Thursday, October 13, 2005

My name is Jeremy and I am a Drunk - Volume 5

So I will now lead you all up to the final chapter of “My Name is Jeremy and I am a Drunk”, which was originally just supposed to be two entries about my life before I got sober. I then decided when I came out with the third, because it tied in well, that I would finish up until the point I started blogging, and this will be the swan song of this thread. I decided last night while I was at work, that this all ties into the hell I am going through, and I am going to get it out there. It is also part two of my Amazonian Goddess’s dedication of men who love lesbians and threesomes as the special guest star in this will be none other than EX3. To set this stage I will go back to when EX2 left me for the other man, and I will just say that she moved rather far away to make it impossible for me to see the kids other than every other weekend, which I would have to drive 2 hours each way to pick them up, and then at the end of my 2 ½ days do the same to bring them back. I was absolutely in hell having to go out and look at that filthy house, all riddled with lice, bring my kids back here, wash the lice out of their heads every other week, and clean up their untreated booboo’s just to bring them back to that evil woman. I finally lost it, and ran away. I sold my house in Portsmouth. I made enough money to buy my Grandmothers house from her. She was able to retire, and pay off all of her amazing amount of debt. I then took the other 90,000$ and ran off to New York …. For good!

I lived in a small town named Malta, between Clifton Park, and Saratoga Springs, in a beautiful town house and I met my soon to be EX3. I didn’t realize that she was 12 years younger than me at the time she actually moved in with me. She was actually only 20 years old. Short blonde hair {a first for me} and a very beautiful young woman. We lived in beautiful times, and did everything together. I worked at a decent place as a lead Technician making naval equipment, and she was a Brunswick Mechanic at the local bowling alley. Every other weekend we would drive the 6 hours to get my kids and take them back to this house I am in now, where I had built an apartment in the basement for these occasions, and then afterwards we would go back to New York where we both belonged and remained for the most part happy. Months after we had actually moved in together I got a call from EX2 telling me that Big Evil was beating up the two little ones and she didn’t know what to do about it. EX3 and I together decided that the best thing to do was to bring Big Evil out to live with us, since she was beating up the other two out of spite for having to take care of them while her mother was out drinking and getting laid daily.

EX3 immediately took to being a maternal figure to Big Evil in a way that she had never seen before, she was a wonderful influence and just treated her so well that Big Evil within weeks told her mother that she was NEVER coming back. She meant it too, but we didn’t realize that without Big Evil there to watch over the kids, that they were actually in pretty bad danger. Their mother {EX2} was not going to give up her drinking and sleeping around for anyone, not even her 4 and 2 year old, and they were left to fend for themselves, too often. So often, in fact, that when I received the phone call from EX2’s mother telling me that Middle Evil had burned down the apartment complex that they lived in, I wasn’t really surprised, but I was very angry at ME, for leaving them to potentially die because of their own mothers neglect. After talking it over with EX3, where I told her that I had to go back to Nooooo Hampshah to deal with all of this and get my kids, and probably never come back, she did the responsible thing that any new bride would do, she helped me pack, and came back here with me. Big evil was also very instrumental in all of this as she told us strait out that she was NOT going back there, and she wanted her brother and sister to be safe. VERY big words from a little girl {at the time just 9 years old} who was going to assist her daddy in getting her away from the only biological parent she had left. Her biological father left her when she was 1 month old, and she had only been calling me daddy for the last 5 years.

It was a long arduous year and a half of custody battles in which every time EX2 walked into that courtroom and opened her mouth, the judge took more parental privileges away from her. Initially I just wanted her to have every other weekend, and in the end, she was only allowed to see them 1 hour a week if the county jail supervised the visitation. She IS that bad folks. EX3 was a very good mother to the kids, and they all formed a bond that will never be broken, but what was happening aside from that was not very good. Her and my Grandmother were starting to HATE each other, and it was getting worse everyday. Neither of them were able to tolerate each other, and they fought so bad, that I just started taking to isolating from both of them. I started taking the kids out, and let them just argue over stupid stuff. Really Big Evil demanding that her house {that I owned} be treated the way she wanted, and EX3 demanding that it be hers. I would just appease them both, so that I could have some peace. I was spending every last cent I had just to buy each of them whatever it took to … well … quite honestly … “Shut them the Fuck up!”, and I was finally penniless. I had a very high paying job as a Robotics Technician, and I finally encouraged EX3 to get a job of her own, which she did as a Sales Person. Really Big Evil stayed home with the kids, and THAT was becoming a nightmare because EX3 was furious all the time with the way she did it. I finally spent my last 20,000$ on a new minivan {The Yiddle Blue Kia Bus} and Vinyl Replacement windows {Operation Shut The Fuck Up}, and I was officially broke, aside from the money that my Grandmother had left over from the sale of the house, which she ended up giving to my useless mother, and it just disappeared.

