Friday, October 14, 2005

The Poetic Mind of a Madman - Volume 1

On this day here day, a new child born
The parents of such, all shamed and with scorn
The facts all be known, the parents they fight
The mothers all done, and her wings take flight
This scared baby boy, his father then withdrew
The drink of his life, is all that father knew
So the father is out, and the boy cries alone
He reaches he yearns, but nobody’s home
The boy in his fears, the nights are so black
He too finds the bottle, so his feelings he now lack
The rage of this boy, who once was a child
The teen he became, so crazed and so wild
He dared to achieve, his daddy pulled back
Again to the bottle, and again to the attack
With anger in hand, the monster now grew
The boy child heart blackened, it’s all that he knew
To run and to hide, from his mommy he learned
Just to be so alone, for nothing else he yearned
All be now in mire, this young man again cried
The scared boy he was, well now has just died
His mind is just wasted, his soul is all diseased
The demons have taken, and now they are pleased
In darkness he waits, as the life passes by
His thoughts are of light, for that’s where you die
The mind now has spoken, alone he shall break
The plans of his God, have yet been there to take
His knees find the floor, his eyes see the place
And in he shall crawl to, he knows of disgrace
The light of the people, the arms of the few
His hate starts to leave him, his mind works anew
Again he should listen, to all that is here
His mind has the key, and his hopes turn to fear
The bottle’s no answer, and often he cried
The brain still his enemy, and all so often it had lied
The whispers of many, the patience of so few
His fear turns to doubt, his anger again grew
The world often does this, his emotions they do fall
His body gives up, and now it too answers the call
Again he so mired, his veins they so bleed
His panic then erupted, his anger he now needs to feed
And out of the darkness, a hand reaches out
He finds himself willing, he sees through the doubt
And now he has some courage, for his body now lives
The memories get tackled, and all that it gives
Out through that cold darkness, he finds his own strife
His mind is now willing, as he has taken his first wife
He knows yet of torture, along with that place
His wife is so angry, again he finds his disgrace
The days they were numbered, his wife he would leave
The next one was anxious, his child she would conceive
For within a lifetime, that marriage wouldn’t last
And again he is alone, with thoughts of the glass
His children now many, at last count still three
And the cutest bunch of munchkins, ever could be
This does not end here, as again the insanity set
But again as he burned off, his life he would bet
Again it was voices, the people who did care
And later it was his children, his life he too share
The last of the wives, was almost already gone
His mind all a fire, his torch for a bit carried on
He loved a few more, he found so many new
His mind still it hates him, so his demons often stew
He tries to control them, the demons as they pass
So often he is beaten, the monsters and the mass
But know he’s a fighter, and has the knowledge to grow
Evermore I say “Fuck The Raven, For I am The Crow!”