Friday, October 21, 2005

The Crow's Spooktacular Halloween Countdown: No. 10

Ok, for shits and giggles, I decided to have a countdown of the greatest songs from Horror movies, to lead to my "Spooky Halloween Ghost Story" ... I shall rate these based on the merits of the song against the merit of the movie, and vice versa ... Should you disagree, then tough, get your own countdown on your blog {evil grin} ... I will then do a Halloween style question at the end, for all of you who, just read the question, and post a comment so that people see your link {again another evil grin} ...

This song is probably my most favorite song EVAH from a scary movie. The problem being that the movie totally sucked. I had to take away the points for that little issue. The movie was "Warlock II" and I actually ran out to see it on the very first night it came out, because I was a HUGE fan of the first one, and my girlfriend in college {lesbian #1 for those that keep track} also adored the firts movie. The song played during the credits, and actually was SO DAMN GOOD it forced me to sit through the credits, despite my desperate need to smoke a butt.

The band was Nuclear Assault, which up until this point really sucked, and this was the "Swan Song" of the band. Just like the song I used yesterday was the final song by W.A.S.P. it's always funny how bands leave, right when they finally get it. Listen to Twisted Sisters last album, if you want to be stunned, for it was a great album even by today's standards. I bring you song #10 ... Something Wicked ...

Something Wicked

Here comes the circus now to steal your life away
Catch unwary children at their play
Disturb what was a peaceful island of calm
A storm is coming on the horizon
The traveler begs for you his words to heed
To fear the evil thing that he proceeds
Recruiting evil in the autumn times of sin
A mad collection of broken men
Thunder ripping out across the sky
Draw the lightning out of my mind
By the prickling of my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes
The house of mirrors is your place of play
Ten thousand faces driving you insane
A carnival of hate crawling through your mind
A gripping fear that leaves you paralyzed
Thunder ripping out across the sky
Draw the lightning out of my mind
By the prickling of my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes

Now the question for my amusement, and probably to help me along in my quest as to what will finish out this little top ten ... What is the absolute bejesus, scariest movie you ever saw? ... My answer is "The Ring" even if it didn't seem that at the time it absolutely ruined my sleep for a while ... Think about it a bit, as some movies don't even appear scary and can really get you too, like "Fight Club" for example really screwed with my head to, but you would never call it a scary movie. I might though. ;8o)