Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tales of Tease - Volume 5

Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

So it begins anew, as I am waiting by the door for you to get home. You, of course don’t know I am waiting for you here, because what good is a surprise if the person knows about it, right? I have been giddy with anticipation ever since your boss called me on the cell phone to tell me that you were on your way home, for I was desperately in need of an accomplice to carry out this mission of “Operation Love You,” and I guess it was easier than I thought. That silly grin you give me when you open the door, is the same one that makes your lips ever so sexy, and it makes times like this, so worth the effort. Your purse simply hit’s the floor along with your jacket as I walk you, hand in mine to the bathroom, where I had already drawn you a nice hot bath, complete with the sweetest smelling bath oils, I could get my greedy little hands on. The way your eyes softly roll up when you smell the intoxicating scent in the air, is yet another added bonus, I had yet to realize. I am just as dreamy as you are actually, as I start to undress you. Not just stripping your clothes off, because that would spoil the mood, but actually taking the time to undress you properly.

I start with the blouse, of course, as I need to run my lips softly along the name of your neck, while standing behind you. Reaching around to unbutton, gives my arms ample amounts of you to caress. As I slide the blouse off, I find need to run my tongue down each arm, as I pull it out of the sleeve. Upon removing the blouse completely, I am left to kneel down, which allows my lips to butterfly kiss, down your back, and then unzip the back of your skirt until your skirt hit’s the floor. Your purring is starting to really stimulate me, and I have yet to even get started yet. Your panties are pulled down slowly, so as to give me a few licks in the small of your back, and my hands can glide down your legs with your slowly lowering panties. You willingly turn around, as I hardly even have to nudge you, the anticipation starts you cooing in a way that is making ME extremely excited, before my tongue starts gently caressing you, where you so love it to be. As always you taste more beautiful that you ever have looked, and as always you look radiant, especially when you are starting to glow from ecstasy. I understand how this game works though, so as I start to feel you having trouble standing, I run my tongue all the way up your belly, until I am standing in front of you, and your arms clutch me, for the deepest kiss I have ever experienced.

I assist you into your very warm bath, and as you snuggle your way back into the tub, a small moan of contentment leaves those beautiful lips, and my heart fills with the gratitude of pleasing you. With that I lean over to start kissing your neck gently, while my hands massage your tired shoulders. My lips start low, and walk up, while your ears make such wonderfully inviting appetizers for my teeth to nibble at. My hands are guided around your body by the moans that you exude, and I so desperately start yearning, but continue along my day of you. The soft scrubby that I have started bringing around the front of your body, is also causing the type of excited shivers, that even a warm bath cannot cover up. My whole body scotches around to taste your lips, and allow our tongues to play their own games. You are giving me everything I desire, the moaning, the fell of your skin, the sweet smell of your wet hair, the shortened breathing between kisses, I am just the luckiest man in the world, just sitting here beside the tub, with the woman I desire being pampered. You on the other hand, obviously want more, and it is your day after all, so who am I to resist.

I stand up to grab the soft towel, that I had taken out of the dryer minutes before you had arrived home as well. The smell of it, fresh and clean, should be the perfect compliment to the oil, and the beautiful woman who has now grabbed onto ME. Your hands are fumbling around my trousers, and I look oddly at you, but don’t dare stop you all the same. You are still sitting in your bathwater, and my pants have been unbuckled and dropped around my ankles. My erection, which has been there for at least the entire hour you have been in this bath tub, points strait at you, and you devour it, in one motion. No warm up, I have been totally swallowed, and my bodies initial shock, of such pure delight almost forces me to explode instantly. I am rather amazed that I am still standing at all, but the shower curtain rod, saves me from falling flat. I have never had a woman engorge on me so ferociously, and I clutch my eyes closed as tight as I possibly can to hold back what my body so desperately wants to do, because what my brain so desperately wants to do, is save that for when I am making love to you.

Seconds before I am NOT going to be able to hold on anymore, like you are reading my body’s very impulses you stop, and start to stand up. I am sorry that I can’t help, but my hands are still clutched to keep, me up, and would be no use to you anyway, as my body is so weak from such near orgasmic bliss. It is when you wrap your entire wet body around me and start kissing me even more passionately than before that I am finally able to let go, with my hands anyway, and it is now you who are guiding me. You are guiding me to the floor actually, where I lay down, and before I even know what is going on, you are straddling me with your body dripping seductively all over the clothes I still have on. As I feel you sliding down on me, your lips part so softly, so gently, so warmly around me, and you let out the longest gasp of excitement I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. The way you just start rocking your hips back and forth is causing the greatest pleasure ever, and until now, I thought 10 minutes ago was the greatest pleasure ever. Your moans, turn to outright screaming almost instantly, as I sense that your own excitement over tasting me, must have had the same effect that tasting you always brought to me. Your orgasm is going to appear very hard, very fast, and very now, which I thank God for, because I think, I have actually been experiencing my orgasm for the last 20 minutes anyway. All that is left is the release, which is bearing down on me the second you let out the shriek of ultimate excitement. My mind is playing that scream, shriek, yell, gasp, moan, whatever it is a thousand times, as I completely lose myself inside of you, and the panting that starts taking over for the screaming.

As you fall upon me rather hard, my arms just wrap around you, and start attempting to pull you through me. I am desperate to love you, as much as you are loving me at the moment, and all I can do is hold you so tight. Our bodies are breathing heavily against each other, and I am just imagining that I could fall asleep, still inside of you, when you whisper the words I always long to hear … “I love You Jeremy” ;8o)