Friday, October 7, 2005

Tales of Tease - Volume 1

Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Cherry Tap Bouncers, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

I gaze across the table, as I have been the last half hour at least. Your lips entice me, as you do just about anything with them, chew, smile, pout, speak, it doesn’t matter, as every movement of them is just fascinating. Your eyes sparkle, and dance no matter where they end up, and your hand in mine fingers locked, is what keeps me warm right now. Your company has been exquisite, as it usually is, and desert has been finished, coffee poured, and more gazing at my Aphrodite, my Josephine, my Lady, my Dreams. The beautiful black cocktail dress you wore for me this evening, had me thinking the moment I saw you, and I did notice how you noticed as well. Your girlish grins, were sweet every time you caught me looking at your legs, or peering at your figure. The way you tilt your head down slightly, while keeping eye contact, looking up seductively, even though I have figured out it is your way of blushing, makes me dreamy. My heart beats softly, and I know you feel it in the fingers clasped in yours.

To my actual surprise, I feel a foot under the table, which has shed it’s shoe, somehow. The toes of your foot gently caressing my ankle underneath my pant leg, and the devilish little grin you start sporting every time you feel my hand tremble with the rest of my body. My gaze fixated on you, as I do notice that you often part your lips slightly, and lick them often. Very gently, and usually without hardly any of your tongue exposed. How I have enjoyed that tongue, as it has played with mine. How I have truly been seduced by those lips. How your scent tonight is intoxicating, and every time someone walks by the scent is blown over to me stronger, and yet again, I am lost totally in you. Your foot has casually started up my leg. Your suggestive glances at the quivering my fingers in yours creates the very image I had hoped this night would become. I know that less than a mile away, there is a bed that I have showered in rose petals, in hopes that tonight would be the magical night. The candles are all round it, and once again, I am intoxicated by you, beautiful you.

It is at the point that your foot has had to turn awkwardly to part my quivering legs enough to slide inside and up my thigh. Your eyes, and mine never leave each other, and I am only realizing out the sides of my vision, that your lips, those gorgeous, and fascinating lips are still playing that game of making me fantasize in the middle of a dream come true to begin with. I feel the tip of your toe, as it gently strokes up and down my area, that I have desperately wanted you to touch for so long. My Oscar De Lorenta pants, are beginning to get rather tight, but my eyes are still in yours, and our hands still firmly clasped. In secret I am totally melting, but the torture of this game is the pleasure of holding on. Your toe is so gently moving, barely even touching, and the ecstasy of the moment is forcing me to wonder if I will be capable of moving at all, but I do bring my other hand down, resigned in the fact that I am done drinking my coffee now, for my other hand is not leaving yours, and probably never will.

As my fingers touch the beautifully soft nylon that wraps your foot, I gently start massaging your toes, one by one. I can tell by the soft way your head drifts back slightly, that I have found that place, that not only drives me wild, but you as well. My fingers glide around your foot, massaging, caressing, and every once in a while, by the gasps that leave your perfect lips, tickling, as well. My hand starts caressing your ankle, and I can see that you so desperately want to let out a moan, but you too are playing the game of accepting torture, as pleasure. Your hand trembles in mine, and I give you that half grin that you have told me so often is what owns you. Little do you know that it is there because you own me, and I could never see it any other way. I feel another foot sliding in between my legs, and the toe on that foot also appears to know where it is so needed to play. My hand responds to it in the same manner that it did to the first, but that leaves the other foot to start thanking me for it’s enjoyment, quite properly. I am now officially aroused beyond my ability to handle the game. We both appear to be trembling, and our gazes at one another are starting to trail, as it is nearly impossible to contain what appears to be raging lust. The nylon against my hand as I continue to caress your calves has totally sealed the deal. I am now incapable altogether of concealing my desires, my needs, my yearning, and that is when your mouth opens to say, “I think we really need to go,” and the way that you are staring at me makes me think that as desperately as I want to be inside you, I so more want to hold you so tight that I pull you through me. I already know I am owned, and you are not allowing me to think any differently, as your foot is far less than gently massaging me where my pants are getting way to tight.

I stand up, as calmly as is possible, given the circumstances, and adjust myself very discretely. My hand is still in yours as I stand you up from the table, with a gentle yet slightly moist kiss on the beautiful hand in mine. I am now leading you outside, with both of us so desperately trying to control our passion, on the way to the car, my mind has made love to you a dozen times from the table to this point, and it is obvious in the way be both float, as apposed to walk, that we are drunk with our own playfulness. The walk to the car takes absolutely forever, and my hand is having so hard a time fishing the car keys from my pocket, due to the stimulation I have been blessed with. The car in front of us, the door to your side directly ahead, and you stand there facing the car, for me to open the door, as my hand finally leaves yours. Behind you I feel my body pressed against yours to unlock the door. I don’t know why my mind allowed me to do this, and apparently you don’t either, as the keys hit the ground, my lips are firmly pressed against that place next to your neck, like a starving vampire. My tongue, and my lips are suckling ever so gently against your skin, my hands are climbing up your hips, as is your dress. The wonderful feel of nylon as my hands climb up, until I reach the place where your nylon stops, and find the place where your panties should be, but aren’t. You turn your head back to me, and our lips so desperately meet, while you ever so convincingly press your buttocks hard against my thighs, my invitation, my yearning, my need, as we are only faced with one problem. The bed that I so covered with rose petals for the first time I make love to you is ten minutes away, and in less than a minute we will be making love. ;8o)