Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fairytales from the Mind of a Madman

So say the princess to the lonely frog, “I am not to be your every dream, but I can give you so very much”

So say back the frog to the lonely princess, “I never intended that from you or asked for any such”

The princess again speaks out, “I am just the girl you met along your path and treated as your very own” To which the frog replies, “I know this my precious princess, but I think you need not have to be alone”

The princess rings out “But you are so much more than just a frog, I think I‘ve needed for me today” To this the frog replies, “I don’t know how to be a prince, but I know that at least I’m willing to stay”

The princess laughed and smiled on him, her prince revealed, and such a sight indeed to behold The frog knew not what path he stood, but felt it was the one to choose despite his fear to be bold

The princess looked him over again, “I think I may, no I shall be your princess, if you will have me?” The frog looked upon the princess and merely nodded, as his face gave a simple grin another sight to see

The princess bent over to kiss the frog ever so gently on the cheek, and then she just backed away To now look on the daddy that princess had chosen herself, and the happiness that she gave him that day

I often forget that it is in the precious gifts that have been given to me, like a daughter who chose me, and has accepted me as the only man who will ever be her daddy ... Every once in a while she reminds me of that ...

It really does seem like yesterday now that I mention it that Captain ADHD was born, and less than a month later I gave Lazius Boycrazius the birthday card {which I found while I was scanning pictures, the little brat actually saved it} and I have the actual inscription that I put in it ... "In the days leading up to the birth of your brother I often lied to everyone when I said I just wanted a healthy baby. Boy or Girl didn't matter. I wanted a son more than anything elese in the world, because I already had the most beautiful daughter on Earth!" and as I look back on the I still see the tears in her eyes, as she grabbed onto me, and could have cared less about the rest of her presents. Well for about 5 minutes anyway, but that is an eternity for a 6 year old girl. She had at that point only known me for 10 months, and she made it known, that I was the best thing she knew. I was her Superdaddyman that day, and she will always be my little princess ... ;8o)