Monday, October 10, 2005

Livin' With Evils's - Volume 11

Again Superdaddyman is inundated with the mundane chores of entertaining two of the key members of The Terrorist Organization Known as the Evils’s {TOKE} in an attempt at “Operation Keep the Nag Quite” {OKNQ} They frolic downstairs, expertly taking apart the things that Superdaddyman has so desperately tried to put back together again from their last visit to “The Entertainment Room” {TER} which just so happens to be the headquarters of “Operation Watch the Patriots” {OWP} Should it be known that one of the last things any crime fighter wants is to have his secret war rooms completely ransacked by evil little bastards, the absolute last thing THIS crime fighter wants is a disgruntled Greektradgedius Inyiddish stomping down the stairs explaining many tales of woe. The Guilt Ray, has been targeted at Superdaddyman far to often lately, so he found it necessary to sacrifice one of his treasured war room to the cause of being a temporary prison for enemy combatants.

My incredibly hot dreams {which were chronicled in entry previous out of the fact that as it entered my dream diary it seemed too good to NOT share} was completely interrupted by “THAT’S MINE! I HATE YOU!” or as we like to call them here at La Casa Di Evils’s “War Preparations Maneuvers” {WPM}, and the disdain of taking Superdaddyman out of his happy place would have been felt harshly if not for the ability to sit down and log the dreams to his journal. I like to think of it on mornings like this as a “Battle Plan Layout” for later encounters {fiendishly evil laughter} and with that the next maneuver was to go to “Western Command Central” {DunkinDonuts} and get a cup of “Maybe I won’t Kill You”, and came back home to referee another screaming match in the entertainment room. Life of a Super Hero continues.

The overall basis of psychosis, is that the evils’s don’t understand a single thing they do {usually, and I will explain that in a bit} because their whole lives, as I had said in “Living With Evils’s - Volume 1” is to try to form some sort of control, in their little insecure lives. They know not what they do, except they know that they desperately NEED some sort of say in what happens. As they are inferior beings {smaller, less experienced, not as intelligent - yet} the only true form of control that they have is in the creation of chaos. Superdaddyman has ways of quelling chaos, with his superpowers known as “Ignorance” … “Indifference” … “The Long Boring Lecture” {go figure huh?} … and in extreme cases “The Spanking”, and this in and of itself can often keep TOKE at bay. Travel upstairs to the “Other Bad Place”, and you will find an old lady with absolutely no ability to control these situations, and NO ABILITY AT ALL to learn a damn thing. Superdaddyman has tried every method to get The Evil Greektradgedius Inyiddish to be more astute to methods of “The Passivogressive Jedi”, and she will have no part of it. In her day … yaddita yaddita yaddita, because it always ends up with, at the very least two members of TOKE standing within ten feet of her SCREAMING THEIR FOOL HEADS OFF, until she is a crying mess, who just should have separated the two of them to begin with. This is NOT an option for the Evil Greektradgedius Inyiddish is plagued by a few demons of her own. First of them as always will be the case until she dies at the age of 137, will be her undying need to have something to bitch about, and the other part of that being her incessant wants and desires to be smarter than you out of age {which in and of it self dictates respect … doesn’t it?} Secondly, which ties into the second part of the first, being the only MAN who hasn’t run away from this f-ing hell hole of Nooooo Hampshah, Superdaddyman has ALWAYS got to receive any and all aftershocks of the PTSD that haunts women in his family. I look to this as the family disease that rots from the very reaches of Megalopolis. Women have 40 year old PTSD issues, which cause the men to suffer, and in turn cause more PTSD issues when they run away screaming. This is a very long agonizing vicious cycle, that Superdaddyman has been fighting against since he was merely a crime fighter in a dipee!

Superdaddyman, is relentless in his pursuit to stomp out all of the habits that plague TOKE, and to of course make his throat hurt from all of the calm explaining he does, which is starting to sound like nagging. “The kids own you! If you do not separate them, or send them to me downstairs, I HAVE TO let you suffer this, as they ARE NOT going to stop running around you in circles screaming … period. I am NOT coming upstairs to baby-sit all of them AND you. This is YOUR part of the house, and I just don’t like sitting up here watching soap opera’s with you and directing the traffic up here. I feel it is unfair to expect me to, when all you need to do is send them away.” which is always going to be followed by the usual Greektradgedius method of dealing with anything that involves admitting defeat “The Repeating Ya-But Ray Of Ignorance”, and then if that doesn’t work, “The Water Works of Guilt” which stopped working years ago. I hate it when a 76 year old woman, a 5 year old girl, and a 7 year old boy are ALL using cheap theatrics to bring down this Super Hero. I am sooooooo better than that. ;8o)