure. The fact that you stood up, and started walking away, nearly infuriates me at this point, but I manage to realize that your game, has been so much better than mine to begin with, so I accept it. For a moment anyway. ;8o)

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