Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Superdaddyman Takes on the Pink Mafia - Volume 2

Oh so the dreaded evils that lurk in the twilight hours of Pink Mafia Head Quarters {PMHQ} can be daunting at best for this brave Superhero, as he had been forced to fight off the big three Ism’s that plagued this joint all last week. These being … Nepotism … Cronyism … and a personal favorite of this crime fighter Skepticism. It seemed like it was going to be a brutal winter of one Superdaddyman caper after another as Jeremy {the alter-ego of our favorite evil fighting daddy} was again thrust into the position of Under-boss to a less visionary mined Don. Our epic battles lasted a whopping 4 days last week as I had to endure two days of watching the chaos, followed by two days of seeing the chaos dissipate far too easily. I knew it was a trap, some far outreaching treachery from “Operation Get Jeremy” {OGJ} that allowed the ending of last week to pass with far less ulcers than Superdaddyman was prepared for. He still has the Pepto-Bismol hangover from all of the extra doses he had stocked up on even.

After a brief celebrity guest appearance by Superdaddyman last night at PMHQ last night, to straiten out some small catastrophes that could have easily been avoided with much sought after Superdaddyman mental techniques as, logic, emotional stability, tact, and of course charm, Superdaddyman did note that Dom De Tutti Fruiti, was not present for said chaos, but made mental note {cause that’s what this evil fighter does}, that it was easier to rectify without his logic interfering with it. Task completed, I am on my way home to blog and … well blog. It might have been a nice IDEA to fill Superdaddyman in on what had actually happened as apparently the Don De Tutti Fruiti had been whacked the Friday before after Superdaddyman had left. This of course HAD secretly been a goal and all, but the fact that it actually happened, was not only shocking, but … well shocking!

Faced with the great peril of having to commandeer this mob family, on such short notice was incredibly daunting, and Superdaddyman {although one of the greatest super heroes of all time} had to resort to the most desperate of measures! He very carefully, and with great stealth {catlike in nature} walked around to everyone, and told them their duties, checked with such awe inspiring charts and graphs like “The Run Schedule” and the “Raw Materials List”, and somehow was finally able to get the whole plan in place, before the whole night was wasted. With the other 9 hours and 45 minutes of his 10 hour shift, he simply sat back and watched the absolute nightmare of “Harmony and Productivity” … OH THE HORROR!!!

About 2 hours into the shift the Superdaddyman line went off, and he could see the Superdaddyman signal up in the sky {if you have ever seen it, it looks a lot like a skull and crossbones, but it is really a screaming baby with a crossed set of rattles}, and his marching orders were being sent to him from Commissioner Boredom, stating that he was to seize control of this faction of the Pink Mafia, until a suitable replacement could be found. This made Superdaddyman feel better, as the thought of being in charge of this crew, was making his stomach flip flop for the last two hours. Not that he wasn’t getting along ok with these people but because he refuses to BE one of these people. He has watched far too long to see what the stress of being a Don in the Pink Mafia can do to a human being, and … well … he’d rather just remain a human being after all.

For at the very least, two weeks Superdaddyman will be the Dom De Tutti Frutti, until he has a new one to harass and whip in to shape. {truthfully I feel more like a chief petty officer, as I have rank and title, but there are still others above me to take the blame if need be} I already know who they are grooming for the position, and too him I say “Ah Mi Hefe!” as it is another one of those beautiful … “I learned Spanish in the nick of time” moments in my life, but other than that King Jose, will be a much easier person to deal with. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring at the PMHQ, but I do unfortunately have to deal with one blinding problem, that comes with having a VP and the King of the other shift reading my damn blogs all of the time, while I am in charge with my own office, and my own computer at my disposal … THE RAT BASTARDS CLOSED OFF MY DAMN INTERNET CONNECTION! What the hell do I look like … an actual working Dom? After they read this, they’ll know that I can Yahoo from my Cell Phone if need be ;8o)

Question … What was the best job you ever had … and why?