Monday, October 24, 2005

Tales of Tease - Volume 4

Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

I walk slowly about the darkened hallway, as you are standing there waiting for me by the doorway to the bedroom. The candlelight inside the room flickers invitingly from behind you. The outline of your beautiful body magically leans there against the doorway, and I can barely make out the smile on your beautiful, full lips. The smell of sweet musk floating about me, as I drop my overcoat to the floor on the way towards you. Your arms extend outward to wrap themselves around my neck, as you draw me in for a deep kiss, that has me ignited the moment my lips touch yours. Effortlessly you spin me around, to pin me to the wall, as you start sliding down my body, unbuttoning my shirt with your teeth and tongue, one by one, and with each button freed I hear the sigh of sweet relief. The shirt gets thrown open so that you can immediately start devouring at my chest. The kisses, and the nibbles turn ferociously to biting as your hands have freed me from my pants, and you rip those down far more viciously, then your teeth have treated my skin.

You look up at me with the most intoxicating smile, and you blow me a kiss with your pouty lips, before you completely take me into your mouth. The force you use to suck me in extrudes the loudest moan, a man has ever given. I am totally engrossed in the ecstasy that you so desperately want to force on me. Your hand firmly grasping my shaft, and stroking me up and down, as your tongue bastes me. Again you pull away to look up at me, and blow me a kiss, as I am totally paralyzed by your every touch, taste, caress, and simple glance towards my eyes. Your lips gently touch me right above my thigh, and your hand is still stroking me. My mind is just flowing as fast as the painful sounding moans, come out of me. I am on fire, and you know it, and you want it, and I love it. Your mouth wraps around me yet again, and your hand moves away only to let the entire shaft slide down into your throat. Your tongue bathes it the whole way back, and again you completely swallow me whole. With your hand firmly in place again, you stare up at me with those beautiful ayes, and enjoy the taste of me. The vision of you wafts throughout my every inch of being, and I am simply drunken with ecstasy. My body will never hold out at this rate, and you know it from the way my body starts quivering. You are still stroking and swallowing, and tasting, and your other hand has moved to my buttocks, holding me in place to keep me engulfed in your passion, my passion, our need, your joy that you are giving me.

For the moment I am spared the dread of losing myself in the back of your mouth, as you stand up, making sure that your entire body slides against mine on the way. I am still quite firmly in your hand and you are gently fondling me, as your lips and mine meet again. Our tongues dancing provocatively in each others mouths, and in mid air before them. The soft feel of your nylons, as they brush up against my thighs, forces my throbbing erection to lurch, and dart at you, and with that you moan. The sweetest little moans I have ever heard, like the songs of angels, to my ears. Your lips leave mine, as desperately as my lips try to hold on to them, you lead me, no beckon me to join you in the bed, and I follow ever so willingly. I need you, and you know it, we know it, and I am perfectly content to just stare at your beautiful body, as you slide yourself onto the bed. Your black teddy, your black stockings and a gorgeous smile are all that you have on, and I have already stepped out of my pants, and slide up to taste you.

You taste, a million times more beautiful than you look, and the second my tongue plays with your moistened area, you start squirming a little bit. Your legs start rubbing up against my arms, and your moans are deep with ecstasy, and just a hint of agony. It is all too obvious that you have been so far into the game, that you already are quite there. My tongue wants you though, and I am going to have my taste of your sweet nectar. The feel of your hand as it fumbles through my hair, and anytime I manage to look up at you, your eyes are closed, and you are simply caressing yourself. Your moans get louder, your body quivers ever so much more, and I can actually feel you getting warmer inside with my tongue. You taste ever so much sweeter with every lick , and I can feel you rattling, and your moans are turning evermore into screams. I clench your buttocks with my hands as you desperately squirm to get away, but I am not letting go. This orgasm is going to hit you as hard as I can drive it into you, and my tongue is pressing hard to your clitoris, to make sure that I completely drive you through this orgasm. Your half screams, half moans have now turned to just screaming, and I can feel you trying to get away, but I have you, and your screaming body goes limp, after it rattles for a moment harder than anything I have ever felt. A few more lick and then I slide up on top of you, while you are gently pulling me upward.

I’m staring into your beautiful eyes as our lips meet again. Soft, full, voluptuous lips pressed against mine until you pull them away quickly, only to part them and say “Please make love to me”, and the feel of your ankle against my buttocks guiding me inside of you is pure heaven, as I feel myself parting your other lips. I gently bring myself all of the way inside of you, and I could never get deep enough, but your moans are telling me that I am as deep as you will ever need me. We begin making love ever so slowly, and I adjust myself as I listen to the moans I want to hear, and your legs guide me in the ways you want to feel me. Our entire bodies are pressed together, and the only parts that separate for slow agonizing moments are gently rejoined with every thrust. The passion just wells as your moans take on higher pitches with every smooth glide inside of you. You look, smell, taste, feel, and sense pure radiance. Our bodies get warmer with every stroke of our thighs, but the pace to which we are making love is quickening also. Our legs do start to get erratic, and we are fighting a bit to ensure that every inch of me feels every glorious bit of you. The sweet smell of sweat and sex are making me dreamy, and your growing loader moans are driving me nearly insane with need, and want, and desire to make you lose yourself with me.

Our two struggling bodies fight each other to make this the most glorious moment we have ever felt, and you can just sense by the noise coming out of us that it is going to work ever so well. The clawing against my back is making me hotter, and I can actually feel a slight opening, as your nails dig at me with everything you have, and I am thrusting myself into you, even harder. The last thing needed for my sweet release is the sound of your scream, the loudest, most harmonious scream I have ever encountered, and your whole body wraps around me really tight as you clutch, and I release, and the two of us cum so hard. My body loses all control, and the two of us just quiver together out of control, until we are both just fallen together in one lump, breathing, panting, exhausted, we whisper into each others ears at precisely the same moment “I love you” ;8o)