Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Crow's Spooktacular Halloween Countdown: No. 9

Ok so the next song is kinda the opposite of the last entry in the fact that it was a great movie, with an ok song. To be fair, it’s hard for me to handle Mark Slaughter’s voice, but the song itself is very interesting, and during the credits when it played it really just fit the movie. The movie was “Nightmare on Elm Street 4 - The Dream Master”, which like the others was just excellent. It of course was the 4th best in my opinion, but it was a great way to bring Freddy back, after taking he had taken it on the chin, in the 3rd movie. His revenge was rather sweet.

The name of the band who performed the song was “The Vinnie Vincent Invasion” and despite his brief appearance in KISS {he was the goober that was in the band playing guitar during their last album with make-up before it became a necessity again to make money brought the make-up back}, he really amounted to a nobody, despite this song, and the fact that all of the other members in his band quit and formed “Slaughter” {Ewwww did they suck} … The name of the song is “Love Kills” …


So long since I've waited
To live again
You've brought my world to an end
Love takes it's victim and leave's its' remains
My broken heart has died in vain
Tell me why we forsaken the dreams we had
The plain makes it so hard to understand
You're a lifetime ago but a memory away
And I'll love you 'til my resurrection day
Love kills the fire's gone
Dying embers still remain
Love kills and now you're gone
Girl, I'll never be the same again
Without your love, seems so dead and unreal
And now there's nothing left to feel
Someday we'll meet again-girl that much I know
At heaven's gate we'll say hello
Now I hear the wind is calling my lonely
Lonely lonely soul
For sorrows trembling hands please let me go
Love's dying sin is just dust in the wind
I face the other side of no tomorrow
Love kills the fire's gone
Dying embers still remain
Love kills and now you're gone-
Girl I'll never be the same
Love kills and love is just a dying ember in the rain
Love kills a heart betrayed-Lord, please, please-
Ease my pain-love kills-girl I need your love
Love kills with all its' heart

Ok the question is this … please if you may, share the absolute best Halloween costume that you have ever worn AND the best Halloween costume you have ever seen … I’ll tell you both of mine at the end before the afternoon blog ;8o)