Monday, October 10, 2005

Tales of Tease - Volume 2

Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to CherryTAP, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

How at the very least did you invade my mind, much less my soul, as again the dreams too numerous, the memories far to vivid, and my brain is jello as I crawl from my bed to see what is waiting for me. Awash, aflutter, abridged, aghast, a sigh. I am so taken by the wonderful visions, not one of which add up to another just erotic sexual fantasy, and desire, yearning, and need. My mind scrambles around to place a tag on any of it, and my heart is starting to interfere, as I write.

My earliest recollection of the night was the way your mouth enveloped me. So very little does my mind go there in dreams, as I have always felt my desires unworthy, and my passions to be unjust. The way you just hungrily took me on and made my lust, my desires, my needs, the centerpiece of my dreams, had to be a twisted sort of fate. My gratitude swelled with every rolling over my body gave me, to awaken, to reflect to roll again, to go back to you., where I belonged. My mind, my dreams, my passion, was not to be quelled with the mere taste of me, as I was so engaged in the passionate tasting of you, your passions, your desires, your need, again my lust, with your permission, without anyone’s knowledge, with just me and you, I am so ever more enthralled into your sounds, your moans, your sighs, your breathless cries.

Again I roll, I awaken, I stir, I fall, I am falling, my mind is washed away, my soul is being drawn into the embraces, the touching, the hands, my desire, your burning skin, my passion, your sweet smelling sweat, my quivering body. I am totally engulfed in you, and I can’t, never, should, perhaps, I won’t, you wouldn’t, but I have to, the passion is so invigorating. Our bodies have totally become one, and the sweat from our bodies, like oily musk, that our passions create nothing. Gliding, stroking, caressing, hopeless, mind numbing, release without any regards, without any stopping, without any foothold in reality. I stir, my eyes dart open. I am totally awake, and I am maddened back in that place where the passion was, and my reality needed not be. As I desperately close my eyes yet again the smell of you is wafting throughout the air, and I am longing so hard to breathe it all in, desperate, needing, longing, unwavering, I drift, and I am completely inside you, as I have been pulled back to the dreams, the glorious dreams.

Our hands clenched together, I am staring into your face, I am absorbing your beauty, your eyes just glaring into my soul, our bodies so ripe, so lustful, so wet, so full, as I am repeatedly entering that place that burns me to the touch, and cannot be stopped. Everything is about being at one, inside you, our feet struggling, my body starving, my entire soul quivering, and the lips are touching. The feeling our knees make as they so often glide against each other, our bodies lurching in retreat, withdraw, reconnect, re-meet. The legs tell the tale of desperation, as I will never be able to get as deep inside of you as my body is so desperately trying, but I am headstrong, yearning to meet I force my hips, grinding, holding, wielding, longing, passionately I hold you, and I kiss those beautiful lips. Inside you I am forced to take a moment to simply fall into the other passions, as I imbibe in the breathing, the passionate lips cascading, my lust, my wants, my release, our bodies clutching to one another. Feet tangled, belly’s pressed, I fall onto you, and we fall unto each other. I am desperately awash in the afterglow, of the unspeakable, unmentionable, unending, undying, unworthy, unfortunate.

My eyes opened wide, I stare at the ceiling, and I know that today it is lost, but tomorrow there is hope ... ;8o)