Sunday, October 30, 2005

Superdaddyman Takes on the Evil Imtoocutus - Volume 3

This blog was originally slated for YESTERDAY … so it will look a little out of context, but I had to do the dead cat blog, and by the looks of the 50 something comments it was a good choice, but trust me when I say that this is a good blog that couldn’t be thrown away … enjoy it and I’ll get back to you all this afternoon with the #1 pick in my Spooktackular Countdown …

OH …. MY …. GOD! You see yesterday was one of those days full of those moments, or maybe I should say the “Happy, Joyous and Free” moments that Rachel {the hottie from Florida, not the hottie from Texas, if you are keeping track}, always talks about. I posted my blog yesterday afternoon, which believe it or not I actually liked. I didn’t hate it and post it anyway, like I almost always do, so when I decided that I would just spend some quality time with Sabrina {Imtoocutus}, it was rather easy and unencumbered. You see one of the advantages of actually being a single father is that your daughters absolutely adore you, more than you will ever even comprehend. The greatest thing in the world to a 5 year old girl is being able to spend some time just being “Daddies Little Girl”, and I figured it was a good time to just take her out with me on one of my downtown coffee runs.

Now this is foreign territory for me, as I now have one of the enemy combatants with me in the place I become the mother of all perverts, but it was an interesting aside. It saddened me somewhat that as it was a little above 50 degrees outside, all of the women I have admired all summer for their gorgeous little business skirts have decided to put the legs away for the winter. I note it was hard not to visually shed a tear, but there were still a few that were clinging on to Jeremy tradition, and better yet, they ALL had nylons on now {meeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwww}, so it wasn’t a total wash. The amusement though came in the form of a little girl, who was putting on a show for every woman who walked by. I often forget that my girls {who are NOT very enamored of their mother}, are the “desperately want daddy with girlfriend” type as apposed to the “desperately doesn’t want daddy with girlfriend” type. So she was INDEED doing whatever she could to attract attention, and like she does whenever there is some woman paying attention to her, plays up the “See how much I love my daddy” angle.

After about the 5th woman who was ready to start making more babies with me at the encouragement of Daddies Little Girl she went for the big guns, and trust me she plays this card very well, as I have said in the past in blog format. The first woman who said the magic word “Mommy” … got it … The comment was something along the lines of “Oh I bet your Mommy is just as pretty as you are,” and with that she was off and running … the eyes welled up a little {and guys … if you knew how much this little girl actually does not like her mother, you would see this act}, and she looks at the woman, and says the usual “I don’t have a mommy” and I am so used to it, I just say “Yes you do, cut it out” in a waning voice. It was strange this time though, as she started trying out new tricks. I mean Big Evil pulls this crap too, but she isn’t really as cute as this one. I started worrying about people thinking I was baiting a hook even. Finally I just said to her “Bina … Lori is daddies girlfriend” and after I said that I realized that I haven’t admitted that to any of my kids yet {it is always best to keep relationships from your kids so that they, don’t get interchanged into the emotional involvement … the ex had a new “live in” boyfriend every two weeks before I got custody of the kids, and I tend to be the polar opposite}, and with that little statement she gave me a really tight hug, and accepted it. The show ended … go figure!

Back in the Minivan … we are going back to the Casa Di Evils’s, and listening to Radio Disney, as we always do, so it is a flurry of happy music. We start with “Sk8ter Boi” … Avril Lavign {take it from a die hard KoRn fan … this girl rocks} and the two of us are just having a grand ol’ time be-boppin around to the radio, when my absolute most happy tune in the whole wide world came on “Who Let The Dogs Out” which always gets the radio turned up and we usually start singing right along to it, but something very strange happened to me, and all I have to say is THANK GOD Sabrina sits directly behind me, because the tears started streaming down my face. I was crying over the emotion that I was actually really happy today. Captain Manic, strikes again. Everything just started flooding over me as my happy tune was fueling my emotional roller coaster over the brink. Happy … Joyous … Free … OH … MY … GOD! The facts being that as I start my 3 day weekend, I am happy enough, but with the wonderful anticipation of Sunday, where I get to take the kids Trick or Treating {and of course a few evil things that might just so happen during it … innocent swear … muahahahahahahahaha}, followed by a visit from my Lori, where not only are we going to get to snuggle, but watch our beloved PATRIOTS play da BILLS! …. Woooohoooooooo … oh yeah … the fact that she is a die hard fan of the same football team as me is the bag of chips on the “All That” … well … It apparently leads me to think my life is pretty damn good right now … go figure!

Today I woke up in a good mood … made a conscious decision to stay that way … got down on my knees, as I do every morning … asked God to keep me that way … God authorized it … I am going to continue to do it then. Despite a few bumps in the road {that involved a dead cat, and a bar-b-q} I did that rather well. I never really fancy my Saturday nights alone, but sometimes ya gotta do what is best for your little evil bastards … {evil grin} … so now I sit back and wait for Hallows Eve to come back to Megalopolis once again. Tomorrow Morning!! Be prepared for real life ghost stories from the past of the Crow .... {muahahahahahahahaa} .... and if nobody told you they love you today … I love you today ;8o)