Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Superdaddyman Takes on the Evil Yahell - Volume 1

Ok, as I usually like to do, I warn you all that this is going to be on of those blogs, so those of you with the virgin ears, either be gone or be deflowered. I have decided after two of the most annoying things in the Blogosphere have crept beyond my acceptance level, that I am going to fire another shot across Yahell’s bow, in my attempt to get one of those “We don’t like you, and we are gonna erase your shit!” letters. I figured since I am not one to posting the seriously naughty pictures, and all of my sexual fantasies and over gratuitous use of the F-Word isn’t going to do it, better just go in for the kill. Let the “Cerebral Assassination” begin.

First off to everyone who is posting all of those chain letters in the 360 messages … CUT THE FUCKIN’ SHIT! … I mean we have been down this road a million fucking times now kids! It was an old trick that has been around since the days of the IRC flood. Some pimply faced little dork, read on or some other equally as old and dated, hacker site {actually scratch that, the new dogs are fodder for the old tricks obviously}, that if you flood any sort of system with erroneously STUPID messages, that you can take it down. I am still kinda dizzy from all the whining over the 360 messages system, being all fucked up a few weeks ago. If you agree to send all of those crap messages to all of your “friends” then you are taking up a TON of system resources that can better be spent BY ME sending promiscuous sexual messages to the women on Yahell, and that pisses me off. We have all sat there, trying to use our computers that are running WHICKED slow, and are just scared to death, that a virus, or some spyware, is completely eating away at our hard drives. The terror! The confusion!! The PANDEMONIUM!!! The Facts … if you close Yahoo Messenger, it all speeds up really quick … hmmmm … Could it be a bunch of bozo’s sending out letters from the President of Yahoo? … Noooooooo … In fact, the “Crash Yahell and all of the PC’s connected to it” scam is OLD, and worse than that effective, as it still happens every day. The fact that we are all led into being willing accomplices in it is just sad … please stop the insanity. I still find it in myself to blame Yahell for having the wonderful foresight to have a “Reply To All” button on the 360 message system, to assist in the lunacy. Smart fucking move Yahoo! … enough said!

Next, and VERY IMPORTANT, I am getting SICK of going to a page, because the picture link of whomever on someone else’s 360 page gives me a chubby, to see a blog about how Yahell erased their blogs. I don’t blame the hotties I was checking out for that, I am furious at Yahoo! It is a big fucking tease, because the shit that was erased had to be PRETTY FUCKING GOOD, and now I DON’T get to see it. That is total bullshit, and I want that whole “lay and wait” crap to cease and desist immediately. I mean let’s get serious about something here> I love to read as many blogs as I possibly can. I like the funny ones. I like the serious ones. I like the educational ones. I like the overly emotional ones. The fact of the mater is, once I found out there were totally hot and horny ones out there that made me practically have to play with myself while I read them, THEN AND ONLY THEN, was I TOTALLY HOOKED, on 360. I still read it ALL, but it is the complete intoxication of having ALL of my emotions, ignited that keeps me here. I really could give two shits about banana bread recipes, and the latest crochet tips. Fact of the matter is this {and shhhhhhhh it’s a secret}, in between some of the really sinful pleasures I have found in the form of blogs, I have found some of the most beautiful human beings ON EARTH! Titillation ALWAYS gets my attention … human emotion, and intelligence keeps my attention afterwards. Fact is that BDSM group I used to belong to had THE MOST wonderful people I know. Who’d a Thunked it huh? Fact is I am lucky to know those people and it was the stuff that ain’t allowed that got me to pay attention to who they are and give a shit afterwards {even the ones who hate me now} … enough said!

Last and probably most important … a very serious rant about the whole “Operation Get Jeremy” contingent that obviously works at Yahell {Probably that fat fucking loudmouth Michael Moore … piece of shit is stalking me I tell ya} … without mentioning names that whole thing that is going on that not only made it so that I am now married to My Favorite Aussie {you know how that works … I can’t get rid of her and to her I am invisible to her … serious painful memories, I tell ya}, and even worse makes it so that I cannot write some scorching dirty ass testimonial about her! Now this is really starting to get to me, and should I point out the “Sever Side“ error to Yahell, you know what will happen? Yeah, she‘ll probably end up with a “We Fucking Hate You But Own You“ letter from Yahell Inc. and I will lose more of the trashy shit that feeds MY creativity. The good news of course {and many of you with 250 friends listen up HINT HINT}, is that I figured out a great workaround for that whole dilemma! I simply made a 360 clone of myself {evil laughter ripping throughout all of Yahell!!! … Organ Music IGNITES … THUNDER BOOOOOOOOOMS … screeching … howling … MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!}, and then linked it so that all of my blogs are it’s feeds …. teeheehee … but, we’ll just chalk that up to another miscellaneous Yahell, oversight and fuck up, shall we? … When they discover this blog it BETTER BE BANNED DAMNIT! I will then proceed to post it on my other Blog Site {again with the fiendish laughter} and let Yahell kiss my ass! All ego aside, those fuckers probably use the trail of comments in my blog as statistical data, or appreciate the 1000 plus hits I get too much to even think about that shit here, but they can prove me wrong at any time.

Well until then I still have this monstrous pile of porn to edit {best to take out all of the talking parts, and all the bullshit sections where they show the close-ups of the mans face … like I fucking care if you love it, just supply the dick, and Gimme close ups of the honey after all … sheesh}, and hopefully all of you will forgive me for my little glimpse into the mind of a serious sicko … toodles ;8o)

p.s. Don’t even get me started on all of that Bree/Brooke/Cher/Breanna/Jade/Whoeverthefuckelse versus Jeff V/Imortalsoule bullshit! … I am fearlessly back in pursuit of Reality.Sys … Well assuming that I have time with the 10 minute waits to post my fucking blog comments … thank you :D