Saturday, October 1, 2005

Update on the 17th Year - Volume 2

Ok … so Superdaddyman is trying out new methods of communication these days. During his last covert operation into “Operation Love Polly” he had noticed an overwhelming need to check his e-mail. This of course involved having to get his half naked {yes without the Superdaddyman garb by Wrangler} ass out of the bedroom, and go to his PC in the den. As I was sitting there reading my e-mail I received an IM, which was from the lovely Polly Pureheart {covert operative in “Operation Get Jeremy” OGJ}, it was heavily coded message with a lot of strange “I love you” talk, and things about Superdaddyman, that we just won’t go into here, as most comic books are at least PG-13. It was a very strange way to communicate, as were roughly 50 feet apart. I have often heard of sick families that did this, and before I knew what was going on, the two of us had added other people to our little communication session.

This morning during “super secret” communication, that was purely of a research basis {blogging} I got an ADD request from one of Superdaddyman’s, most faithful sidekick’s codenamed “Cathy’s Husband” {we have to keep these super secret contacts anonymous you know}, as he felt it was necessary to comment to Superdaddyman that he would rather have a Corvette, as apposed to the pile of dead bodies in his garage {as does Superdaddyman}, and it was quickly noted that “Cathy’s Husbands” wife … aptly codenamed “Don’t Hate Her Cuz She’s Happy” { I realize that you are all terribly confused now, but I must protect innocent sources after-all}, was also on my IM list. The next thing you know they are both in IM windows with Superdaddyman. I was trying to keep their secret identities from each other, but they were “outed” as one of them turned around to see the other on their PC’s across the room from each other. I cannot be responsible for the safety of my faithful sidekicks if they are unable to hide their OWN identities after all.

There is a scary predicament at hand as it appears that so many of the chat couples on the internet, actually DO talk to each other on the computers in the same house … oops … hold on Lazius Boycrazius just IMed me {AIM} … Geeze, can’t she just yell down the stairs like she used to, I mean she is only less than 50 feet away. Where was I … oh yeah … I mean it is definitely scary how IM has totally dominated us, to the point of being communication between grown adults, and even our children. Superdaddyman thinks he is going to do a PSA {Public Service Announcement} for the betterment of mankind … oops … sorry again Captain ADHD IMed me {AIM} and he wants to play Video Games … kids gonna rot his brain, staring at a screen all day … Ok … Ice Coffee … hmmmmmmmmmm … The PSA will go something like this … “Hello good people of Megalopolis! This is Superdaddyman ~but you already knew that didn’t you~” the camera would focus in on the beautiful smile, and the sparkle on my teeth, “Superdaddyman is afraid that we are losing our togetherness … “ … hold on IM from my best friend “The Looney Leftist Lesbian” {ICQ} … {Marking the schedule, as Superdaddyman has to do his other duty as “The Lesbians Wig” tonight … or as Rachel calls it “The Chix Dick” … lol … Rachel sooooooo rules *Note Superdaddyman sitting here sounding like Beavis and Butthead “ah huh huh … a huh huh huh “*}, ok maybe I will put the PSA on hold until I clear up all of these IM boxes here.

I’m sure you all remember how I cleared out my IM list last week, and I was so impressed at how I went from over 130 people all the way to less than 70 … I’m over 100 again. I have contacts on ICQ {still the best sorry to say} MSN {well it’s by Microsoft what do you think I think about it} AIM {let’s face it a lot of people use this one, and it is the best for the kids} YIM {because 360 is my life} Jabber {cuz I am a f*ckin’ dork} and yes of course my good old friend of the last 10 years IRC. I am the DEFINITIVE online junkie, as I find it is the easiest form of escape from “Evils’s” while at the same time forced to be Superdaddyman, I have a certain level of freedom. I haven’t even begun to mention the Yahoo, Hi5 and MSN Groups that I belong too! I am sure that it will be ok in the end. I just thank GOD that Trillian manages all of this crap for me. ;8o)