Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Musical Methadone & Mental Masturbation - Volume 2

Again I am in the wonderful land of dysfunction. Superdaddyman has been tirelessly in pursuit of taking down the great Satan of our time in the form of “The Pink Mafia”, whilst disguised as his mild mannered, alter ego Jeremy {oh give me a second here that last comment gave me the giggle really bad} The night could have been easily forgotten had it not been for the patented “Superdaddyman Entertainment Device” ringing loud and clear throughout the Pink Mafia Headquarters {PMHQ} in the form of very loud audible chaos, disguised as Barry Manilow’s classic “Mandy!” Now mind you I blame one of Superdaddyman’s indulgences {Angel} for creating the actual knowledge of the words to this song, as it is probably the greatest Run-On gag in the whole series “Angel”. Just so you know Barry Manilow just happens to be the only thing that gets the Lesbian Capo of Superdaddyman in the PMHQ arena really horny. I discovered this little gem as the night goes on. Evil lurks everywhere, and Superdaddyman should remain ever diligent, to the task of defeating EVIL!

It goes like this really, as I have found out that the ability to control Superdaddyman’s very emotions can be so linked to music, and the ability of others to manipulate the songs that get stuck in his head is the Kryptonite to this beloved Super Hero! Ok women in thigh high stockings with a suggestive look in their face, is the real Kryptonite, but work with me here ok? Case in point, upon the swooning over the fact that this tenor really can belt out “Barry”, with the best of them, my faithful PMHQ sidekick decided to use her ability as “Musical Methadone Dealer” to the greatest of her advantages. She immediately suggested that singing “Let’s Go Crazy” by the little purple man known as Prince, would be the perfect solution to my Mandy dilemma, and although she was correct in that assumption, I believe after the fact that it was done out of less than pure intentions. Her knowledge of the weaknesses of Superdaddyman was shown to be rather superior to those of mere underlings, as she was treated to the manic show of Jeremy {said undercover operative} gyrating as he sung, and stopping dead in the middle of walkways to do the “Pelvic Thrust” with every part of the song that got breathy “ Ah Ah … dancin’ on the floor … Don’t you go and let the elevator … BRING ….. Us ….. Down …… Oh no, let’s go! …… Crrrraaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy!” … oh man, I am chair dancing just reliving this! I am sick, sick, sick! I was elevated in the mind of my “Capo of discipline“, from “Wig” or “Chix Dick” status to what she told me I was later in the evening “Hag’s Fag” which probably fits much better if you ever met the manic Superdaddyman.

I managed to pull myself out of entertainment mode after thinking pretty hard that as far as little purple people songs go “When Doves Cry” was far superior, but it could have used a few modifications. So while the next half hour my rendition of “This is what it sounds like when Dogs Fuck” was keeping everyone in stitches, before I settled back into the evil I know, and started walking around singing “Sweet Transvestite“, at the top of my lungs. It of course inspired me to change the picture on my 360 when I got home {smirk}, and this in turn led to this blog entry. The funny part about all of it is that my mind is like a really potent PC, most of the time, and I was not only belting out the tunes for everyone, but I was working on several new blogs, at the same time. As I sit here I acknowledge, that is more like I used to be as well. I had several things that were supposed to take TOP PRIORITY, as I would be sitting here at this very moment, and I chose to share this little piece of how the brain of Superdaddyman creates.