I was now entering that phase of the marriage I call the “Rape” stage, as every time I attempted to have sex with my wife she made me feel like I was raping her, so I gave up on that. In time she found it necessary to tell everyone that her husband no longer touched her, and I just took it, as I was trying to be passive and get by. At this time she also got a rather large promotion, and demanded that I quit my job, so that I could stay home and take care of the kids, as my grandmother wasn’t doing it right. In the end I did, so that she would … well you know … Shut the Fuck Up. 1 week later she moved out, and I was jobless with three kids, and a grandmother to support. 3 weeks later after “dating” my wife {you see she moved in with some “rich” friends and really just wanted me to come over and see how well she was living now} I finally told her that I had had enough of that crap, and I stopped pretending that she was ever coming back. Sadly, I really didn’t care. I was still unemployed, as the job market had totally seized up, about $3000 in debt, half of which she left me, and I had payments on a lousy Ford Focus, that she had to have. The last thing I wanted to do was date my wife, and I later found out that I was not the only person dating her, from everyone BUT her. I chose to not even let her in on that knowledge until many months later when I started a relationship with a woman I had met online. You have all come to know her as “The Beautiful One” from past blog entries. I finally got a job with the Pink Mafia out of desperation, and later got injured probably for life. I am starting to think that I have some issues over that, but I will get back to the tale.

She was incensed that I would have the gumption to even think of another woman, and she even went as far as to sabotage the relationship, and come into the house and tear up pictures of her. I finally had it out with her pretty good, and I really laid it on. “YOU ARE WITH SOMEONE! HOW DARE YOU! I FOUND OUT ABOUT IT FROM ALL OF MY FRIENDS!” and she immediately turned it into a “Lesbian Issue”, which I really could care less about. Ask anyone who knew me online when I found out. Hell I thought it was FUNNY, and my lesbian friends {totals about 25} all said it was because I was so “Orally” gifted that she had to give up on men … lol … helped my feelings anyway. I was later told by most of my “Had Only Been Lesbian” friends that it is one of the things they hate about previously married lesbians in general. They are very spiteful when their ex husbands move on {and I know someone is going to take issue with that but I am going on several accounts, I did research, you know me}, and it makes them pissy, and sometimes cruel.

You have all seen me make jokes about the ex-wife’s girlfriend, and I have often called them the Rainbow Coalitions answer to Jay and Silent Bob, but I never really indulged you all on how difficult it was in the beginning. There was a definite feeling out process for a while, and we all really DID NOT like each other that much. EX3 abandoned the kids for a while, and they were crushed over that. When the taxes came in, she threatened to draw out the divorce unless she got all of it, and in the end I gave it to her. I have yet to get myself financially secure, and she has been living high on the hog, after assisting in ruining me. I do my best not to hold a grudge, for the sake of everyone. She has her issues and I have mine. She is no longer one of my issues except for one, that I have also been less than honest about. Although the “Things You Learn From Your Ex Wife’s Girlfriend” blogs are all true, and witty, and well interesting, there is one fact that I have omitted all along. We will call it a side note, for the sake of being honest here. When we have all of those birthday parties for the kids, or the little encounters in down town, I always play the 3rd wheel, and that isn’t exactly true. Her girlfriend although the person who has EX3’s heart, and shares her bed, is always portrayed as the victor in all of the stories. My jealousy of certain aspects of her is truthful except for one thing. EX3 still acts like my doting wife whenever we are around each other, and although her girlfriend is one of the coolest people I have ever met, you can see it in her eyes sometimes the way she feels, when EX3 is fluttering around still trying to be the wife, that the only man she will ever love is around, and I give her all the credit in the world for taking on the role of 3rd wheel with such class and dignity ;8o)